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Eviction Night: Lydia vs. Russell
August 13

One Coup d'Etat, one volatile HOH, two nominees, and one return tripper shaking in his oversized boots. Put it together and you have an eviction night that promises to turn the game on its head. It's day 40 in the house.

As a reminder, the only people safe from elimination are Kevin (veto holder) and Chima (HOH).

The reason why Kevin left Lydia on the block is to make sure that Russell has the votes to go home and to avoid making more enemies. Lydia still thinks that it's not okay as she cries on her pillow. Russell vows to fight until the end, as he hopes to lobby for some votes. Jessie, meanwhile, is still scared of the "wizard". He's lost this game before, and he knows what it feels like.

At the pool table, the talk of the house is of who's holding the wizard. Kevin thinks that it's Jeff. Jeff loves to have this power.

Natalie and Jessie decide to spend the day with Jeff and Jordan, thinking that either one of them has the power. That involves stinking at badminton and getting incredibly wet. Jordan says that there's something scandalous going on and she'll figure it out... eventually. Russell thinks that the only way that any of the guys are going to win is if he stays on as "the villain". He hopes he has Jeff and Jordan's votes. Meanwhile Jessie isn't going to let Russell buffalo him anymore, because he doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Russell hopes that Jeff, Jordan, and Michele have his back. Jessie overhears the conversation and thinks that this could very well spell the end for him. He goes in and tells Michele that Russell is filling her full of sunshine. Enter a shouting match between the two alphas.

Chima's hoping that the vote comes back 6-0. "Russell has got to go. I have orchestrated his demise." But if Jeff keeps Russell here, then she's going to unleash a side that no one has ever seen.

Going to the living room (NOT) live... and everyone's nervous (except Kevin). Kevin says that it was hard not to use the veto. Lydia says hesitantly that she still loves him. Everyone is past the half-way point, which means that you're in the game until the end, either as a jury member or the final two. Natalie says that the most surprising thing is the boredom. Jeff thinks that the game is weirder than it's supposed to be.

So what does Chima's grandmother think of all the drama she's stirring up in the house? Let's go to North Las Vegas... "Chima is very much a girly-girl. She likes to be treated like a princess." So sayeth her BFF Kimberly. "She wants to show that she can handle herself, that she's a strong woman. She comes off very strong and very hard-headed." Arguments like the one between her and Russell get her nowhere. Also she's been told not to be so sure about things. She needs to let go of her pride. Will she? One thing's for certain: what you see is what you get.

In Chima's last hour as HOH, she thinks that Russell was bullying people. It was inevitable that they turned from friends into enemies. She has no regrets about everything that she said to him about him. As for the mystery power... "I just throw it to the side. I have to do what I have to do."

And now to vote... but first, will Jeff use the Coup d'Etat?

YES. Who will he use it on? He has replaced both nominees with Natalie and Jessie. Which means that they will have a moment to say their peace. Natalie can't say anything bad about Jessie, and she's been loyal, not going back on her word. Jessie saw it coming. He's been loyal to everyone he's shared his word with.

Time to vote. Neither Jeff nor Chima will vote.

Jordan: JESSIE
Michele: JESSIE
Russell: NATALIE

It's official. By a vote of 3-2, Jessie has been evicted. And he's blaming America for it. Heh. He gave Jeff his word that he'd put other people up. But he had it in his head. It was the best move for him. The good news is that he made it farther than he did last year.


All of the houseguests will be playing. Two people will play at a time and answer questions on competitions so far. The answer: HOH, Have/Have Not, Veto. Correct answers give you the honor and eliminate the opponent. If you're wrong, you're eliminated. If no one buzzes before time, you're both eliminated.

- Kevin vs. Lydia
In this competition, you may have let out a groan
if you didn't land your ball into the honeycomb
Kevin: HoH... CORRECT, Lydia eliminated.

- Jeff vs. Russell
This competition didn't have a cabana,
But it did dress Casey up like a giant banana
Russell: Have or Have Not... INCORRECT, Eliminated. It was Veto.

- Chima vs. Natalie
This competition swept you off your feet
As you clung to a hanging toilet seat.
Chima: HoH ... CORRECT, Natalie eliminates

- Jeff vs. Jordan
This game could've been a major bummer
If you despised being a glow-in-the-dark plumber.
Jeff: Have or Have Not... CORRECT; Jordan eliminated.

- Kevin vs. Chima
This competition got very intense
When you had to collect dollars in cents.
Kevin: Veto... CORRECT, Chima eliminated.

- Michele vs. Jeff
In this competition your memory had to suffice
As America called to give you advice.
Michele: HoH... CORRECT

- Michele vs. Kevin
This competition was both complex and simple
If you had the nerve to pop a pimple.

Michele goes with VETO.... WINNER! So what's in store for the house now that the floater is the HOH? Find out Sunday!

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