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Fifty-two cameras record your every move. Eighty microphones capture your every word. Big Brother is watching.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper & Eric Pierce, GSNN
Host Julie Chen
Creator John de Mol
EP Allison Grodner
Rich Meehan
Scott Einziger
Packager Allison Grodner Productions
Endemol USA
Origins CBS Studios Radford, Los Angeles, CA
Airs 8p Sun & Thurs, 9p Tues, CBS
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Schooled: Days 1-4
July 9

They say you never leave high school, and this season of Big Brother is looking to prove that as they start their 11th go around in the house that CBS built... kickin' it old-school. Only with 52 cameras and 80 mics.

But first, it's time to open up the yearbook and see who's playing this year. (C-Note: Thanks, Wikipedia)

- Braden Bacha (28) is a surfer from Santa Monica, California.
- Kevin Campbell (29) is a single man from Chula Vista, California. He is a graphic designer and is characterized by his flamboyant personality and his unique racial composition (he is of Japanese and African American descent). He was a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses but was excommunicated at age 21.
- Laura Crosby (21) is a single woman from Atlanta, Georgia. She is a bikini model who is described as being determined, sassy, and outgoing. She hopes to use her looks to carry her in the game.
- Russell Kairouz (24) is a single man from Walnut Creek, California. He is a mixed martial arts fighter and a real estate broker and is described as being loud and brash. He strongly dislikes people who do not think before they act.
- Jordan Lloyd (22) is a single woman from Matthews, North Carolina (C-Note: if you were to ask her, she would say Charlotte... That's like someone from, say, Anaheim, telling you that they're from LA). She is a waitress and is described as being naive and laid back.
- Natalie Martinez (24) is a single woman residing in Gilbert, Arizona. She is a Tae Kwon Do champion and enjoys playing poker. She is described as being a "feisty Latina".
- Michele Noonan (27) is a married woman from Pasadena, California. She is a neuroscientist and enjoys watching the news. EP Allison Grodner acknowledged that she is the first nerdy woman Big Brother has had.
- Jeff Schroeder (31) is an advertising salesman from Norridge, Illinois.
- Chima Simone (32) is a freelance journalist from West Hollywood, California.
- Ronnie Talbott (30) is a married man from Belpre, Ohio. He is obsessed with video games and plays for more than six hours a day. He is also described as an extreme Big Brother fanatic who can recite the eviction order of every houseguest in the history of the show.
- Lydia Tavera (24) is a single woman from Torrance, California. She is a special effects make up artist, a self proclaimed bisexual, and is characterized by her many tattoos.
- Casey Turner (41) is fifth grade teacher from St. Petersburg, Florida. He is married with two children and is a DJ at night.

But not all is as it seems. There's a mystery 13th houseguest. Someone they... and YOU... already know. More later.

First, Ronnie, Laura, Russell, and Kevin enter the house. Ronnie carves himself out as the adorable geek.

Next up, Chima, Casey, Braden and Laura. Braden's our Jeff Spicoli.

Finally, Jordan, Jeff, Michelle, and Lydia enter the big house. Jeff will room with the others in the swim room. Only three beds, though. And by beds, we mean inflatable floating rafts. Someone's going to share. Entertaining.

After everyone gets to know each other, names, ages, and breast sizes in Laura's case... we reveal this year's twist... the Cliques!


Everyone's playing as individuals, BUT if a member of your clique becomes HOH, then no one in your group can be nominated for eviction.

HOH: The Wedgie

Get into your underwear and grab your toilet seat. Pay attention, this is relevant. Each houseguest is given one hanging toilet seat and an oversized pair of tighty-whiteys to wear. Grab your seat and hang on for dear life, because if you let go of your seat, you're out. And to make things even more interesting, you're going to be given the mother of all atomic wedgies. The last one standing will get a distinct advantage for the clique they are on... BUT you will not win HOH. In fact... NO ONE of the 12 houseguests is winning HOH.

So who will be the first HOH? One of THESE four...

- Michael "Cowboy" Ellis (BB5)
- Jessica Hughbanks (BB8)
- Brian Hart (BB10)
- Jessie Godderz (BB10)

Only one of these alums will get a second chance at a half million. Brian's a Brain, Cowboy's an offbeat, Jessie's an athlete. And Jessica's popular. And should their clique win the competition in progress, they will move in TONIGHT as the new HOH.

And now, the competition REALLY begins. WEDGIE! And the girls already have a distinct advantage over the guys. All of their hardware is internal.

That doesn't help Michele much, as she can't hold on and is the first one out. Following her is Ronnie of the no upper body strength.

But now here comes... the SUPER wedgies. From a vote in the studio, the athletes will be getting a 60 second super wedgie, while the other cliques (save for Chima, the sole-surviving Brain) will get a 30 second super wedgie, delivered remotely by Julie, who's delivering all of this news with a poignant wryness that you would only expect from a pregnant newsreader/game show host that is married to the head of the network. Lydia can't take much more. Neither can Jordan... or Kevin... or Jeff...

Time for another super wedgie, and the Athletes will get a 90 second super wedgie, while Chima gets one for 30. Chima can't stand it. Meanwhile in the studio, Brian is OUT.

Casey (and thus, Cowboy) will be exiting the game next. So that leaves Jessica and Jessie in the studio, and the Athletes and the Populars in the house: Braden, Natalie, Russell, and Laura. Kevin immediately thinks, "This is going to be high school all over again." Aaaaaand that's the point. Russell thinks that Natalie is a little spitfire who will hurt the clique in the long run.

And Laura falls. That leaves three. All three are hurting... And Braden's out. Which means that this game is over, and Jessie is moving back in as HOH.


Now the Athletes are going to have a target on their back. Casey begins thinking... time to make some friends. Is this the beginning of a clique war? Nothing is certain, except that Jessie has just been given the keys to the Big Brother House... and the HOH room inside.

Next time, it's the reaction to the new Houseguest, but for now the game continues on and on Showtime2's Big Brother After Dark. Because you like to watch. You little voyeurs, you.

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