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Lockdown: Days 55 to 57
September 1

Last time on Big Brother, Kevin was made HOH, and he and Natalie made Jeff a promise that they had no intention on keeping. That was proved as he put Jeff and Michele up on the block. Michele took the loss hard, but can she bounce back?

DAY 55

Jeff says that it's time to go to war as Kevin shows his true colors. Kevin and Natalie tell him that he's not going anywhere. Michele says that she has to win the veto. She doesn't trust anyone, and she thinks that she's going home unless she wins the veto. As for Jordan... she says that it sucks that she let Jeff down.

That night, the two come together in a promise that one of them has to win, specifically Jeff. Best case scenario is that they win and Natalie goes up.

Next day, Kevin notices that there is a secret door in the HOH that leads to Pandora's Box, a room that could spell misfortune or riches upon himself or the houseguests. The only hint he gets is a box that says "To Release $10,000 Put Your Hand in the Hole". But once you open the door, the decision is final and you have to do it.

Kevin enters the Gold Room and discovers Pandora's Box. He puts his hand in the hole... and he can't get it out. Meanwhile, Big Brother makes good on his promise by dumping $10,000 in singles on the backyard. While Kevin's on lockdown, the rest of the houseguests scramble to collect some Big Brother booty.

Meanwhile, Big Brother flashes a message on the screen inside the Gold Room: "The Key To Your Release Is Hidden Somewhere in the House". Kevin hollers for anyone who will listen to him. Natalie's the first person to respond... but she goes back to the backyard. "Natalie, you just got busted." Jeff's the next to find Kevin in his compromising position... and Kevin tells Jeff that the only way they get to keep the money is if they find the key. Yeah. That's a lie. He finds the key... but goes for some more money.

In the end...

- Jordan gets $1726
- Natalie gets $1904
- Michele gets $2563
- Jeff gets $3181
- And Kevin... once he's eventually freed, gets $626. "You guys owe me big."

VETO COMPETITION: Martians Are From Mars, Houseguests Are From Veto

It's a standard "If They Mated" competition. Fastest time wins not only the Power of Veto, but will win a complete a Vizio HD entertainment center and Blu-Ray player!

First face: Casey & Kevin
Second face: Lydia & Ronnie
Third face: Jeff & Jordan
Fourth face: Natalie & Michele
Fifth face: Jessie & Laura
Sixth face: Braden & Russell

The times:

Kevin: 3:05
Natalie: 2:55
Jordan: 5:09
Michele: 1:52
Jeff: 3:01

Michele wins the Power of Veto and the home entertainment center! She says that she can get herself to the final two just fine. And the queen of all foregone conclusions, as Jeff and Jordan face the ultimate reality of Michele using the veto to save herself.

But that comes later. Right now, though, the two cherish what little time they have left together. Jordan's mad at herself. Were it not for Jeff, she wouldn't have made it this far. She wants him to fight to stay.

Kevin and Natalie say that this is better, because Jeff is getting the boot on Thursday. Natalie says that they have to fight to win HOH to send Michele home.

Michele wants Jeff to stay, and she says that she's going to work on Kevin to get him to stay in the house. He's her best chance to take out Natalie. Jeff would rather get to the final two, but he's not going to campaign a la Russell. He's not going to go out without a fight, but there's no chance that Natalie's going up on the block. Again, arriving to the conclusion that Jordan is going up on the block. Michele decides to talk to Kevin, saying that in the best of situations, the final three are Jeff, Michele, and Kevin. Having Natalie around is a detriment. If Natalie makes final two, she's going to win. Ultimately, Kevin's putting a lot of stock in Natalie. Does he want to take someone disposable to the end, or does he want to fight it out?


In the end, Michele decides not to disappoint anyone, as Kevin replaces her with JORDAN, which means that someone's heart is about to be broken, either hers or JEFF's, on Thursday.

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