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Six Pigs in Slop: Days 20-21
July 28

Last time, the House unites against Ronnie, as Jessie won HOH. Will he continue through to eliminate Ronnie... or will Casey make himself into a target? Jessie finds himself in the middle of a love triangle between Lydia and Natalie, and Jordan and Michele are caught in the middle of a nomination firestorm.

DAY 20

Michele and Jordan are actually pawns in a bigger plan to backdoor Ronnie. Jordan doesn't trust Jessie fully. Jessie hasn't been hosed by Ronnie yet, and he has no intention of putting him up. Jeff reassures Jordan that she's not going home no matter the outcome of the POV. Jeff tells Michele the same thing. Michele tells Ronnie that nothing is certain, and she needs to win the Veto.

Michele tells everyone about Ronnie asking to play for POV. As if he had a choice. Seriously.

Meanwhile, Ronnie meets with Jessie. Casey, Jordan, and Jeff are adamant about getting him out of the house. The thing is, he's never screwed Jessie and Natalie. There's the alliance there.

Jessie and Natalie meet with Chima, as he tries to get her on the Jessie bandwagon. Chima says he saved her. It's much better for Casey to leave than it is for Ronnie to leave. That's the plan... right now.

Kevin gets the same spiel. Ronnie's not going to go after Kevin.

Lydia's not gunning for Ronnie's departure. Ronnie's not gunning for her.

Meanwhile, Jessie snores. Like an animal. Kevin cuddles, while Ronnie hugs Casey. For 20 seconds. All a game of truth or dare, though Casey is not amused.

Time to draw lots for the Veto...

Jessie, Michele, and Jordan draw... Jeff, Casey, and Chima. Hosting... Natalie. That was a perfect draw. Casey thinks that the plan is in motion. He has a one-in-six chance, same as anyone else. If anyone but Casey wins, though... Casey's fate will be sealed.


Hidden in a giant mudpit are truffles. Each one has a point value from 1 to 10. You can only keep four truffles. If you think a value is high enough, lock it in. If not, throw it away. After four minutes, the higher score wins the power of veto. BUT beware... a few temptations will arise, so choose wisely.

And Chima... doesn't get dirty. Her strategy: stay clean. Good luck with that.

Casey locks in a margarita party.

Time up. Before we get to the score... Big Brother has a temptation. Six envelopes. Michele chooses one. Casey chooses one. Jeff chooses one. Jessie chooses one.

- Jessie scored $2500 and 26 points. In his envelope... five more points. Total: 31.
- Jordan scored 24 points.
- Jeff scored 27 points. In his envelope... -5 points. Total: 22.
- Chima scored 25 points.
- Casey scored 22 and a margarita party. In his envelope... a banana suit for one week. HA!
- Michele scored 28 points. In her envelope... seven points and the POWER!

And now... for Casey... it's Peanut Butter Jelly Time! Where he at? Where he at? Where he at? Where he at? Now there he go, there he go, there he go, there he go. OMG Banana.

In the HOH room, Jessie tells Michele that the house doesn't want Ronnie to go. Now she's thinking that they're in cahoots with each other. She finally got the idea that Casey was the target, so now she wants Jessie out of the house.

Lydia and Kevin say that Jessie needs to cut ties with Natalie, citing clique issues.

Lydia tells Michele and Jordan that Casey is probably going up in her place. Lydia just might have to kill Jessie if that happens. Jordan goes to Jeff with the information. Jeff goes to Casey with the information. Casey goes to Jessie. All Jessie can say is "the right guy is going to go home tonight." But if Jessie doesn't make the right move, he might be out the door next.


Foregone conclusion... Michele uses the Power of Veto to save herself. That leaves Jessie to choose a replacement nominee... Casey, move your feet, you got a new seat.

Which means that Thursday, either CASEY or JORDAN will be having some sit-down time with Julie... And then... a HUGE announcement.

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