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Jason: Days 61 to 62
September 6

Last time in the house, Jeff took every imaginable risk to stay in the house, but in the end, it was all for naught as he was evicted by a tiebreaker vote. Now with Natalie as HOH, will his girlfriend be the recipient of what's going down as "Chima's Revenge"?

DAY 61

Michele is scared out of her mind, because she thinks that there's a target on her back due to her strength in the game. "I lost to an 18 year old." Natalie needs to make a name for herself in the game. Kevin notes that she hasn't won anything YET. She's really lucked out. Jordan is wondering when she's going to get her chance at revenge due to KEvin getting JEff out of the house.

Kevin is promised final 2 by Natalie. If Michele goes, it's them against Jordan. So if she goes, then there's a good chance that they will indeed make final 2.

Meanwhile, Jordan is keeping her distance from everyone. No scheming. No playing. Just leaving herself to her own devices.

Then Natalie delivers a shocker to Kevin: "You gotta go up." Natalie's goal: misdirection. Putting him on the block is just a ploy to throw deep cover to the other houseguests. Kevin sees it more as a move against him, or, as he call it... HOH-itis.

Speaking of, it's time to see Natalie's room and pictures of her boyfriend Jason (pay attention, this is relevant).

Jordan, meanwhile, is still moping. Natalie says that Kevin is her true ally, even though she tells the girls that he's going on the block. "If goes to the final, he will win. Jessie's going to vote for him to win." Michele's literally clining to the idea that she has zero chance of winning.

LUXURY COMPETITION: Big Brother Boutique

Two teams of two will compete. Natalie & Kevin vs. Jordan & Michele. Each team will have 10 minutes to match five pieces of clothing. Because of the wall in between the boutiques, communications will be key. They have to move fast to match at the window fronts, because whatever time is remaining will be used inside the house for a REAL wardrobe shopping spree.

First comes Jordan & Michele, then Natalie & Kevin, who have to match a pair of socks.... then a shirt... then a scarf... then bottoms... then a hat. After proving to the world that they have zero modeling experience, the house earns 3:28 of shopping time in Shopper's Paradise. Whatever you have on you can keep.

And Kevin's about to body check the mannequin.

That night, we talk about final 2. Kevin thinks about making decisions that are only good for him. He has to get rid of Natalie. Is he willing to ally with Michele for that? "If I need to betray Natalie, I will do it. I will knock a bitch out for the half a million dollars."

The next day, Natalie notices the same door that Kevin noticed last week... the door that leads to the Gold Room... and Pandora's Box.

"For the first time in Big Brother History, you'll have a chance to spend time with a loved one inside the BB House." And inside the room... Natalie's boyfriend Jason. "The privilege comes at a price. If you choose to open Pandora's Box, you will not be able to play in the final Veto Competition. Please make your decision NOW."

On one hand, it's Kevin's life in the house. On the other... it's Jason. So... She decides to open Pandora's Box... and Jason opens a box of his own. Using nothing more than a rose and a twist tie, Jason gets down on one knee and asks a very special question... to which Natalie responds, "Hell yeah." His father gave his mom a twist-tie ring.

There's one. More. Thing. "If you would like 15 more minutes for a sushi dinner with Jason, press the button. The rest of the house might be a little annoyed, though." She presses it, and the houseguests get a little surprise... and by little, we mean "big". And by surprise, we mean "baby."

And there's also a cat-boy. Oh, it's a copycat! Of course.

And Natalie decides to keep her new engagement on the DL in order to further herself in the game.

And finally... a giant roach on the other end of a can of bug-kill.

The other houseguests discover Pandora's Box... and Natalie decides to make up a story about "a final 2 reversal"... and then tied... earmuffed... and, oh yeah, she doesn't get to play in the Veto. Kevin reads her like a book, saying "Bitch, you lyin'." If Natalie's a poker player, she's a really bad one, because everyone is calling her bluff. "There's more," Jordan says.

They confront Natalie on her story. "Please don't ask me any more on Pandora's Box." Again, bad poker tell.

Kevin decides to play Gay Sherlock Holmes, tring to get down to business and trying to coerce the story out of her. Kevin's making a good point. She has to come clean now... but does she tell Kevin or does she tell everyone?

Natalie decides to tell everyone EVERYTHING... about Jason's proposal. "Y'all just got got by an 18-year-old." No, we didn't get got by an 18-year-old. We didn't get got by a 24-year-old pretending to be an 18-year-old. Kevin: "If she would lie about good news, she's been lying through the entire game. I betcha her name isn't even Natalie."


Time to reward your favorite houseguest with $25,000! Text your vote to 81818...

1) Braden
2) Casey
3) Jeff
4) Jessie
5) Jordan
6) Kevin
7) Laura
8) Lydia
9) Michele
10) Natalie
11) Ronnie
12) Russell

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One key in the bin. That key belongs... to Jordan, meaning that Kevin and Michele are on the block, both being strong competitors. Kevin says that this game is like chess, and she's going to get him out before she can get out. Michele is then outed as backstabber, as she says "making a deal with you is like making a deal with the devil." Natalie's master plan, however, regards something so sinister that not even her closest ally, the one person she's fighting to the death to protect, will know about it!

So who'll get the horns... and the veto? Find out live Tuesday!

Only 11 days remaining until Finale Night.

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