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Gamechangers: Days 13-14
July 21

Last time, Ronnie got used to life as HOH, just as all of the cliques were reaching breaking. He's playing both sides of the house, and both sides are out to make him a target. Meanwhile, Casey and Chima, who don't care for each other, won the right to go see "The Ugly Truth". After receiving passionate pleas, Ronnie decides to put Jeff and Laura for eviction... with a secret plan in the pocket to backdoor Russell.

DAY 13

Laura blames Ronnie for her current state... as much as she blames herself. Ronnie went into this with her as a target, but if either her or Jeff is vetoed, there is always Russell. Laura says that she knows how to beat Ronnie. Jordan, on the other hand, is upset as the prospect of losing one of her friends.

Jeff says that Ronnie is playing this game to the hilt. He gets told of Ronnie's plan. Jeff doesn't want to hear it. Ronnie goes to Laura about the plan, with the hook that perhaps BOTH nominees can stay. Laura's hoping to give him a dose of his own medicine. Laura has one of her own. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Russell's alliance has become very cliquish, but he's been the constant line of communication with the other's alliance. The less friends you have, the less advantage you have. To that end, Russell invites the others to a drink under the stars, just as a break from the game. Then goes back into the house, asks what's being talked about, gets answered by Lydia, who's not even in the room... and... a shouting match occurs.

Natalie tells Jessie that Russell needs to go before he explodes. As long as he wins, the athletes win, but at the same time, he's a loose cannon. Jessie still sees it as an asset, because "he's going to go home before me... fingers crossed."

Lydia seeks comfort in Ronnie. She wants to backdoor Russell. So does he and Kevin.

Next day, Jordan doesn't know how to tell time. "A quarter 'til 7:45." She thinks that there are 25 quarters in an hour. There are four. Okay, Jeff, help me. There are four quarters. There are sixty minutes in an hour...

While Jordan's trying to count with her fingers, the houseguests that won the Challenge on Sunday's show... Casey and Chima... they're going to go see "The Ugly Truth". And the ugly truth is... they can't stand each other.

Remember, that's "The Ugly Truth", coming to a theatre or drive-in near you. *cha-ching!*

Playing for a veto! We have Ronnie, Jeff, Laura, Russell (D'oh!), Natalie (D'oh!), and Casey. And the host... the lovely Lydia.

PoV COMPETITION: Change You Can Believe In

At the Big Brother Mint, there are pennies, dimes, nickels, and quarters. Big Brother will ask you to collect a certain dollar amount. You will have two minutes to collect your change. The coins will be counted via the Mint's Coinstar machine *cha-ching!*, and the player with the furthest from the target will be eliminated. The winner will have a choice to make... There are three bags containing $5000, a slop pass, and ... nothing. If you choose a bag, you'll get the contents, but you'll eliminate yourself.

First, Big Brother wants $100 in quarters. 

Natalie: $560.50 (+$460.50)
Russell: $179.25 (+$79.25)
Casey: $161.50 (+$61.50)
Laura: $343.50 (+$243.50)
Ronnie: $607.75 (+$507.75)
Jeff: $87.50 (-$12.50)

So Ronnie is eliminated, and Jeff has a choice to make. Ronnie swears he didn't throw it, he's just... stupid. Jeff decides to stay in the game.

Big Brother wants $75 in dimes.

Natalie: $16.90 off
Russell: $32.80 off
Casey: $20.30 off
Laura: $269.80 off
Jeff: $5.80 off

Laura's out, and Jeff gets another decision. Jeff keeps his eyes on the prize.

Big Brother wants $40 in nickels.

Natalie: $5.65 off
Russell: $15.55 off
Casey: $21.40 off
Jeff: $7.35 off.

Casey's out, and Natalie gets the option. She ... wants a bag. Taking #1, Natalie wins... SLOP PASS.

Finally, Big Brother wants $10 in pennies. Moment of Truth...

Russell: $8.59 (-$1.41)
Jeff: $10.97 (+$.97)

And Jeff wins the Power of Veto.

Ronnie, Lydia, Chima, and Kevin meet to backdoor Russell. He pulls the trigger, no matter what, they can't go back. It's the chance to do what's right. Laura decides to give Ronnie whatever he wants to stay in the game. If she gets saved this week, then she promises not to put that group up. But he still needs to have the votes to get him out.

Natalie... may go this route. Jessie... wants to know why. He will support it, but if that's how everyone feels, then so be it. Chima doesn't like missed opportunities. Jessie thinks that this is going to be a mistake. Laura will lie to your face again and again and again...  Ronnie says that if you put the wrong person up, you may find yourself evicted. He doesn't want to think that next week, Russell will backstab him.

AMERICA'S VOTE: HAVE or HAVE NOT: Which food items would you like to give to the have-nots?

1) Sauerkraut and seaweed
2) Cabbage and cocktail weenies
3) Pickled eggs and pickled herring?

Text your vote to 81818. Standard text message rates apply.

Meanwhile, it's time for the Power of Veto. Jeff would be crazy to not use it on himself.


... and sure enough, he uses it to save himself. Ronnie counters by nominating JORDAN. Why? "Everyone likes her, meaning that everyone will want to evict Laura. AND Laura is a lot smarter than pepole give her credit. Jessie is correct." Which means that LAURA and her will be competing for the votes of the fellow houseguests Thursday, LIVE.

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