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Eviction Night: Lydia vs. Natalie
August 20

It's been a volatile week in the House to say the very least. Michele was HOH, then put Chima and Natalie for eviction. Chima was then expelled for repeated violations, thus ending her term as HOH. Then Jordan won and sent Lydia and Natalie up. Now it's day 47 in the house, and we have to cram a week's worth of competition into one single hour.

But first, Kevin, Natalie and Lydia find their back against the wall, but Kevin has an ace in the hole... a little white lie. More on that later. "When I win the Veto, Michele better watch out," says Michele. Jeff sees this as a cleanup operation.

Jordan says that Natalie is a pawn in her plan to get Lydia out, but Jordan reserves the right to change her mind if it's in her best interests.

Meanwhile, Lydia says that she can't win (^_^) in this house. She does have a chance. She's not going to be buddy-buddy with Jordan, and she's not listening to Kevin right now. A smart move right now in his eyes would be to use the Veto on Natalie.

Russell says that he'd like to take Michele to the end, calling her a villain and saying she's played the same game that he has. He considers Jeff "even" with him.

That night, Lydia tells her buddies about the thing she had with Jessie. Natalie calls it "disgusting". Kevin suggests that Jessie was playing both of them, saying that Natalie was plan A and Lydia was plan B. And the rivalry is renewed.... and closed. They unite under the notion that Jessie is a prick.

Back to Kevin's idea... create a complete fabrication. Tell Jeff that Russell and Michele are dealing as "final two". Kevin enacts Operation Bosley and the Two Angels with Jeff in the backyard. "Russell says we have to split up the couple." Jeff tells Jordan. If someone wins the POV, there's a chance that they'll backdoor Russell this week. He's sick of the backdoor deals and him being a player. "Kevin wouldn't lie, you think?" Of course not... that'd just be dumb.

Going to the living room live, Jeff has no regrets using the Coup d'Etat, and the dust has settled for now. Kevin says that he felt guilty for Hiro-Chima's blowing up. He tried. Captain Unitard shed tears over Jessie, but is she still upset? "Oh, HECK no!" Jordan says that the best part as HOH would be a letter from home and taking a "bath".

Natalie is a woman with no alliance, but she finds strength in the people who know her best...

"Natalie, please go to the Diary Room."

She does to claim her free call from home. On the other line... her dad. Tears. Lots of them.

POWER OF VETO: Before or After

Not playing tonight... Russell.

Events must be determined as before or after a second event. Right answers stay, wrong answers eliminate. Last person standing wins the Power.

1) Did Casey win a margarita party for the house before or after he was put up on the block as a replacement nominee?
- BEFORE. Everyone's right.

2) Did Julie tell the house of the mystery power before or after she dissolved the cliques?
- AFTER. Michele, Jordan, and Kevin remain.

3) Did Ronnie say to Michele "You are the worst human being I had ever had the misfortune of meeting" before or after Jessie won $2500?
- AFTER... Correct.

4) Was Braden put on the block before or after Jeff tried to spell "technotronics"?
- AFTER. Kevin's eliminated.

5) During his pre-eviction speech, did Casey call Ronnie "a manipulative dorkopotamus" before or after he said Jessie had the personality and IQ of, ironically enough, "a banana"?
- BEFORE. Correct.

6) Did America give the Have-Not squid & squash before or after Laura was evicted?
- AFTER. Correct.

7). Did Ronnie lock himself in his HoH room to avoid his fellow houseguests before or after Casey and Chima chose the Populars to be the Have-Nots?
- AFTER. Correct.

8) Did Ronnie dress as a space princess before or after America gave the Have-Nots cabbage & cocktail weenies?
- BEFORE. Correct.


In the PoV competition "When Pigs Fly", how many truffles were in the giant mud pit?

Jordan: 60
Michele: 50
ACTUAL RETAIL PRICE: 104. Jordan wins the Power of Veto.

Will she exercise it? Natalie wants it, Lydia wants it. No hard feelings either way. Jordan says that she will NOT use the Veto. The nominees will remain in the chairs, and we will vote. Remember, Jordan, Natalie, and Lydia will not vote. Jordan will only vote in the case of a tie. The vote to evict is three.

Russell: LYDIA
Michele: LYDIA

So by a vote of 3-1, Lydia is evicted to the jury house. Kevin's her sugar bear and she is rooting him on to the end. As for Natalie, well... she's the kid sister that she doesn't want. She was ready to leave the house. She feels that Chima gave her the short end of the stick, because her leaving did change the game. Having that strong female in the house weakened her. As for Michele... well, true colors and all that. And is Jessie in trouble at the jury house? Umm... yeah.


Jordan does not compete. Meanwhile, the other houseguests will drop empty soda cans into their own recycling tube. they have one hour to stack 24. Whoever does it first or the person who is closest to doing so, wins HOH.

Who's going to have a can-do attitude? Find out Sunday!

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