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Terrorism: Days 34 to 36
August 11

Last time, Jeff received a mystery power from America, the Coup d'Etat. He decided not to use it last week and Ronnie was sent packing. Things went from bad to worse for Russell as Chima was made Head of Household. Russell had to crawl back to Chima to apologize, but in the end, Lydia and Russell were put up for nomination.

DAY 34

Lydia believes that Chima's real target is Russell, but Russell believes that his alliance with her is null and void. He believes that Lydia will be here for another week.

"Jeff, please go to the Diary Room."

"He's got the power." Jessie is convinced. Natalie is convinced otherwise, because why would he use it if he's not HOH? Russell decided to make a move on Jeff to try and ally himself with him. Jeff says he'll take him down, but he's gotta trust him. Meanwhile, Russell will try to mend fences with Michele at the pool table. He says that Ronnie's remarks was not indicative of anyone in the house. Then they go at it about her remarks suggesting that Chima is trying to backdoor Russell.

So.. uh... that didn't work out too well.

Michele goes to hang out with Natalie & Chima about the almost-ensuing shouting match, and they end up thinking that the girls need to win this.

Then Russell calls her nuts and says that Ronnie was absolutely right. "Russell is an expletive... Fill in the blank, America!"

Time to play the Veto! But first, we need players! Remember, the winner of the PoV is safe from the Coup d'Etat. Playing: Chima, Lydia, Russell, Natalie, Jeff (Russell's choice), and Kevin (Lydia's choice). Hosting will be Michele. And that's the end of the road for Russell & Jessie.


Rescue your eggs from your coop by navigating them through a chicken-wire fence. Cross your bacon slab and place your eggs into your stand. A dozen eggs is a win, but if your egg cracks, you have to start again.

Kevin scores his first egg first, while Russell and Jeff are not too far behind. And it's starting to rain feathers. While the three leaders have four (Russell, Lydia, and Kevin), Natalie picks up her first. And Jeff's struggling to get his second. Kevin's the clear leader. Lydia and Russell are not that far behind. Now it's down to two with Russell and Kevin and the final egg.

And the winner... KEVIN! By INCHES!

Now Russell needs to come up with a new plan. "It's just me against the world, baby."

Now we dance. Kevin wants to call a meeting with Chima and Natalie. Kevin decides to think long-term. She doesn't want Lydia to go home. Does Kevin create enemies by taking Lydia off, or does he keep it on the low?

Russell decides to mend fences with Jessie. He did make a deal with Jeff, but right now, Russell's willing to do anything in order to stay in the game. Jessie's still worried about the "magical wand power."

Jessie talks to Jeff about what Russell said. Jessie says that Russell is not worth the trouble to save this week. He gives the same spiel to Jordan, because they're a package deal. It's consistently Russell lying. Jordan doesn't trust Jessie at all or think that he has her best interest at heart. All they know is that it stinks.

Jeff & Jordan are talking about "the wizard". Jeff says that Jessie is being nice to Jordan because he needs the votes to stay this week. If Jordan gets HOH, Jeff suggests Natalie versus Jessie.

A new day dawns, and Jessie's still in the shower. And Chima's getting antsy waiting for him. And then she calls Russell a terrorist. He calls her a racist. She says he's terrorizing everyone in the house. ... Yeah.

Time for a break as the houseguests get to watch "The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard." Chima, Natalie, Jessie, Russell, and Jordan are going to be in the same room for two hours. Hopefully they can stow it for a moment.

Meanwhile, Lydia says that Kevin is not going to use the veto to respect Chima. Russell says that he would use the veto on her. She tells Kevin on this as they head to the Green Room. "If I wanted everyone to know about my plan, I would told everyone." He says that he'll use the veto on her if she'll shut up about it, but the long run plan will be better for her if she stays on the block.


Kevin gives each nominee a chance to explain themselves. Russell doesn't expect the veto to be used on him. Lydia says that it would be nice to use the veto on her.

Kevin ultimately decides... to use the veto.... on NO ONE. He hopes that Lydia will forgive him in the long run.

So Thursday, it'll be LYDIA vs. RUSSELL... unless Jeff decides to use the Coup d'Etat. We'll see what happens...

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