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July 9


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Technotronics?: Days 5-6
July 14

Last time on Big Brother, the first twist of the summer sent the houseguests back to school AND the Athletes to the first win, sending former houseguest Jessie BACK to the game. Ronnie and Jessie formed a superalliance between the athletes and the brains. In the end, though, it was brain Chima against offbeat Lydia on the block as this week's nominees for eviction.


Chima hopes that the opening gambit of nominating herself as a pawn doesn't bite her in the ass. Meanwhile, Laura dodges a bullet. Jeff feels like an outsider in his own clique. Russell realizes that reality has finally set in.

People try to reassure that Lydia is not going home. She thinks that she's being judged solely on appearances. Meanwhile, Chima notes that only the brains are consoling her, as much as she can be consoled. She'll fight for the POV. That's the only way she can guarantee her safety. Jeff and Jordan are getting close, and he may be opting to vote alongside her. Ronnie decides to play some cards.

A lot of people thought that Laura was going up... because she has big boobs? She feels like a loser, and she never thought it was going to be a weakness.

Jeff.. Braden... Kevin... Lydia... The Athletes have lost Jeff... Truth be told, they never had him. Now they're worried that Chima will be going home. Jessie and Russell try to play Laura into the supercrowd. She says that she's a good competitor, telling them what they need to hear. She's not going to talk strategy and make a stupid move to be thrown under the bus.

Meanwhile, Braden acts crazy. He could fly under the radar.

Now to play for the Veto. Remember... only six will play: the HOH, the nominees, and three others by random draw. This week, it's Jessie, Lydia, Chima, Russell, Natalie (houseguest choice), and Jeff.

Hosting... Casey.

POWER OF VETO: Pop Goes the Veto

Outside in the backyard is a giant face... with giant zits. Inside each one is a group of letters. Using them, you'll have to come up with the longest word possible (C-Note: COUNTDOWN!). Person who does that wins the Power of Veto.

Lydia focuses on spelling one word... "Civilization". Russell goes for using as much letters as possible. Chima plays Lydia's gambit, spelling out "Superficiality". Jeff... just doesn't want to embarrass himself. 

Jessie: CONTINOUSLY. (unacceptable)
Natalie: LAST
Chima: SUPERIALITY (unacceptable)
Russell: SHOTGUN. New leader!
Jeff: TECTRONICS. If he got rid of the R, he'd be in the lead.
Lydia: CIILIZATION. Missing a V.

Meaning Shotgun Russell the Love Muscle has the Power of Veto.

Laura is convinced that Jeff threw the competition. Either that or he's THAT dumb. He says that he was going for "Technotronics."

Meanwhile, Jordan and Jeff compare each other's feet.

The next day, Russell shadow spars, thinking about his plan to embarrass Jeff's credibility. They argue over the Veto competition in the backyard... which escalates... rapidly. Natalie gives Jeff the death stare like, "what the hell." And Jeff starts beef with her. What we get from this is that the Athletes tried to get Jeff in on the plan, but Jeff wasn't having it. He's just sliding his way through the game. And were it not for Jessie being HOH, Jeff'd be up on the block.

Night falls on day 6 in the house, and Lydia will do whatever it takes to get the veto, including... shoulder rubs and flirting. (C-Note: at this point, "Pokerface" by Lady Gaga starts playing in my head). Russell tells Lydia that Natalie put her on the block to get a strong female out of the house. But things change from day to day because "people get pissed off". She then goes to Jessie to see if she can curry favor to get herself off the block. Natalie and Lydia talk about that sort of thing, though Jessie says that all of her actions are not sincere. The end result... if Lydia wants to stay in the house, she has to divert the target.

... to Jeff and Braden. "In this house, it's survival of the fittest. If I can outgame you... sorry."

Middle of the night, and the Athletes talk getting Braden out. They talk making a bargain with Lydia to backdoor Braden. He's funny and under-the-radar, but he's also persuasive. Everything changes, but if we don't act now, we'll regret it later.

The next day, Russ talks to Ronnie. He'd vote Braden out. In a heartbeat. Ronnie agrees, thinking that he is going to play the valuable asset card. Ronnie goes to Jeff and Jordan about that, while Jeff and Jordan go to Braden about that. Hold the chips and wait to see what happens.

Russell thinks that something's up, and he talks to Ronnie about it. Somehow he knows, but Ronnie says he hasn't told him (wrong). Russell's going to figure out who told Braden of the plan. Little powwow time with Russell and Jessie. Russell thinks that Ronnie is throwing himself into the line of fire.


Lydia's still panicked, and Ronnie thinks that he might have overplayed his hand.

Lydia respects Russell as a person, and will be grateful if she had the veto. Chima would love to have the veto, and whatever happens, she'll respect it.

Ultimately, Russell uses the Power of Veto to save Lydia.

Jessie decides to then nominate... BRADEN. So it'll be him versus CHIMA on eviction night next time.

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