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Paranoia: Days 48-51
August 25

The houseguests went green last time, which turned into a win for Jeff. He used that win to put the remaining two of his opposition alliance on the block, but with a little lie floating around the house, will Kevin and Natalie stay there?

DAY 48

Jeff's happy with his decision, but there's a possibility that he may backdoor Russell. Kevin is left with no choice but to win the veto. Natalie... she has the record now with the most nomination. But she's convinced that she'll survive this week intact. Russell's surprised at the nominations, thinking that Jeff would surely knock him out. Russell says that he'll never vote against Jeff and he'll never put him up. Jeff says that he can't trust a word that Russell says.

Kevin talks to Jordan about playing a loyal, truthful game. He has no hard feeling. Jordan trusts them more than Russell, and everything is riding on this veto competition. She talks to Jeff about final four agreement with them, noticing that Michele is looking at the memory wall, concentrating on who to take out next. He says that Jordan has to pay more attention to her surrounding if she's going to make it. That turns into a lover's quarrel, and Jeff tells her to do what she wants.

Russell heads into the HOH room... when Jeff's asleep. He then goes to Michele, thinking about whether or not Jeff is planning to backdoor either himself or Michele. Dude... sometimes sleep... is just sleep.

Meanwhile, how did Kevin know he was gay? It all started with thinking that guys were cute. He is very open about his sexuality in the house in a way that he's not open about it in the world.

Russell's laying low in the house, while Michele tells Jeff that Natalie needs to go. Even though she's not feeling the original agreement. She's being sneaky. Jeff and Jordan have another tete-a-tete about his snapping. Michele walks back in the middle of it, and it's back to strategy. Jordan notes that Michele is hanging out with Russell, and they might be a team.

Jordan thinks that Russell thinks that he's safe, but he's getting increasingly paranoid. She tells Natalie and Kevin not to feel worried. PoV is more important than ever. Kevin will tell them whatever they need to hear, and if they're dumb enough to take the bait, then they're going to slit throats.

VETO COMPETITION: Otev the Ape's Bananagrams

... Legends... of the Hidden Temple... Sorry, I had to.

Hosting from inside an ape tiki will be... the Banana Man, CASEY! He'll rap about a houseguest, and the rest of the players will have to find a banana with that houseguest's name on it. Last person to bring Otev his meal... or if you're wrong, you're out. Last person standing wins the veto.

1) You couldn't contain the big smile on his face
When he walked outside dressed as a princess from space.
PEELED: Ronnie
DUMPED: Jordan

2) He was cut like a diamond, but he fell like a tree
And he couldn’t spell the word "continuously".
PEELED: Jessie
DUMPED: Natalie

3) After losing BB Mint, it was all she wrote;
This person went home by an 8-1 vote.
DUMPED: Russell

4) Was on his way to the top before he got the boot;
Was the first-ever houseguest who left as a fruit! (He looked good, though).

5) Walkin' around the house, no shirt, leather coat;
This dude was evicted by a tiebreaker vote.
PEELED: Braden

Jeff wins the Power of Veto. Now he can either keep the nominations the same or backdoor someone.

Kevin tells Jeff that he would like to be taken off the block. "Keep that wish in mind." Russell and Michele talk about "one of them" needing to go home. Meanwhile, Russell says that if he goes up on the block, there will be hell in this house. Jordan, on the other hand, sees this as an opportunity to break up Michele & Russell.

Now let's talk Jeff. Natalie isn't going to put Jeff up if she wins HOH next week. She wants Michele out. BUT Natalie says that if Jeff doesn't go up next week, then one of them will go home.

Russell has no idea what's going on. Whatever happens, he's not going to forget the stress that he's going through. That leaves a pissed off person and two people who are going after him.

Jeff and Jordan try to iron out their little sore patch. The game is starting to get more stressful, but in the end, Jordan is happy to have him on her side.

Day 50 dawns on the house. Jeff wants to make the best decision for him. Russell doesn't want the veto to be used on him. Natalie's feeling confident.


Natalie says you need people that will close the deal for you this close to the end of the game. Kevin says that he's been playing this game straight forward, and he'll continue to do so.

In the end, Jeff decides to use the Power of Veto... on Kevin. Soon after, he places RUSSELL on the block. He's the stronger competitor, and he's getting close to Michele. So Thursday, he'll be going up against NATALIE, and one of them will be heading to the jury.

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