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Episode 32.16 - Week of Champions: Part 1
May 20

Chico: This is Chico Alexander speaking. Candice Glover won American Idol this week... That about takes care of that. Now onto other exciting topics. Like one Gordon Pepper... beating me in Password Plus for the 24 Hour Game Show Marathon.
Gordon: That was much more exciting than Candice Glover winning American Idol. :)
Don: I'll bet.
Chico: Is that... Holy crap, Don the Dragon Harpwood is back!
Gordon: Welcome back Don!
Don: Thanks! It's been quite a while, eh?
Chico: It's like we've lost him during the first full season of Match Game, seems like.
Don: I seriously can't remember the last time I was here. lol
Gordon: And the good news - you don't have to recap Idol - because Chico just did it. The better news is you get to hear this - from somewhere in America (post 24 Hour Game Show Marathon - special thanks to Cory, Bob, and Christian for letting us onboard), this week's edition of WLTI...is...on!
Chico: And as we said before, Don Harpwood is back on the show!
Don: Yay!
Chico: It's been a while, Don, what've you been up to?
Don: I've been looking for a job, and I've been watching plenty of TV. Among other things.
Chico: Well good luck with that, bro. Really pullling for you there.
Don: Thanks. :)
Gordon: Goad you've been watching tv, because the first item is for all TV watchers everywhere. The past few weeks have bveen the upfronts, and the
Chairman has the low-down.
Chico: It's basically E3 for TV geeks. It's Upfront Week. It's basically a preview of what you can expect in the 2013-2014 season. Ain't nothing to it but to do it. Big Board me

TV Space: 2013

- CBS: Nothing new...
- Fox: Junior Masterchef
- NBC: Million Second Quiz, Biggest Loser + The Voice
- ABC: Dancing Results Show... Gone.
- CW: Top Model to Friday


Chico: This one's simply called... Upfront 2013. Or "TV Space: 2013" *plays the Space: 1999 theme*
Gordon: Nice
Chico: Okay, starting easy. CBS... nothing new to report. There's a twist to Survivor, and we'll get to that momentarily. But other than that, also to watch out for is the final season of How I Met Your Mother. Next is Fox, who has one of TWO new game shows to premiere this fall. It's Junior Masterchef, and it's going to Friday.
Don: Sounds interesting.
Chico: This is actually part of an overall deal with Gordon Ramsay's One Potato Two Potato, which will see a return of all of Ramsay's shows.
Gordon: I'm REALLY hoping they fete the contestants here well.
Chico: Also on the docket: X Factor in the fall, Idol in the Spring. I'm really hoping they fete the judges here well.
Gordon: Ditto.
Chico: Over on NBC is the OTHER new game show entry, the Million Second Quiz, which, like Millionaire almost 15 years ago, will play out over two weeks in the fall.
Gordon: This has the potential to be the next big quiz thing, if they execute it correctly. PLEASE execute it correctly.
Chico: They also have fall and spring seasons of the Voice, with the season 1-3 coaches on for season 5, and the season 4 coaches for season 6. So this Fall, less Shakira and Usher, more Christina and Cee Lo, this spring, just the opposite.
Gordon: Obviously, very good choices.
Chico: Also of note... Biggest Loser returns alongside I believe, an hour a week.
Gordon: For right now. They have the right to supersize it.
Chico: But they won't. Because the Voice is playing right out of it. If they do Supersize it, they'll have to Supersize the Voice as well.
Gordon: 90 minutes of each. I can handle it
Chico: I'm sure you can.
Don: That would sound reasonable.
Chico: And then there's The Sing Off during the holidays.
Gordon: Also a good thing.,
Chico: Interesting thing... Trump says The Apprentice will return... it's not on the schedule.
Don: Could that be a case of Trump getting ahead of himself?
Chico: Wouldn't be the first time.
Gordon: It would be a good thing...if that doesn't return.
Chico: I saw the ratings for Sunday. I'm in agreement. Now the big move on ABC...Dancing with the Stars result show... GONE. They're basically contracting to what they were doing in season 1 with the results coming at the tail end of the next week's show.
Gordon: Not a good thing for the show at all, but hopefully they can spend more time getting people that we want to see on the show.
Chico: Yep. Watch them mess it up. Also on the schedule: the Bachelor.
Gordon: Cihco is THRILLED that the show came back, isn't it?
Gordon: Or not.
Chico: Finally, there's the CW. Top Model returns to Friday. I'm looking forward to Wednesday, though... Arrow and The Tomorrow People. My inner nerd is outscreaming my outer nerd.
Gordon: As a HUGE tomorrow Person fan, I'll be geeking out with you.
Don: Nice.
Chico: And I'm not going to share a spoiler, because this isn't the show for it, but if you pay attention and you're a big TP fan, the Big Bad's name is "Dr. Jedekiah Price". JUST SAYING.
Gordon: And if you're a TP fan, you may be able to figure out a twist on who - or what - he is.
Chico: Google Jedekiah in your own time. Meanwhile, let's crown an ultimate Survivor.

Chico: It was Cochran vs. Sherri vs. Dawn. Sherri & Dawn literally talked themselves out of the running. Cochran just sat there and let them.
Gordon: Cochran played as much of a perfect game as you can get.
Chico: Right down to the final vote, which he SWEPT.
Don: An impressive game played by Cochran, without a doubt.
Gordon: One other note: Cochran joins an elite group of players who have never gotten a vote against them and joins TJ as the only people to not have a vote cast against them AND sweeping the final jury.
Chico: He's earned this...

Chico: Hoist that with pride, brother. You earned it.
Gordon: Yes he has. And while one show has earned praise, another has earned some controversy.

Chico: Okay, so here's the controversy. There's a game of Rat Race on The Price Is Right. You get a prize depending on how your rat finishes. You've seen it, you know how it plays. Let's rewind to Friday, where Leroy is playing Rat Race.
Gordon: Now we have previously had Big Money Week. And apparently, with Scott Robinson leaving and TPIR may be cutting costs due to $100,000 they gave out in Pay The Rent, they may have also cut out the position of mechanized rat wrangler.
Chico: Gets two rats, and... you know we've had instances where a rat will not finish. Friday, we have a rat that didn't even start. I believe that is a first.
Don: Don't remember seeing that happen before.
Chico: We have video. This is one of those moments that has to be seen in order to be believed.
Gordon: Cue the video please.

(courtesy FremantleMedia/CBS)

Chico: Now I'm going to play devil's advocate in a moment, but I want to hear what you guys have to say about this.
Gordon: I'm actually going to be the good guy here?
Chico: You're going to be the good guy here.
Gordon: Ok. Well being the good guy - any time there's a technical issue, the show has always awarded the prizes. So my buddy should get the car.
Chico: Your buddy should get the car. That's what you said.
Gordon: The rat clearly should have moved and it's a production error.
Chico: But here's the thing. Drew Carey... he created the game. He knows the spiel. And in the spiel, he allows for the off chance that a rat will not finish.
Don: I'd be concerned, then, if 3 or more rats happened to not finish.
Chico: And since it's basically a chance game instead of a skill game.
Gordon: I understand that if that was intentional - BUT that clearly was not the case here when he went to the rat and nudged it and it started moving.
Chico: One rat not finishing has happened before. No one said boo.
Gordon: Oh I disagree with no one said boo. There were some noticeable edits in the game being played where I'm guessing boo was said.
Chico: Now, and Don said this... if at least THREE rats didn't finish... then you'd have a case. As it is, there's no real case that will hold water. Because Leroy could've picked any of the other rats.
Gordon: You know what I'm going to do now?
Chico: What are you going to do now?
Gordon: I am going to show you my geekiness and go BEYOND being a game show geek.
Chico: Like you've never done THAT before. :-)
Gordon: I'm going to TIME the rats.
Chico: Go ahead.
Gordon: The rats come in at 9.18 seconds, 9.19 seconds and 9.22 seconds. Leroy's Rat comes in at...9.21 seconds. So Leroy should win the Golf Package.
Chico: Now this was after Drew went and pushed it.
Gordon: Yes
Don: Well, then...
Gordon: Though again, in Bob Barker's version, he would have gotten the car.
Chico: If this was a time game, then yes, but it was a race. I definitely think that due diligence and QC should've been taken care of. But.. as it is, no wrong was done on the side of production.
Gordon: I agree. The rat didn't get off the track, which means it wasn't set up properly. Scott Robinson should be fired.
Chico: He left, dude.
Gordon: Well bring him back and fire him again.
Chico: That's just horrible. This one's a good one to throw to Twitter. How do you think this should've been resolved? Tweet us @wltiongsnn.
Gordon: Meanwhile, Chico will resolve the College Championship winner.
Chico: Can do.

(divide by 10)

Chico: This was a show that could've gone any which way but loose This is how close it was. Jim Coury had $8600, Trevor Walker had $11,000, and Kristen Jolley had $10,000 GOING INTO PART 2. Going into the final, it's up to Jim to control it. Jim has $14,200 of betting money. Trevor has $8200 to Kristen's $8600. The magic number for Jim: $4601. That covers all-ins from either player.
Gordon: Right. Lets see the final question please
Chico: Here's the final. It's in The Civil War.

The last of the 11 Southern States to secede from the Union, it borders 6 of them.

Chico: Gordon, you want to take or defer to Donut?
Gordon: I want Donut to give the right answer.
Chico: Donut, give the right answer.
Don: What is Tennessee?
Chico: Gordon?
Gordon: What is the Chaine of Ye Old Dollywood Amusement Parks?
Chico: Way to go medieval on that.
Gordon: Well, it's Southern Hospitality, y'all.
Chico: No one secedes from the Cedar Fair staple and LIVES!
Don: lol
Chico: I'm talking to you, Canada's Wonderland. Don's right, and so was Jim. He's going to compete for $100,000 in the 30th anniversary season and we can't wait for that.
Gordon: He's a good player.
Chico: He is. Gutsy.
Don: Definitely.
Chico: But he'll be going up against the best of the best. But if you want a gutsy play, how about this... a business panel game show... on a business news network.
Gordon: Do you consider Crowd Rules the Best of the Best?
Chico: Too smart for the room, but I'm getting ahead of myself.
Chico: Kendra Scott and Pat Kiernan *wakes up Gordon* host this show in which small businesses compete for corporate cash.
Gordon: Oh ok, I'm awake
Chico: The judges? 100 audience members. They will ultimately choose one of three business to win $50,000. There are experts involved, but ultimately the decision is with the audience.
Gordon: The contestants have to get past both the audience and the panel of experts.
Chico: So the good.... It reveals the heart and soul of American small business. And it puts the current economic situation into perspective.
Gordon: It does. It throws a little bit of Shark Tank into the proceedings also with some demystification into the game.
Chico: At least on the expert side. And that goes into the bad. Unfortunately, the audience are a silent judge.
Gordon: It would have been interesting to see the audience interact with the group and make it different than Shark Tank with an audience.
Chico: Or the Job with a cash prize.
Gordon: Also - I don't think there's enough interaction with the plans or enough mystification.
Chico: Indeed. You get into the expert mind, but not into the wisdom of crowds.

CNBC - 8p ET Tuesday

Gordon: I would have loved to see the wisdom of crowds. I do like the wisdom of this game, but it could have been so much better. C.
Chico: Indeed. Way too inside baseball for me. C.
Don: I didn't see it, so I'll pass.
Gordon: Now it's time for the replay. 5:30 on the clock please.
Chico: And... GO!
Gordon: (Starts Clock)
Chico: The McNulty family is playing for a car on the Feud Thursday...Adams family *snap snap* is not having ANY of that. They dethrone the four-time champs and go on to earn $1420 going into Monday's show. Season wraps up on Friday. On The Voice, Garrett Gardner and Vedo are the bottom two. They're gone. It's Trace vs. Penn on the Apprentice Finale. Trace had a team of Lil Jon, Gary Busey, and Marilu Henner. Penn has Lisa Rinna, La Toya Jackson, and Dennis Rodman.
Gordon: Jinx Monsoon wins RuPauls Drag Race, while Jon Jones wins UFC Season #17.
Chico: Jennifer had a Big Deal on Monday's LMAD. She trades a ring for a door. Perhaps the biggest Big Deal ever offered on LMAD. she picks door #1... and wins a MERCEDES.
Don: That's a really big deal!
Gordon: Not the biggest payoff - don't forget the $70,000+ Super Deal, but a nice win nonetheless.
Chico: $36,580 worth of Big Deal is still big. Vanessa & Lindsey end up selling a hall tree for a loss on Flea Market Flip, Ron & Zach win $5000 there.
Gordon: Michael gets booted from Hell's Kitchebn
Chico: And our Player of the Week: Keith Romer who sees this for $100,000 on Millionaire.

Who was once a golf caddy for OJ Simpson and competed against Tiger Woods in the American Junior Golf Association?
A: Mario Lopez
B: Nick Lachey
C: Seth Meyers
D: Carson Daly

Gordon: E. Tonya Harding. The took the club and used it as an art form.
Chico: OWCH!
Gordon: Believe it or not, I think it's D. Carson Daly.
Chico: Don? Is Gordon correct?
Don: It is indeed D.
Chico: Oh yeah, and Gordon beat me at Password Plus at the 24hour Game Show Marathon to benefit the American Cancer Society and the Kennedy Krieger Institute. Relive that at 24hourgsm.pacdudegames.com.
Gordon: It was a good fun match. And I don't think 4 people would have played a better game at 3am than us.
Chico: No sir. Of course, we had the hamsters giving us coffee all day.
Gordon: And caffeine pills. Yawwwwwn.
Chico: Caffeine pills are for the weak!
Gordon: Roll That Beautiful Brain Footage

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thanks, Doug. First up, I need a bat.
Gordon: (Gives Chico a lead pipe)
Chico: How about the... lead pipe. With the Yankees logo in Sharpie. Must be a redneck bat.

CMT has lined up a new season of Redneck Island June 5

Gordon: Well the bat that I gave you that you threw away had beer in it,.
Chico: ... Oh crap. NEXT ITEM! NEXT ITEM! I gotta find that bat. (runs off)
Gordon: While you're doing that, I have a Datebook

Before the Memorial Break, we have Bad Girls All Star Battle May 21 (Meow) and Master Chef Season 4 on May 22nd. We also crown a new Dancing With the Stars champion this week.

Don: Looking forward to Masterchef.
Chico: Indeed. You know what I'm looking forward to? The sneak preview of Minute to Win It on GSN after the season finale of The American Bible Challenge. That's Thursday
Don: Cool!
Gordon: That should be fun to see also. And after that, you can get fully loaded
Chico: Yessir

Zendaya is going from dancing... to writing. She's writing a book for teenagers for Disney

Chico: Good to parlay that Dancing with the Stars fame into something productive.
Gordon: Yes. However, on the flip side, I have something not so productive.
Don: Oh, boy...
Chico: In fact, it was BAD.
Gordon: I have a feeling you know where this one is going.
Chico: I think I do.

Are YOU SMarter than...Mariah Carey, for what has to be one of the worst American Idol Final singing disasters ever.

Chico: Excuse me... *flush* There you go. She says it was legit. I don't believe her for a minute.
Gordon: I have the video. You want video?
Don: Sure.

Gordon: You can clearly see in 'Make It Happen'...she didn't Make it Happen.
Chico: No.
Gordon: The backup track that conflicts with the singing doesn't help
Chico: No it does not.
Don: ... Yipes.
Chico: That puts the suck in lip suck.
Gordon: ...but The Tomorrow People promo looks pretty.
Chico: VERY. No Haterade there. Plenty here, though.
Gordon: Surprisingly, besides The Donald, no other game shows got the axe, so no zombie this week.
Chico: Zombie killer.
Gordon: However...

Zombieland gets scrapped after getting too many negative responses on Amazon. So no Zombies. Sorry, Augustus

Gordon: He still can see the Walking Dead, though he has to wait for new episodes. But he's depressed, so let's send him on a trip
Chico: I would, but he'd be depressed again.
Gordon: Why do you say that?
Chico: It's a trip to Spain, and their version of countdown, which has a case of Pitfall... a case of The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime, if you will.
Gordon: Do explain

Cifras y Letras, the Spanish version of Countdown, owes champions over $10,000. It has not paid any of its winners since 2011. So it's as much as $10,000 per champion. Do the math, kids.

Don: Wow. I'm speechless, and not in a good way.
Chico: The company line: All the company’s assets will have to be liquidated and shared among the creditors,
Gordon: Ouch.
Chico: Pay your contestants, people. By golly they earned it.
Gordon: Very true
Don: Yep.
Gordon: And now for more medis hoes, domestically
Chico: (plays Luda)

In this week's Media Ho Report, Melissa Peterman becomes a 'Dancing Fool', Scott Robinson leaves The Price is Right, Keith Urban says he would return to American Idol if he's asked (good luck there, Keith)...Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio sign up for X Factor, Julianne Hough does Safe Haven, and Desiree Hartsock says that there was no pressure on her to find a relationship. Sure there wasn't.

Chico: Which would explain the TV show... how?
Gordon: Exactly. but none of them are the hoes of the week.
Chico: Who's you got?
Gordon: I have...lots of hotties on Jeopardy. Apparently Tumblr is posting the people who they think are hot on Jeopardy.
Chico: I am not going to argue here.
Gordon: You can see this silliness here:


Chico: Smart people are sexy. Exhibit A. *points to self*
Gordon: You're not sexy to me. Sorry.
Chico: I never said I had to be sexy to you.
Gordon: Before this goes to a really dark place...and Those...Are your Hoes.
Chico: And that's Brainvision. Shut us off, Don.
Don: Alright. *Shuts down*
Gordon: Thank you. When we come back, we start the Supertoilet 8000 again.
Chico: Plus... getting our learn on this season.
Gordon: You're reading WLTI. you give us 22 minutes and we'll give you 22
hot Jeopardy Contestants hotter than Jason Block in a 2 piece bikini.
Chico: Excuse me... *ralphs*

(Brainvision is presented by the Billion Second Quiz, a game show that takes 32 years to finish. Granted our players live that long.)