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Episode 32.16 - Week of Champions: Part 1
May 20

Gordon: Start them while their young. Like 6.
Chico: Or 3.
Gordon: Gordon and Chico here. The Donut has to go to Kwik-E-mart, but we're still here, and it's time to bring you some morality.
Chico: Moral? Us?
Gordon: ...well....first one....

Dancing With the Stars have acknowledged there has been some voting snafus may have affected some of the voting. The Moral of the Story is...

Chico: Keep your backside covered in a live situation.
Gordon: When you're the conductor and the pioneer of the train, sometimes you're also the first ones that fall off the cliff when the bridge goes out.
Chico: See Jackson, Randy. Granted, it was his own volition, but he saw what was going on.
Gordon: Next one, dawg?
Chico: Next one...

Meredith Vieira, after years of phoning it in, is leaving Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. The moral of the story is...

Gordon: The grass is Always Greener on the other side of the Final Answer.
Chico: Talk show is the new game show. Sad, really.
Gordon: Very. next one...

This week, TPIR salutes fire fighters. The moral of the story is...

Chico: If Drew and or the CBS/TPIR crew can find a special audience to completely whiff pricing games... they will.
Gordon: Spring is the perfect time to raise a cash cow.
Rob the Cash Cow: MOOO!
Gordon: Next one?
Chico: Next one...

Women rule on American Idol this season. The moral of the story is...

Chico: Whatever Nigel wants, Nigel gets. And Nigel wants a woman.
Gordon: What Nigel needs is a stiff drink. Next one...

Shark Tank now announces 10 people who are millionaires thanks to the show. The Moral of The Story is...

Chico: Someone cue "Ain't Too Proud to Beg".
Gordon: Hanging with sharks could help you befriend whales.
Chico: The good kind. Not the kind that come with lead pipes. Last one...

Wheel of Fortune celebrates 30 years by wrapping up taking in NYC. The moral of the story is...

Gordon: The city that never sleeps hosting the show that's not close to dying.
Chico: If you can make it there... and there... and there... and there... and everywhere where it's a #1 show... you can make it anywhere.
Gordon: Now lets see if we can make it to the break.
Chico: We can. And when we come back, Call it high, call it low, call it right on this game show...
Gordon: Coming up - next!

(Brought to you by Now You See It... the Movie! A ragtag group of renegade game show hosts host a magical word search game while trying to avoid the FBI agent that threatens to take them down. It's magic, bitches.)

Gordon: I hear its in 3D
Chico: Oh yeah.
Gordon: Welcome back - and it's time to put our guesstimation skills to the test. We're going to play some Higher / Lower. Start us off.
Chico: Will do.

With the reports of American Idol exercising the nuclear option, Fox has neither confirmed nor denied the story. So that begs the question: how many former judges will be on the next season of AI? Higher or Lower than... 0.5?

Chico: This one's easy. LOWER.
Gordon: Can I state for the record that I think last night I may have been drugged with the bowling alley chicken?
Chico: Would it be the first time?
Gordon: Yes.
Chico: ... Okay, go ahead.
Gordon: LOWER. I think it's time to clean house, and the Idol plan seems to be to bring the former contestants into the fold - which I think is a huge error. Then again., leaving the current judging staff as is is also a huge error, so this may be a case of right track, wrong train. Next one...

We're now moving into June, and this is when a Jeopardy Champion has a huge run. So with that noted, Higher or lower than a 6 day reign for any Jeopardy champion this Summer?

Chico: LOWER. We've seen some heavy competition and some big money in years past. This year's no exception, but the talent is stacked.
Gordon: Im going to go the other way here. HIGHER. For the same reason you've mentioned. We haven't had one in a while and we're due.
Chico: About due yeah. Let's talk about the sister show, shall we?

Wheel of Fortune is winding down its 30th epic season of epic epicness. Do we see an epic win of $100,000 or more? Higher or lower than... once.

Gordon: Lower. It has been an epic seaso nof epicness, and I think the potential is there, but I don't think we see it this season.
Chico: I'm going to go lower as well. I think we see a big win, but not of $100,000. Next one...

Big Brother, our personal summer guilty pleasure, is coming back - but how many alumni will be there with it? Higer or lower than 4?

Chico: I want to say lower. I REALLY REALLY do. It's time for fresh meat. I'm going to go with that. Simply becuase it's time for some fresh meat. And if they bring back more, it's basically CBS saying we've given up.
Gordon: We do...but...this is Big Brother, and their higher rated seasons are ones with returning players. As much as they SHOULD have a clean season, I'll say they don't. HIGHER.
Gordon: Next one?
Chico: Next one. And I have to go into the research for this...

Danielle Bradbery is beasting it up on the Voice. If there's one person who can beat Judith Hill (not WILL, but CAN), it's her, especially given her iTunes rating of #8. How far does she place in the competition? Higher or Lower than... 2.5

Gordon: Higher. I think it will be a Danielle / Judith final.
Chico: I agree 1000 percent. HIGHER.
Gordon: But I still think Judith wins it. Last one...

Fresh of her stint on The Bed-Chico-ler (as least Chico dreams it), how many more game shows will Shandi Finnessey show up on? Higher or lower than 0.5?

Chico: Is it possible for your game show career to be over before it even begins?
Gordon: Well she was on Lingo, and Dancing With the Stars, and now the insipid Ready For Love - and you know you'd bed her.
Chico: Yeah, but would she respect me in the morning?
Gordon: Would you respect HER in the morning?
Chico: Probably.
Gordon: She's Ready for Love. Go get her, Tiger!
Chico: She's ready for love... not so much for TV. LOWER.
Gordon: I'll say HIGHER. She was on PlayMania, QuizNation and the Ultimate Blackjack Tour. I'm sure she'll pop up somewhere, even if it's not in your bed.
Chico: Tee hee.
Gordon: Something else that could be showing up soon...THIS!

(Brought to you by Game Trek Into Darkness. Contestants use a time machine to try to fix their biggest mistakes in life - but will they screw up the world in the process? Ashton Kutcher hosts.)

Chico: I'd blow $10 on that.
Gordon: Would you also Blow a Speed Round in the process?
Chico: Yep. Let's kick it off... NOW! The Voice. Usher and Shakira are down to ONE singer a piece. Will they be able to hold onto it?
Gordon: Judith belongs to Adam. Danielle belongs to Blake. Nope. They'll be watching on the sidelines.
Gordon: Jeopardy - Anyone start a massive run this week?
Chico: I don't see it. Dancing with the Stars... who wins?
Gordon: I have to go with Jacoby on this one, though he's a definite underdog. you?
Chico: I'm going to agree with that... but I wouldn't be surprised if someone overtook him.
Gordon: Does Someone Have To Go? - the show we have universally panned for it's premise - shows up on Thursday. Will it be as bad as advaetised?
Chico: Dude.... IT'LL BE WORSE.
Gordon: I don't have much faith in the show. Do we have any faith on the emails?
Chico: We'll have full faith in our Facebook! It's at www.gameshownewsnet.com/wlti.gsnn
Gordon: or email us at wlti@gameshownewsnet.com
Chico: Here's a little correspondence for you. Stephen Buus says...


Stephen Buus
Question for the next show: Is it just me or does the Fandango entrance music resemble a slowed-down version of the Davidson Squares theme?

Chico: Let's throw this one to the Universe... Fandango entrance music...

Chico: Hollywood Squares 1986 theme music...

Chico: Tell us what you think. Do they sound eerily similar? I think they do, but what do you say? Tweet us @wltiongsnn or email us with your thoughts.
Gordon: Stephen - it's you.
Chico: I hear hints... HINTS...
Gordon: Hints?
Chico: Hints of the 86 theme. But that could just be the flow of salsa music.
Gordon: It's called salsa. If you played it backwards, it would sound more like the theme, but...no.
Chico: Not that you've tried or anything.
Gordon: So that ends this episode. Special thans to Don Harpwood for joining us this week.
Chico: Next week... Minute to Win It is back. But will we approve?
Gordon: And will Does Someone's Gott Go be THAT bad?
Chico: Here's a hint. Yes.
Gordon: We'll find that out next week, but for this week, from Gordon Pepper, Game over and spread the love.