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Episode 32.10 - The Chase Is On
April 15

Chico: This is Chico Alexander. The Masters are on TV, my eyes are watering and the sun is shining brighter than ever. Spring is in full... *ACHOO!* .. bloom.
Jason: Bless you
Chico: .. Took it long enough. Anyone got any Zyrtec?
Gordon: What about Benadryl?
Chico: Can't have that, I need to be awake to catch all the fierce game show action.
Gordon: Or you just do what I do and deal with it for 2 weeks while letting your body get acclimated to it.
Chico: Tried. Failed. Blew up like a blowfish. But you know what would make me feel even better? Some really good news.
Gordon: And I know Chico has some. Don't you?
Chico: Hey, I got some right here... (reads) from somewhere in. America... WL... T... I ... IT'S ON!
Gordon: Yay! Gordon Pepper here, along with Chico and Jason Block (our special guest). And we start with...hey, when's the last time we started with a story from a network that does game shows?
Chico: Let me check my backlogs. That would be... 2004, when we talked about the slow channel drift.
Gordon: So then this should be exciting, yes?
Chico: I didn't say THAT now. :-) Anyway, in what has to be the news of the week if not of the month so far. GSN has ordered eight episodes of our favorite British game show right now; THE CHASE.
Gordon: First of all, if you read us with any regularity, you know we all heart The Chase.
Chico: We do.
Gordon: Second of all, this is great pickup for GSN - its a classic trivia show format with a current hot series featuring Mark Labbett, which is straight from the UK production.
Chico: He reprises his role as "The Beast".
Gordon: He does.
Chico: Who, if you've ever seen an ep on YouTube, is ALL business. No host has been named as of yet, but production rolls in June. Contestants are being solicited as well. We'll get into that in a moment. But yeah, I can't wait for this. I trust ITV Studios and GSN will treat this baby well. Because frankly, the million that watch TABC all week need to watch the rest of the network.
Gordon: I trust ITV Studios. Again, I beg GSN. please DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING. In the words of RuPaul, "Don't (bleep) it up'.
Chico: Truer words were never spoken.
Jason: This is something we want to be brought over here without changes.
Chico: Also on the docket, we have a date for the Minute to Win It reboot... Catch it June 26.
Gordon: Again, the blueprint is out there. No reason to tinker with something that works.
Chico: Yep. Just pare the prize budget to basic cable levels, and let the game play itself.
Gordon: And someone get Lee DiGeorge on the air.
Chico: Yes. Heh. However, there is some concern with the rest of the development slate. BIG BORED, please?

April Fools Day Was LAST Week

- Dance Rivals
- Mind of a Man
- It Takes a Church
- The Imposter
- Where Have You Been All My Life
- You Don't Know What You're Missing


Gordon: The Subject: April Fools Day was last week. There's one thing all of these questionable shows have in common - they are all trying to cash in on shows that have worked well in other genres.
Chico: First of the six in development: Dance Rivals, about two rival dance studios. This comes from Derek Hough. Tell me how Family Trade did again?
Jason: (FLUSH)
Gordon: If it's not a game show, whether traditional or otherwise, it won't work here.
Jason: Yes. Dance Rivals = Dance Moms
Gordon: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo mom dance rivalry show
Chico: Then there's "Mind of a Man", which... could work in late night. But tell me how "Love Triangle" did again?
Jason: Mind of a Man = Think Like A Man (Steve Harvey)
Chico: Next... It Takes a Church... Now this one could work if it's paired with TABC.
Gordon: Pretty much. Again, I don't know how well this is going to work. unless it's paired with TABC, I'm guessing it won't.
Chico: But still, not the right network, this is more of an Up (formerly GMC) show.
Jason: Right guys.
Chico: Next, The Imposter. Two contestants with an existing relationship move into another family's home for 48 hours and must guess which member is actually a fake. An actor embedded within the real family.
Gordon: Who's Your Daddy anyone?
Jason: (FLUSH)
Chico: Thank YOU. Next is "Where Have You Been All My Life", which is LIKE Baggage, they're really trying to recapture that lightning-in-a-suitcase here, only with old photos.
Gordon: Remember NBC's show where the dater got to see everyone that he dated?
Chico: The One That Got Away?
Jason: That's the one.
Chico: That was more like The Bachelor. This is more like Amnesia meets Baggage.
Jason: Again...NO.
Chico: And the last is another shiny floor show, "You Don't Know What You're Missing", which challenges family members to recall 10 meaningful items from memory.
Gordon: Opportunity Knocks meets Total Recall: two clunkers.
Chico: So that's GSN in 2013-2013. And a reminder that just because it's on a development slate doesn't necessarily mean that GSN will order it. We all remember "Hell Yeah, I'm a Redneck" and "Billboard Living"
Jason: Come on GSN. Build on the Chase, MTWI and SOTC please.
Chico: By the way, we have a date for MTWI. Don't make plans for June 26. We MADE your plans. But some of the other shows on GSN? Meaningless. Much like the Hidden Immunity Idol that was played in Tribal Council this week.
Gordon: Actually, not meaningless at all. Brilliant strategy.
Jason: That was a blindside with a half twist. Brilliant.

Gordon: Now THAT'S how you flush out an idol and cement a tribe's dominance.
Jason: BINGO, Gordon.
Gordon: Chico. set the stage please
Chico: Okay, so you have the alliance of favorites. They're getting rid of Corinne last week, just so they can clean up house and continue with the duck-hunting of the Fans.
Gordon: You had some favorites realize they are on the Southside and trying to ally with the fans. The problem is that they don't have enough of them.
Chico: Nor do they want to team up with them. Dawn tells Malcolm that she'll vote for him is Reynold showed his Idol. Philip decides to suggest that Malcolm is going home tonight. Reynold decides to toss Malcolm his Idol. In the end, it doesn't even matter, as Michael is voted out 7-3-1.
Gordon: But as a fan, you have to know that when the housecleaning of the rebels are done, your own days are numbered. The favorites can't afford to have a fan get to the finals. Especially Eddie.
Chico: Nope. Remember, this is a second chance for people to get the million. The favorites. Easy pickings. They're not even PLAYING the game.
Jason: This was brilliant. Now Malcolm has the idol. And Reynold has jack
Chico: But here's the rub. Michael is now on the JURY.
Gordon: So as I said, no fans can get to the end.
Chico: This is where you really have to start not only thinking about who you want to stand next to (PHILIP), but also who is the most likely to vote for you to get there.
Jason: Reynold is in DEEP DEEP DOO.
Chico: So you just have to have just enough of an in to let them know what's up.
Gordon: I can have the loch nes monster next to Philip and Nessie will win.
Chico: They can't get to then end with no ill will.
Jason: Reynold is definitely the next one to go
Chico: Definitely. Reynold needs to start playing the game and SOON.
Gordon: We'll see how well they can scramble
Chico: Meanwhile, on Musical Idols...

Chico: Renamed in honor of our late friends at Reality News Online and because, for the first time in five years, a woman will win American Idol, which seems to be the story they're banking on.
Gordon: And they left it to no one's doubt.
Chico: Nope.
Jason: Honestly, who gives a damn. This is what they wanted? Happy now?
Gordon: This just means a HWWB will win. Meaning a Hot woman who's boring
Jason: Or Hot Woman With BOOBS
Gordon: Either eye-ther or the other, Idol is more sleep-enriched for it.
Chico: My thought. There will be one person they will use the save on. But here's the thing... Candice Glover, so far is acting and polling as the favorite.
Chico: She has YET to be in a bottom 3/2 situation. I think the judges will use the Save to spare HER.
Gordon: I agree with that. Keep this in mind, and something to think about. Is the reason why there are 5 ladies left is because the women were that good? Or is it because the judges were that horrible with the guys? Think about it.
Jason: They stacked the deck.
Chico: Well, it didn't help that Lazaro delivered a performance that flew in the face of good taste, good music, and ... well, I've said it before. The fix was in during the audition phase.
Jason: I can tell you EXACTLY when the fix was in. There was ONE MOMENT. May I refresh your memory?
Chico: Wayback away.
Jason: Do you remember when there was an abyssmal rendition of "Payphone" by 4 guys during Hollywood Week?
Chico: I could be wrong, but Lazaro was IN that group, right?
Jason: And the Indian guy as well.
Chico: They gave them one more chance.
Jason: Yes. All of them passed.
Chico: Never mind that on any other show on any other season, they'd be history.
Gordon: Correct
Jason: That was my clear the DVR moment.
Chico: People... the fix was in. And now they have what they want.
Gordon: Almost like the judges wanted the inferior but more marketable people to get in?
Chico: Yup. It also explains why they got such a piss-poor, but ultimately agreeable judge in Nicki Minaj.
Jason: This is pure mind control.
Chico: I feel like I've just been trolled by Fox.
Jason: We have been trolled by Fox since January 19th. From the "oooh Mariah and Nicki hate each other" to this.
Gordon: And FOX has given you plenty of Million Dollar moments...

(divided by 10)

Chico: This one... is only on Fox if you live in Cleveland.
Jason: Oh?
Chico: We could have a possible $100K payout on J! on Friday. Adam Holquist won $40,000 on Thursday's show. Going into Friday's match, he had $76,299. He was on pace to break both the $100K plane and the TOC plane. Then Friday happened. He could NOT get a rhythm going and ended with $3400 going into the final to Matt's $13,200 and Mona's $7600.
Gordon: Let's play Final Jeopardy. The Answer please?
Chico: The category: Physicists.

On October 14, 1992 particle detector inventor Georges Charpak became the last man in physics to achieve this honor alone.

Chico: Jason?
Jason: What is the Nobel Prize? (in Physics of course)
Chico: Hm. Gordon?
Gordon: What is the Dan Quayle Potatoe Particle Detector?
Chico: No, it was Particle Man No.1 for 1992. Triangle Man, Triangle Man, Triangle Man hates Particle Man. Get in a fight, Triangle Wins.
Jason: (cue accordions)
Chico: Matt man, Matt man, Matt man hates Champion man, get in a fight, Matt wins. $25,497 for Matt Eichenbaum.
Jason: Nice :)
Chico: Interesting thing about champions in the last month or so. We haven't had that many one-and-dones.
Jason: That's on the power of the contestant coordinators.
Gordon: Sure is. Nice win for Matt.
Chico: And that's also on the players themselves. The material is getting more sophisticated, so are the players.
Jason: I actually the material is easier, but thats just me,
Chico: You saying they're being handled with kid gloves?
Jason: You bet.
Chico: I see what you did there. Up next... Babies, and the parents wishing to exploit them for fun and profit.
Gordon: And us wishing we didnt have to watch it
Chico: Heh. The show in question... Bet on Your Baby. It's a simple game, really. One parent will bet on how their toddler does in a given challenge. The other will act as coach. Then the families get together to compete for $50,000 for a college education.
Gordon: Ok where do we start here?
Chico: The beginning.
Gordon: Yuk yuk yuk. 1. The premise is a mess.
Chico: Basically. It's what we call a wheel game here. So there's no real connection between games. That works in some shows (TPIR, FGN)... but their end games actually make sense in the grander scheme of things. This one's just about as unpredictable as the, ahem, players themselves.
Gordon: First of all it's Anything For Money with babies
Chico: And if you've never seen that show, it's basically, here's a scenario. you predict the outcome.
Gordon: Pretty much. And then you have a bonus game that's Piggy punch-A-Bunch that as nothing to do with the main game.
Chico: And yes, it's basically there to say "Hey! We have an end game!" So that's ONE bad aspect. Another. The contestants. Can you say Central Casting? I mean, the contestants on Deal or No Deal were tame by comparison.
Gordon: I think they spiked the Similac.
Chico: I have a feeling these babies are going to grow up with either ADD or a therapist's bill.
Gordon: But yeah, the contestants were grating. And then you had the pointedly unfunny (and somewhat WTF) scenes between Melissa Peterman and the kids. Whenever you ash a 2 year old to 'hose you down', that should be cause for concern.
Chico: Uhh.. yeah. Speaking of Melissa Peterman. She's usually a competent game player, and she was spot on as Singing Bee host, especially in the later season. This was a giant step backwards.
Gordon: The was only one thing I liked in the entire show -there's one stunt in which the baby needed to repeat something and the parent had to figure out what the thing was. That was good, because they used the baby and parent together. THIS is the direction they needed to go with the show, NOT the betting part.
Chico: More like a Child's Play then. I could totally do that. So aside from that their intentions are noble (money for college), is there ANYTHING good about this?
Gordon: Besides that...no.
Chico: And we have the numbers in... 2.63 million. For a Saturday on network TV, that's abysmal.

ABC - 8p ET Saturdays
F+ F F+

Gordon: I'm going to be VERY nice and give the kernel of light to the one stunt. F+
Chico: I'm going to be a BIT nicer. Actually... no I'm not. F. Just a waste of good talent, good network time, and after five minutes, I was done.
Gordon: I took 2 hours of this show in for your enjoyment.
Chico: Take one for the team, G. Now for something completely different. Gordon!
Gordon: Hi
Chico: You and Jason went on a trip.
Gordon: Yes we did.
Chico: Tell us about it tell us tell us!
Jason: We went to one of the audition tapings of AGT in NYC. This would be the auditions with new judges Mel B & Heidi Klum (certified hottie) joining the two Howards.
Gordon: The Wednesday Noon taping.
Jason: Correct
Gordon: Yes. Now we will not give out spoilers.
Jason: Correct.
Chico: Of course not. We want you to enjoy the show.
Gordon: But we will give you 6 things you should know about the upcoming season of AGT. Big Board please?

6 Things We Think You Should Know About America's Got Talent's New Season

- 1) Howard is the man
- 2) Heidi & Mel B play the girly role
- 3) The talent raises the bar
- 4) A non-singer needs to win again
- 5) Bad acts weren't "bad"
- 6) Copycats have upped their game


Gordon: The Subject: 6 Things We Think You SHould KNow about America's Got Talent's new season. Jason, start us off.
Jason: 1. This is Howard's show...everyone else is living in it. In Year 2, Howard has taken total control of the judging...and we are the better for it. Am I right, Gordon?
Gordon: Absolutely. He's not the sideshow anymore. He's actually more now the moedrator of the judges.
Gordon: He's the conduit, like Adam Levine is for The Voice.
Chico: The voice of reason, if you will
Jason: Yes.
Gordon: #2. Heidi and Mel B play their roles perfectly. I know Mel B had some issues in San Antonio and New Orleans, but they worked really well together in NYC.
Jason: Yes they did. It took two women to replace Sharon, but they weren't terrible.
Gordon: Mel B. is turning into a Brandy-style villainess, which works well for the show because it makes Howard a likable heavy.
Chico: Of course it helps that Stern is New york City
Gordon: Yes, but it wouldnt have made a difference.
Jason: Heidi plays the "What the hell is this?" European
Gordon: Right.
Jason: #3. The producers have upped their game with the talent. There was one act that will NOT win the million, but for sheer brilliance it was fantastic
Chico: So no Olate Dogs, then?
Jason: Not from what we saw.
Chico: Okay, #4?
Gordon: #4. We saw ONE singer in our group out of 15 acts. They are highly stressing that a non-singer wins. again. And that singer, though I think makes the Top 40, has zero shot of winning.
Jason: Yes.
Chico: So he sucks then.
Jason: No. Not unique enough
Gordon: Very unemotional and generic.
Jason: #5. The "bad acts" weren't totally "bad". Only ONE ACT was truly horrible.
Chico: Will we know who is it if it hits TV?
Jason: OH yes. This one will make TV
Gordon: Let me add to this on the judges being comfortable. What made the act fun wasn't the act, but the fact that the judges did do running commentary through the act, which was awesome.
Chico: Nice
Jason: And one judge got involved. Oh boy. LOL
Gordon: Oh yes.
Chico: How involved are we talking?
Jason: Involved. No spoilers :)
Chico: Fair enough. Final?
Gordon: Last one...#6. The acts that look like 'copy cat' acts from previous years have upped their game.
Jason: That is very true.
Gordon: You have one dance group that raised the SIlhouettes act to another level. Any complaints that I had with the Silhouettes were answered and fixed with this group.
Jason: Big time.
Chico: Sounds like this seasons' gonna be something big
Jason: from this taping...yes.
Gordon: Let's put it this way - there's nothing new per se, but the fun is still very much intact.
Jason: YES.
Chico: Right now it's all about.. hey, the hams are practicing their talent... They have a rock band called Pellets and Furballs.
Jason: Nice.
Gordon: They are rocking it out,
Jason: They aren't going to toss pellets are they?
Chico: I should hope not. You'll have to clean that up
Jason: Yeah I hear that!
Chico: Okay, practice is over, news is next.
Gordon: (Gives Jason Raincoat an umbrella)
Jason: Thanks Gallagher!
Gordon: Roll that Beautiful Brain Footage

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thanks, Doug. First up, I need ... a sp-bat-ula.
Jason: Done. *hands Chico the sp-bat-ula*

We've had Sale, Jeopardy!, and "all-star" tournaments of champions. Now we get Iron Chef America's own Tournament of Champions.

Jason: ooooooh

It has Iron Chef going up against Iron Chef in a battle to see who is truly the King (or Queen, Alex) of the American Iron Chefs.

Chico: Iron Chefs Guarnaschelli and Zakarian fight to see who will face Iron Chef Symon. Iron Chefs Forgione and Garces, with the winner taking on Iron Chef Morimoto. It goes down May 5. I call shenanigans. Bobby Flay isn't fighting.
Jason: May Sweeps
Chico: There you go. Also on the docket... BIG MONEY.
Jason: May I explain?
Chico: Make it rain, J.
Jason: This week on Craig Ferguson....

Drew Carey promoted "Big Money Week" on TPIR. One game each day will be REALLY increased in value. For example: $250,000 Punch A Bunch, $500,000 Plinko. And a car game for...get this...a Ferrari 358 Italia. Yes. A. Ferrari.

Jason: No date announced. I am guessing May Sweeps. I saw the clip. Holy ****
Gordon: It's nice, but...why? Are you really going to get that many more people with $250,000 Punch a Bunch?
Jason: No. It's Gimmicky. But you know what, I don't mind this
Gordon: Now on the other hand, if they went VERY exotic on the gifts, I'd watch. For example - the Ferrari...niiiiice. Keep in mind the original Price is Right, they had all sort of bizarre things including an elephant.
Jason: I do remember
Chico: And it IS sweeps (I think), so... set them ad rates, boys.
Jason: Who knows if they pump up a showcase or two as well
Gordon: They should. Those can be fun to see, but I don't know if it will pump up the ratings. I do like to pump up my Datebook though
Chico: I see you have a house next Saturday. And another house... and... another house... and.... yet another house.
Jason: Oh?

4 houses is back. Fun entertainment if you like that stuff. A good sleeping aid if you're not watching a sporting event on Saturday night or if you prefer to see the inner workings of your eyelids.

Jason: zzzzzzz...what?
Chico: Thanks, but I believe I'm trivia-ing for fun and profit that day.
Gordon: What about getting fully loaded for fun and profit?
Chico: Awesome.
Jason: HIC

This week, if you managed to stay up to watch American Idol on Thursday, you noticed something strange. They keep the cameras rolling and play the footage on the inset alongside the commercials.

Chico: It's like the internet on your TV. That is a gimmick that doesn't work that well. For a gimmick that DOES work well, we turn to Wheel! Of! Fortune!

You may have noticed that there's a lot of Millionaire Maker sponsored Mystery Rounds. There's actually a reason for that.

Jason: You can win $50,000 at home. 20 of you can, if you collect pieces at the Harrah's Casino.
Chico: From May 13-24, you watch Wheel and enter to win a $50,000 and a trip to Caesars Palace Las Vegas.
Jason: Where you can attempt to win $1M!
Gordon: Whoo hoo!
Gordon: Now we have more Fully Loaded fun, if you like Bingo, The Price is Right, and Facebook, you can play The Price is Right Bingo. Have you all played the app?
Jason: I have. It's CUTE.
Chico: Tell me tell me!
Jason: You have bingo rooms based on games. You can play 1-6 cards and call bingos as long as you have cards and there arent bingos. The Price is Right Bingo!
Chico: NICE!
Jason: And everytime you daub a number you charge a power up to either get coins, keys or numbers.
Chico: And it's on Facebook, righ?
Jason: Right.


Jason: Yes.
Gordon: Right. The good: If you like all things Ludia and TPIR and Slots, etc. You'll like this. It's clean and done well.
Jason: Its another good app.
Gordon: The bad - I just came back from Sands Casino in PA and won $350. You can't win anything from this app. The good apps at least incorporate prizes from real groups. This won't get your juices flowing in that direction.
Jason: Agreed.
Gordon: Pai Gow Profit in my pants :D
Chico: nice
Jason: Tiles or cards?
Gordon: Tiles. Won the first 12 hands and coasted from there.
Jason: BOOM.
Gordon: I am a smart gambler. This however is not so amsrt.

Are YOU Smarter than....FLAAAVAAA FLAAAAAAV. The Flava Of Love star was ordered to stand trial for allegedly threatening his girlfriend's 17-year-old son with a knife.

Chico: Woops
Jason: 911 is NO JOKE to him
Gordon: If I was ever so fortunate to make enough money so I would never have to work again, I'm sure I would find more productive things in m life to do.
Chico: Will that boy ever know what time is it?
Jason: Nope
Gordon: And now for the Haterade
Jason: (puts down mug)

You know that Celador won their lawsuit against ABC. Well ABC needs to find some way to make up the 315 million they have to pay, and god forbid they have to spend money on it that they already made - so here come the layoffs.

Chico: I have a friend that works in Disney World. I hope they spare her. She's really something special.
Jason: YIPE :(
Chico: This is not a good time to be a fan of the Mouse House. Not a good time to be a fan of Glee either.
Jason: Yeah...Lucasarts :)

The Glee Project is on hold pending a decision on whether Fox wants to renew the struggling series.

Gordon: Some people need a pink slip vacation. Where are they going?
Chico: They're going to Canada. By way of Japan. Hey remember I Survived a Japanese Game Show?
Jason: I do!

Well, marblemedia is teaming with DisneyXD to create a kid's version, "Japanizi! Going, Going, Gong!"

Jason: That's going to be FUN.
Gordon: No it won't.
Chico: It will bow on DisneyXD, YTV, and Francophone VRAK in the fall, with a worldwide rollout on Disney properties in 2014. While we're in Japan...They have a new show called Time Out.
Jason: Are those for the losers on Bet on Your baby? :)
Chico: HA. The slow motion game show format watches as contestants compete in an elimination match that tests their general knowledge, observation and reaction skills. It is being produced in both English- and Japanese-language versions.
Jason: Interesting
Chico: It's being shopped at MIP. We'll see what comes of it.
Gordon: We will. There's never a time out for media hoes though
Chico: NEVER! (Plays Luda)

In this week's Media Ho report, Carson Daly's late night show gets renewed, Brad Womack is dating AshLee Frazier, there could be trouble in paradise with Sean Lowe. Chico is reading the tabloids for news on this one...

Chico: Great.

Jim Henson's production company brings their creature shop to Syfy, Ivanka Trump may be with child, and if you want to be a future ho of the weekm you can audition for The Chase here: http://www.chasecasting.com/

Jason: Already put my appointment for that one :)
Chico: The worst they can do is say "Aren't you that guy who lost Let's Ask America in the first round?"
Jason: Pretty much LOL
Chico: I don't want a piece of Mark Labbett, I want THE WHOLE THING!
Gordon: None of them, however, are the hoe of the week.
Jason: Who ya got?
Gordon: I have P Diddy, who performed on Wrestlemania 29 Last weekend. I know Jason Block approves.
Jason: YES!
Gordon: And those...are your hoes.
Chico: And that's Brainvision. Shut it down. good job guys.
Jason: (Shutting down)
Chico: Still to come on the big show, we've got a town called Mercy and a sheriff called... Chico. But first, G?
Gordon: First, we celebrate Heidi Klum being the new American Idol judge. you're reading WLTI. You give us 22 minutes and we'll give you 22 shows who may have attracted more people if they had a supersized budget. Who's up for $50,000 Body Language?
Jason: WOOT :)
Chico: Right here.
Gordon: $50,000 Blockbusters?
Jason: WOOT :)
Chico: Right here also.

(Brainvision is presented by Vin Scully Fertilizer. It's baseball time again, and if you want the best looking diamond in the game, you're going to want fertilizer that people will literally break bones for. How do I know? Because Vin Scully says so himself. That's FERTILIZER!)