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Previous Episodes (Season 32)
December 24/31 - 2012 Year In Review

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Episode 32.1 - Gordon & Chico Meet The Beast
January 7

LISTEN ONLINE!Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and I wish everyone a very happy new year
Chico: *throws confetti*
Gordon: And yes, we survived the end of the world. Again.
Chico: Worst. Apocalypse. EVER.
Jason: No we haven't....Kim Kardashian hasn't given birth yet :)
Gordon: Sorry I brought that up. But there were people celebrating for different reasons, as from somewhere in America, the first episode of WLTi in 2013...is...on!
Chico: How you doin'. Chico Alexander with you alongside my partner in crimefighting Gordon Pepper, and in the guest chair for the first time in 2013... Mr. Jason Block.
Jason: Thank you. Thank goodness you didn't make me wear the New Year's Baby costume again
Chico: Surely you're bald enough for it. :-)
Jason: I haven't shaved my head yet in 2013. :)
Gordon: It's not often that we start with something not in the US, but we will. The best Christmas show this season came from there, and it wasn't The Cube. It was...The Chase.
Chico: Let's go global a little early. Let's go ahead and put this up early...

Jason: Yes. This was inspired lunacy for charity.
Chico: A model, a hostess, Dave Lister from Red Dwarf, and the guy with the large phone from Trigger Happy TV are all playing for Text Santa, which is a British charity plea.
Jason: However, that's not where the brilliance comes in :)
Chico: Nope. The brilliance comes when the star contestants have to take on... The Chaser.
Gordon: Did we mention that the chasers were in Panto costumes?
Jason: Panto = Pantomime (Theatrical)
Gordon: And when you get Chasers in Panto, you get...this.

Chico: Mark was dressed as... well... a beast.
Jason: Anne was the Wicked Queen
Gordon: Paul Sinha was a pirate and Shaun Wallace was...Dame Edna.
Chico: So to review... Lorraine and model Jamelia. They move on to the Final Chase, and they take on...Beast Time AGAIN.
Gordon: They threw a litany of pop culture questions at him - questions that he didn't know. The ladies escape with the win and 11,000 for Text Santa.
Chico: The Chase doubled it to 22,000. This was one of the more superbly done Christmas shows in game show history.
Jason: Hey US producers - here's a new Year's Wish. BRING THIS HERE. PLEASE.
Chico: Even if it's reruns on BBC America.
Gordon: You realize if BBCA ran their daily game shows, it's very close to that we'd have. The Chase / Only Connect / Tipping Point / Break Away Vs. Let's Make a Deal / The Price is Right / Family Feud / Millionaire / Jeopardy / Wheel of Fortune
Jason: They truly need a British Game Show Block.
Chico: But apparently we have to have Star Trek, Top Gear, and Gordon Ramsay. Who knows.
Gordon: And I'll throw in The Cube.
Jason: Throw in Pointless.
Gordon: And Pointless. I'll toss in Countdown also.
Chico: Of course.
Jason: It's right there for the taking.
Gordon: And Deal or No Deal and Millionaire
Chico: And Million Pound Drop.
Gordon: Million Pound Dump
Jason: The Noel Edmonds version is BRILLIANT.
Chico: Because they actually do it well.
Jason: A lot of US fans are fans of British shows. And exposure to new shows would be brilliant (or shows they already know) and maybe expose some producers to some new materials.
Chico: Indeed.
Jason: It's RIGHT. THERE.
Chico: And I'll tell you right now. You know how "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" got to the US?
Jason: How?
Chico: Michael Davies was overseas and saw it on TV and said, "Why can't this work here?" He was working for ABC at the time, part of the team behind Win Ben Stein's Money. He pitched the show to ABC and to Celador... and the rest is game show history.
Jason: It can be done.
Chico: It really can.
Jason: I am not saying abandon US properties
Chico: Of course not.
Jason: I am saying EXPAND THE PIE
Chico: Back the truck up if you have to.
Gordon: Again, pick the RIGHT UK properties to come over here.
Chico: I tell you what, we're backing the truck up for the Feud this week. This week, PCH is footing the bill for their THIRD Big Money Tournament. The first under Steve Harvey's watch. You know how this works. Eight families are invited BACK to the show. They've all been on the show. They all lost. This time, they play for up to $160,000. The Hutchinsons of Gainesville, FL are getting ready to face whoever wins the second semi.
Gordon: Can I just say, as you know is my want, to ask, why, like in almost all 'All Star' shows, we have a tournament of losers instead of one with, oh I don't know, maybe the 5 time champs?
Chico: Probably because they couldn't find eight five-timers.
Jason: NO. It's because people like to see second chances instead of people who won before get richer.
Chico: Or they found the families that didn't make for good game play but made for good TV.
Jason: Combine my statement with Chico's and you got it.
Chico: So we're basically looking for ratings bait. :-) The families that may not have made an impact on the budget, but definitely had a good time. AND America loves a second-chance story. They're looking for the Emmy, finally.
Gordon: I agree with Chico. That being said, a mix wouldn't hurt. Get all the 5 timers and then the people you like. But don't neglect the 5 timers. That's like not inviting Ken Jennings to a Jeopardy Tournament because he had the charisma of peat moss.
Chico: Indeed. Mix it up a bit.
Jason: Jeopardy doesn't do that.
Gordon: Nor should they. And they had action this week. What happened?
Chico: We were looking for a four-timer to start 2013. Paula Menasche just couldn't seal the deal. She goes into the game with $55,100 already. But in her fourth game, she's all but out of it with $2800. Joey Gutmann had $10,000 and looked to be on his way to the win against Julie Reynolds, who had $6000.
Gordon: The Final Jeopardy! topic and question please sir.
Chico: It is Baseball Stadiums and we take this time to remind you... pitchers report in 40 days. :-) The clue...


Jason: I was there this summer for my sweepstakes convention in ATLANTA. What is the ATLANTA BRAVES?
Chico: Gordon?
Gordon: What are the Los Angeles Russian Dodgers, for them Dodging the Russians in the 1984 Olympics?
Chico: ...
Gordon: Hey it would give the Canadians near there something to do. It's not like they can watch hockey.
Chico: So yeah, Joey looked like he had it... and then he didn't. Julie wins the game with $10,005. Joey misses and bets $2001. Fast-forwarding, Ashok Poozhikunnel is returning Monday after two games and almost $50,000. He locked it away on Friday.
Jason: Very much so
Chico: Not bad for an underwriter.
Gordon: Very true. Who's up for some holiday greetings on The Price is Right?
Chico: Right here.
Jason: Price had a pretty good week
Chico: We had a REALLY BIG WEEK. Over $460,000 given away this week, over $200,000 alone during a couple of days. First up, the Best of 2012 special. We had a 4-2 record that day which is pretty good. We had Double Cross, which was pretty good. We had Other Boston Rob, which was pretty good. And we had a couple of good Showcases as well. First Showcase had a game room with shuffleboard & pool table and a 2013 Ford Mustang Convertible. Second Showcase had a trip to South Africa and a Range Rover Evoque. Tess Rybowiak wins the Mustang and a total of $52,067
Jason: But that wasn't even the best part of the week :)
Chico: No, the best part was the day AFTER.
Jason: OH yes.
Chico: The first Showcase, an espresso/cappuccino maker, a sofa & ottoman, an HDTV, and a Hyundai Veloster. Top winner Mark Belfield bids $25,620. Next Showcaes you can play along with. Dinner for a year, a refrigerator, a home gym with personal trainer, and a South African safari. What am I bid?
Jason: I bid $35,000
Chico: Gordon?
Gordon: $52,069 What am I going to do with an African Safari?
Chico: Take a picture next to a rhinoceros. Then wonder who had the harder head at the time. :-)
Gordon: You're a pain in the asp.
Jason: (rimshot)
Chico: We're here all week, folks. Tip the veal, try your waitress. Actual price... $37,319. Actual price of Mark's Showcase... 25 thousand...6 hundred...43!
Jason: Off by 23 ;)
Chico: Mark Belfield NAILED IT.
Chico: His stash... the showcases....a table tennis...and $1000 on the Big Wheel, for a total of $64,687!
Gordon: Nice
Chico: I think he has room in his bag for this...

Jason: First one of 2013
Chico: Pretty good way to start 2013.
Chico: Let's hope it lasts.
Jason: Oh we also saw Male Model search runner up Johannes this week
Chico: Anything interesting happen on Wheel this week?
Jason: Let's go to Thursday's show. Rossalene Cox from Pilgrim, KY had a very nice Front Game. She is already the owner of a New Ford Fiesta. She has $27,940 in cash and car (along with the Wild Card) when she hits the A in GAME in the bonus round for a PHRASE. With the RSTLNE and her choices of F G C O and her WC Choice of M we have:

T _ R O _ N/ F O R
_ / L O O _

Jason: Gordon?
Gordon: This is what happened to the Republicans in December. Thrown for some loot.
Jason: Yes, Gordon. And NO Gordon :) Rossalene nails it. And...she gets the rare DOUBLE CAR win, as she adds $5,000 in cash along with a 2013 Ford Edge.
Gordon: I like the $5,000 in the trunk add with the car, btw.
Chico: Now I don't know if we went over this before, but we also ended the year with a big win.
Jason: Cindy Kling wins $47,000 in the front game. A great total on it's own.
Chico: But she wasnt' finished yet
Jason: She lands on the P in SPIN. Her category is PHRASE. With the RSTLNE and her choices of D B P A we have:

_ E / _ E A R D
_ _ _

Jason: She nails WE HEARD YOU. And with a great reveal by Pat which went like this: Pat: How much did you win?
Jason: Cindy: $47,000 Pat: No, you won $147,000 Confetti!
Chico: And Jim says for the first time... the ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!
Jason: Season high for winnings and money
Gordon: Very close to a series high, if you don't count that Michelle Lowenstein chick.
Jason: BTW...this week we passed the $4M mark in cash and prizes earned by contestants and we still have 5 months to go
Chico: It's gonna be a fun five months. Meanwhile, the fun is just beginning for one Alex Guarnaschelli
Jason: No Freitag!

Gordon: Much to Chico's chagrin, Amanda Freitag loses in the final of Next Iron Chef to Alex.
Chico: And she has no time to celebrate. Our newest Tetsujin has a battle.
Jason: Against a pretty decent opponent
Chico: ... and it's against her cohort in the UK... Iron Chef UK's Judy Joo.
Jason: But there was some new rules in the show
Chico: Ooooh
Jason: 1. The first dish MUST be presented to the judges within the first 20 minutes 2. Later on in the show, the chairman will throw a Culinary Curveball (either a piece of equipment or ingredient that MUST be used). In this case it was a Swedish pastry pan.
Gordon: Chopped Anyone?
Chico: More like Sweet Genius.
Jason: Honestly, these rules screwed up the flow for me.
Chico: I'm going to agree here.
Gordon: Make it a trio. it's almost like Keeping up with the culinary Joneses. The reason why you like different shows is because they are DIFFERENT.
Chico: Yes, it's a bit of a roman throwing in a weapon to the lion's den, but part of the beauty of Iron Chef is it's simplicity. One ingredient, 60 minutes, five dishes. That's the way we did it. That's the way Kaga did it... and it worked out well so far.
Jason: it was just too much, you know?
Chico: Yeah, it's pretty much change for the sake of change. Didn't add anything. If anything, it took away.
Jason: Alex won. But the new changes are TOO MUCH.
Gordon: Because now Iron Chef is just like any other show out there. We don't need the shoes to be like each other.
Chico: Now how about Michael Symon versus Yuji Wakiya of the NEW Iron Chef over in Japan, if you could get on that please and thank you.
Gordon: Or Cheeseball Vs. Ken Jen. The ingredient...bacon?
Gordon: (Hans the pig goes squealing out of the room)
Jason: DUDE!
Gordon: Ok, which idiot put this up?
Jason: Eve?
Chico: I blame the cat.
Gordon: Roll that beautiful Brain Footage

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thanks, Doug.
Gordon: We start with a Datebook

If you were a good little Chico, you get to watch the new season of The Biggest Loser on Monday, followed by Chopped, debuting on Tuesday. If you were a bad little Chico, you get The Bachelor on Monday night.

Chico: I'm always a good Chico. But that's not all we have this week... Let's get loaded.
Jason: Hic
Chico: This week, IT'S TEST TIME.

If you haven't gone to Jeopardy.com to register for the online test, DO IT NOW!

Chico: We'll wait...
Jason: You seriously have NO excuse.
Chico: (hums Think!)
Jason: They should be back by now.
Chico: And we're back in. Hopefully you were smart enough to get in under the deadline.
Jason: Seriously. I love this. Lots of people get on and do very well
Chico: Yep.
Jason: What are the dates?
Chico: The dates...

- Eastern: Tuesday, January 8 at 8p ET
- Central: Wednesday, January 9 at 8p CT
- Mountain: Wednesday, January 9 at 7p MT
- Pacific: Thursday, January 10 at 8p PT
- Alaska: Thursday, January 10 at 7p AT
- Hawaii: Thursday, January 10 at 6p HT

Jason: Seriously, DO THIS. It's great. I would have loved to have this back in 2001.
Gordon: It would be very smart to do. On the other hand, only 5 days in, and we have a clear candidate for a Smartboard

Are YOU Smarter than...Justin Bieber. According to TMZ, the Bieb, who has been on a ton of reality shows, was caught smoking pot and shagging with a woman clearly not named Selena Gomez.

Jason: Well him and Selena are done
Chico: He was in Colorado and Washington, right?
Gordon: If they were the names of women at the party, yes.
Chico: Heyoh!
Jason: and unfortunately, a paparazzo was killed
Chico: A moment for the paparazzo...

(quick beat)

Chico: okay. After smoking the wizard and wingmen diving on the friend grenade, you need Haterade.
Jason: (Gets his Happy New Year Mug)

Kris Jenner is supposedly PISSED at Kanye West because she was going to sell the Baby Announcement. Allegedly.

Chico: Kris Jenner was pissed because she wanted to be the first to do it and now that Kanye's doing it she's not going to see that sweet sweet reality show ho money
Gordon: You're good. The whole family needs to go away. Preferable far away from us.
Jason: Agreed.
Chico: Let's send them to... the UK.
Jason: Ok :)

Not only is the Chase on iTunes (which we can't buy. Boo)... but Celebrity Big Brother is back, and inside the house... They-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.

Jason: They?
Chico: Greeted with a round of "And you are...", the couple of reality show hos are sent to live in the basement to start the game out.
Jason: I don't know who you are talking about
Chico: What's Peter Parker's alter ego?
Jason: Spiderman
Chico: Shorten it...
Jason: Spidey...OH THEM!
Chico: And the lightbulb comes on at last.
Jason: Holy cow
Gordon: hey they need to make some sort of money after the faux divorce.
Chico: And since we don't care about them to name them, they have to go overseas to do it.
Jason: right
Chico: For more media hoes, here's Gordon. (plays "Pimpin' All Over the World")

In this week's Media Ho Report, the Top 4 X-Factor acts get signed, Len Goodman weds Sue Barrett, Adam Levine hosts SNL...Patti Page passes, Jillian Michaels is not trying to be liked, while the show insists that they are not exploiting kids...

Jason: Uhhuh....
Chico: SURE.

Kim and Kanye won't marry until the baby is born, Kelly Clarkson insists she's not gay, and Reality Steve gets sued - AGAIN - by The Bachelor.

Gordon: But none of them are the hoes of the week. We have co-hoes. Ho #1: Kris Allen, who gets a baby and a car wreck at the same time.
Jason: OUCH
Chico: He insists he'll be back out on tour in no time. We wish him the best.
Jason: Yes we do
Gordon: Ho #2: Sean Lowe, who offers this service: If you're at a bar and find someone you don't like who wants a number, give them 212-432-7827. That goes directly to the Bachelor Rejection hotline, where you're told by Sean Lowe that the person who gave you the number doesn't want you.
Jason: That's. COLD.
Chico: But FUNNY.
Gordon: And yes, we ARE calling the number for the Skype broadcast at CLW83.com
Jason: NICE
Gordon: And those...are your hoes.
Chico: And finally... a bit of good news bad news. I need the hockey sticks.
Jason: (hands Chico the Hockey Sticks)

The good news: the return of Super Saver Showdown scored 161,000 viewers, which was double the numbers pulled by its abysmal August debut.

Jason: The bad news?

The BAD news: .... It was STILL the least-watched new series of the night on Wednesday

Jason: How did the Sweepstakers show do on OWN?
Chico: Around 220,000. It was the SECOND worst show of the night To put this in perspective, The Newlywed Game, which airs Thursdays on GSN, is averaging almost 400,000. Which is really good for GSN numbers. For OWN numbers.... that's a godsend. It's good enough for a GSN renewal. Now as we type this, SSS will air a double shot on Wednesday night. Will that last? Stay tuned.
Gordon: Not good. And that's BrainVision. Shut it down.
Jason: Shutting Down.
Chico: Still to come, we go deeper into the starship 2013. But first, some people are in need of resolve.
Gordon: We become resolute after the break. You're reading WLTi. You give us 22 minutes and we'll give you 22 shows I would watch over The Bachelor on Monday.
Like The Biggest Loser, Tron: Uprising,
Jason: WWE Raw
Gordon: BCS National Championship game
Jason: NBA
Gordon: The Next Great Baker
Chico: Let's Ask America. Trust me on this.
Jason: HIMYM
Gordon: Anything with Honey Boo B..actually, no. Not that.

(BrainVision has been brought to you by Let's Ask Congress. We ask Congress a list of questions and we ask contestants about...oh wait a sec...we never got any sheets back? You say they asked too many questions and never actually did anything on the sheets? Ok never mind then.)