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Episode 32.5 - A Big Deal
March 4

Chico: This is Chico Alexander... and let's forget for a moment that game show history was made again with Let's Make a deal's 50th Anniversary.
Gordon: Forgotten...
Chico: ... And let's forget for a moment that Monty Hall brought a couple of friends from the early days of the franchise. Let's forget about the Super Deal for a moment. Let's forget all of that.
Gordon: Ok. Forgotten...
Chico: Last Friday... a TARDIS got picked.
Gordon: (Plays Dr. Who Theme)
Chico: That was reason enough to watch.
Gordon: And then she wins 1/2 of a car (plays Zonk Theme)
Chico: It's smaller on the inside AND the outside.
Gordon: Unlike our show, which is bigger on the inside than the outside, thanks to an unintended hiatus (stares at old, smoldering laptop)
Chico: A moment for Gordon Jr...  (moment) Okay that's enough.
Gordon: And welcome to the webcast Gordon the 3rd.
Chico: Long live Gordon III. We'll talk about that and other things with split personalities... Shamar... because from Somewhere in America, the 11th annual 50th anniversary of WLTI... is ... ON!
Gordon: Yay! Gordon and Chico here, and as you can guess, we're starting this show with Lets...Make...A Deal!
Chico: Let's Make a Deal first went on the air in 1963. 50 years later, Wayne and his buddies are inviting Monty Hall and Carol Merrill to celebrate. They're also inviting up to $50,000 as they bring back the Super Deal. If you missed it last year, what happens is that if you win the Big Deal of the Day, you get a shot at the Super Deal, which is $50,000 behind one of three envelopes.
Gordon: And on Friday, Monty Hall (as he usually does annually) came back to host a deal.
Chico: And this was a big one indeed. Let's say I had a bank roll with $1 on the outside and multiple bills on the inside. Would you keep it or trade for Curtain #1?
Gordon: I go for the curtain, because if you've seen this game, there's always a car behind Curtain #1.
Chico: ... And there was. But Monty'll try again, because even at 91, he's THAT kind of person. This time, it's Curtain #2.
Gordon: I'm keeping my car thank you, but usually there's another car.
Chico: ... And there was.
Gordon: Niiiice.
Chico: But Monty has ONE MORE CURTAIN! That's... #3.
Gordon: Now sometimes there's 3 cars in this deal, but sometimes if there's a Zonk, that's where the zonk is. Hence, I'll still keep my car on Curtain #1.
Chico: You see where this is going, right?
Gordon: Of course I do. Show me the 3rd car, please.
Chico: I will. She keeps the money. And loses YET ANOTHER CAR. But our dealer wins $2001. I think we'd agree that's still good. Not three cars good, but good.
Gordon: It's ok. But that's Monty for you. He was very good on that segment.
Chico: He was. Of course it helps that it was nothing complex. But still, it's good to see the guy excel at what he does. He has the energy and the attitude that he's always had. Good to see him pick up the mic like it was an old friend.
Gordon: It was. And we had a good week overall, but...no Super Deal wins. We would have had a few if people pulled the trigger.
Chico: Would you trade a refurbed '57 Chevy for a shot at $50,000? I would. but then again, I'm crazy like that.
Gordon: Me? yes. The contestant? No. And she would have nailed the Super Deal.
Chico: Did we mention the Chevy was $32,500?
Gordon: I live near NYC. Tell me what happens to the '57 Chevy the first time I drive it into the city.
Chico: It becomes someone else's '57 Chevy?
Gordon: It becomes someone else's '57 Chevy. But the show is continuing to roll nicely. Just like Jeopardy.
Chico: Yep. And like it or not, we have a new champion of champions.
Gordon: I like it.
Chico: I knew you would. After the second round of play, Colby Burnett and his eyebrow have $16,800. Kristin Morgan has $10,800. Keith Whitener has $8400 In the first round, Colby had $22,000, Kristin had $400. Keith had $4800. Let's do some math here. Even if Keith doubled, he would still have $21,600. So he's out. If Kristin doubled, she would have $22,000. So SHE'S out.
Gordon: Barring stupidity, Colby has this won. Let's play Final Jeopardy
Chico: The category: 19th Century America

One of the 2 years in which 3 men served as President of the United States.

Gordon: Ooh! Me me me!
Chico: ... go.
Gordon: (Puts on Monty Hall suit) What is 1841? Or What is 1881?
Chico: Yes. And for your normal silliness (gives him Billy Bush mask)
Gordon: (Puts on Billy Bush Mask)...what is 1969? (Hums Summer of 69)
Chico: Ohhhh. You nasty.
Gordon: So congratulations to Colby for winning the Tournament of Champions - and for going Degeneration X on us. (Crotch Chop)
Chico: .. Thank you. But he wasn't the ONLY champ this week. We pick up where we left off with Joshua Brakhage and his over $100,000. He's going to be in the NEXT ToC. But can he pick up where he left off? He dropped to $7200 to Sara Garnett's $15,000 and Hans Reodica's $12,800. FINAL JEOPARDY! in "Speechwriters"...

To the question "Did you write the best-known line in JFK's inaugural?", Ted Sorensen would smile & say these 2 words.

Gordon: (Puts on Wayne Brady Outfit) What is 'Ask not?'
Chico: Very good. Now for the other answer...(Hands over Super Pollo outfit)
Gordon: (Puts on Super Pollo Outfit)...Where did you find this?
Chico: You have a very large basement.
Gordon: Apparently. What is 'Vote Democrat'.
Chico: Oh if only Jason Block was here. :-) Josh was NOT there, as he suffered from a lack of momentum, so he leaves, albeit momentarily with $104,205. Sara, on the other hand, is beginning to tear it up. She's coming back to play her FOURTH game Monday. And Sara's on pace to beat it wth $75,000+ after three.
Gordon: (hums Money Changes Everything)
Chico: Does money make for a better American Idol experience? Or how about a change of scenery? Spoiler alert: no.
Gordon: (Hums the Masochism Tango)

Chico: Proof that what happens in Vegas really should stay in Vegas, we had the final 40 go at it over the last two weeks in a sudden death sing-off. Half of them move on, and to be honest, I can only remember TWO off the top of my head. One for being a good singer, and one for being a good TV character. The good singer, Curtis Finch, didn't have a good night, but even as he had an off night, he still had a good night.
Gordon: Can I be blunt here?
Chico: Go ahead.
Gordon: The only person with any entertainment value whatsoever in Round 1 was Zoanette Johnson.
Chico: That wuld be the other one, too. She's got a heart on her. And a voice and dressage to match.
Gordon: it was the ONLY performance I liked. Everything else...boring.
Chico: Yep. It was just the same old same old.
Gordon: And most of it was Karaoke. From the guys, I liked Vincent Powell and Cortez Shaw and Lazaro Arbos.
Chico: Then we have Zoanette sing "The Circle of Life".
Gordon: The women had Zoanette and Angela Miller. That was it for me.
Chico: Sad that from 40 we only remember those. I like Vincent Powell and Lazaro Arbos and Angela Miller. I think one of them you'll see at least in the final five. So honest question... does America necessarily "get" Zoanette Johnson? I mean, you and I do, because ... well, we're twisted like that. =p
Gordon: I don't think so. That being said, I epxect her to make it to the Top 20, because she's different.
Chico: That's about the size of it. Because I've seen the country singers, and none of them are any good. I bring it up because a) Keith Urban, and 2) there are more of them than any other singer. And the fact is.... and I've said this once or twice... there's no standout. To many singers I've said "In a contest of country singers, you're simply one of them." You know?
Gordon: One more thing to notice on the singers - only 2 of them are over 25. Which means none of them are mature, which is why we have super raw, super boring singers.
Chico: Perhaps this time will allow them to appreciate real... GOOD..music.
Gordon: That's like saying we'll find real good team on The Amazing Race.

Chico: Here now, a marathon of the Amazing Race up to this point. We start in Los Angeles. From there, we go to Bora Bora. There, we see Amazing RAce history as THREE teams quit a Roadblock. Said Roadblock: search 400 sandcastles in the sand for their clue. And until they find it, they have to rebuild each castle they destroy.
Gordon: Some teams got lucky. Some decided to quit and take a 6 hour penalty.
Chico: In some cases, that time will be added to the start time of the next leg. In Daniel Moss & Matt Davis's case.... THEY'RE GONE. We're still in Bora Bora for the next leg, which had Idres & Jamil Abdur-Rahman ALMOST quit a detour and take a penalty. Their choice: Pick-a-Pearl or Take-a-Trunk. Pick a Pearl, you untie lines of shells and shuck for a pair of red pearls. Take a Trunk... deep sea dive for a treasure chest and remove all the contents. The twins decide to take a trunk. They end up checking in last, though. So they're gone.
Gordon: Spending 2 hours deciding whether or not to go into the water doesn't help. If you're going to wait for 2 hours, it doesn't really matter what choice you select.
Chico: Right. Again, it's one of those things you have to do on the race. A) face your fear, b) think on your feet, 3) No trepidation
Gordon: And for the docs, that would be a fail.
Chico: Three times.
Gordon: Now would it get any better for the Survivor Favorites? It depends on who you're asking.

Chico: time for a quick go over before we get to this week's round of implosions. Ten Survivor superfans. Ten Survivor favorites. No winners among them.
Gordon: And one big loser - twice. That would be Francesca, who gets booted out first on her season - and now gets booted out first here.
Chico: Vote me out once, shame on you, vote me first twice...my game just sucks. Next round goes the Favorites way, as the fans vote out Aly once
Reynold played his immunity idol. Sidebar question...If two people go looking for an immunity idol... and one of them finds it, who gets to keep and/or play it?
Gordon: The person who's smart enough to wrangle it from the other person. :)
Chico: That was an easy enough answer. Anyway, Reynold plays the idol, Allie gets voted out. And that leads us to THIS week, where every other word coming out of Shamar's mouth was "I'm going to quit". Now if you're going to quit in a fans vs. favorites season, you're doing an injustice to yourself as a fan, all the other fans out there...US TWO... and the game itself. Because you go in, you know what to expect, and you want to talk after six days, a) you can't call yourself a fan, and b) you cost ANOTHER fan that slot in the game.
Gordon: Well Shamar wants to take his ball and go home because he feels he's on the outside alliance. Of course, he's not, but he's put an effective target on himself.
Chico: One that played out in a plot during Tribal. He was in a three-way tie among himself, Hope, and Eddie After a revote, by a vote of 5-1, Hope Driskill loses hope and gets killed.
Gordon: Eddie shouldn't feel too good about himself. He's next on the chopping block.
Chico: Yup. Barring, of course, an immunity win.
Gordon: Which could happen. We'll see if it does next week. but now we go back to a few weeks on a reply (cues TARDIS effect)
Chico: The Tardis is set for takeoff. Let's REPLAY!
Gordon: Replay starts...NOW! Kristen becomes the first person on Top Chef to win after going to Last Chance Kitchen.
Chico: Congrats to her. Your new celebrity champ on TPIR... NeNe Leakes of all people.
Gordon: And in a First on Rupaul's Drag Race, we have 2 Queens eliminated at the same time. Those two are...I don't remember them, because they are forgettable. Both Alyssa Edwards and Coco Montrese, the bickering Bickersons, are still on the show. That's all you need to know. That and Alyssa has succeeded in the rest of the cast hating her, which means she's good until the Final 4.
Chico: The Parkers spend three days on Family Feud but still haven't hit the big money, getting about $1800. We'll see them again later in the spring. Dr. Bob and Mike get cut from their respective teams on the Worst Cooks in America. Gordon's Faaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite show.
Gordon: I want to see them attempt fugu. In Face Off - Both Erics, Kris, Meagan, Wayne, Anthony and House (house?) are still in the competition. Autumn saw her chances fall when her alien werewolf was too alien for the judges liking.
Chico: Uno, Ninamarie, and Adam are your bottom three on the Taste, with the first two getting canned by the coaches.
Gordon: On Rachel Vs. Guy, Dean McDermott wins Season 2. I know you're all just as excited as I am hearing that.
Chico: Wee. We've made it to the final five on Biggest Loser, which means... MAKEOVERS next week! Alex won't get to partake, though
Gordon: Aw.
Chico: And Benjamin gets the cut on Project Runway.
Gordon: And finally, your final 2 on The Bachelor - Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter.
Chico: Which means that the psycho ladies will tell all next week?
Gordon: They will. I bet you're watching.
Chico: Only if you partake of the spread from the Worst Cooks in America...eat it... EAT IT!...while listening to our final 20 on Idol.
Gordon: ...no. And that's your replay. Stop the clock!
Chico: Good job. We've arrived at... a planet of hamsters. It's... full of little plastic tubes.
Gordon: Someone watched a wee bit too much Resident Evil 4?
Chico: So beautiful
Gordon: ...roll that Beautiful Brain Footage.

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Gordon: We start with a Datebook.

March 3rd has The Celebrity Apprentice. Fashion Star Season 2 debuts next week.

Chico: on Friday. Umm... yay? I mean, I can't help but think that all of Trump's antics this winter have been leading up to this... and then we watch and think.. .seriously, Trump?
Gordon: It's worked every other year. Now Chico, I know you've been frustrated while my lappy has gone into a coma. Here's a bat. (Gives Chico a bat)
Chico: ... I get to beat your laptop senseless?
Gordon: I removed the hard drive. All that's left it the outer shell. Be my guest.
Chico: *goes to town on Gordon Jr.*
Gordon: You're getting more hits in than the Yankees will be getting all season.
Chico: Did we mention they were 1-7 DURING SPRING TRAINING?
Gordon: It's only Spring Training. That being said, only having 1/3 of your starting offense is never good.
Chico: This is going to be LONG season. Anyway, I have some good news and some BAD news. The good news is a greenlight. And it's a BIG one.

Whose Line Is It Anyway... not a knockoff with a different name and the same people... THE Whose Line Is It Anyway?... is coming back.

Gordon: To the CW I believe.
Chico: Yep. And in the Clive Anderson chair...Aisha Tyler. *swoon* Not as good as Clive Anderson, but perhaps a lot better than
Drew Carey.
Gordon: Now I know Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie are coming back (which
is good), and Wayne Brady will show up. Would it hurt to go across the pond and
have Tony Slattery show up? Please?
Chico: He's not doing much, is he?
Gordon: No. And here's a clip as to why you need him. Tony is joined by Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops, and Mike McShane.
Chico: Courtesy Hat Trick Productions.

Chico: But being that this is the CW, where they will keep a bad show on longer than absolutely necessary... 90210... they'll probably go young and go female. Oh man, Jessi Cruickshank is oging to be in the show, isn't she?
Gordon: Probably. Still a good idea.
Chico: Yep. We'll watch. Now the BAD news...

Hasbro is getting out of the game show producing business (sort of). The three staffers in the game show division have been laid off. They'll still acts as independent consultants in the genre, much like what they do in the animation field.

Gordon: And what TV show does Hasbro sponsor?
Chico: Aside from GI Joe and Transformers Prime? and Littlest Pet Shop? And... ponies?
Gordon: Yes. A certain game show on the Hub?
Chico: Family Game Night.
Gordon: That's the one.
Chico: Of course that's going to remain on as long as it draws.
Gordon: Not without a sponsor.
Chico: We'll follow this.
Gordon: We will. Now putting on Whose Line is a smart idea.
Chico: Yep. I bet you have a dumb one.
Gordon: I had 3 weeks to cultivate, so yes.
Chico: So you have a REALLY dumb one.

Are YOU Smarter than...Lindsay Lohan's...attourney, who almost gets allegedly disbarred for incompetence. According to TMZ, judge James Dabney chided Heller and said he was "incompetent to practice law in California" and added that Lindsay either has to get another lawyer who knows what he's doing, or she has to come into court and waive her right to a competent California lawyer.

Chico: .... I'd take my chances.
Gordon: I would - with a new lawyer.
Chico: Mmhmm. Now let's take some Haterade. and bad news for anyone looking for a job. =p

The Job, a show we actually liked, gets yanked after only 2 episodes.

Gordon: And May I point out...

Chico: Yep.
Gordon: As I said on both the print and the webcast, this is the wrong political and economic envronment to air a show like this.
Chico: Yes, it's getting better, but it's still so far gone that a show like this just can't feasibly work.
Gordon: It's still a fantastic show and I stand by my grade of A I gave it - but people watch reality tv to escape their lives, not relive it. That's why Fox's 'Does Someone Have To Go' may have the same problems.
Chico: Which, by the way, will launch this summer.
Gordon: We're not done with the Haterade though
Chico: Oh?
Gordon: No.

Maksim and Peta's dating life is over. So is Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca, after 10 years of dating bliss.

Chico: I had hope for the latter couple. I believe they're still platonics. Maksim & Peta... not so much.
Gordon: Me too. Oh well. They need a vacation - away from each other. Where are we going?
Chico: They're going to New Zealand... but it's to say goodbye to a friend.

Phillip Leishman, the host of New Zealand's version of "America's Game" Wheel of Fortune died of a brain tumor. He was 61.

Chico: We've said it before, and we'll say it again. Cancer sucks. A moment for Phillip, please...


Gordon: Thank you
Chico: Okay, Gordon... you have a week of hoes ready?
Gordon: I do. Luda Me.
Chico: (Luda)

In this week's Media Ho Report, Chopped goes All-Star - again, Mel B may be your new X Factor Host, replacing the X'ed out Khloe Kardashian. Rob Wilson goes to All My Children...Jane Lynch is hosting Hollywood Game Night, Hell's Kitchen Season 11's cast has been announced, and a bunch of game show geeks gets nominated for the 3rd straight year on about.com's beat game show web site.

Chico: YEAH


Chico: Again, thanks for your continued support of what we do. Cheap plug over. Back to Gordon.
Gordon: But none of those are your hoes of the week. Not even us.
Chico: Who've you got?
Gordon: I've got Zendaya Coleman, Andy Dick, Dorothy Hamill, DL Hughley, Jacoby Jones. Wynonna Judd, Victor Ortiz, Kellie Pickler, Ingo Redamacher, Aly Raisman and Lisa Vanderpump.
Chico: Ahem... who... why... awesome... awesome... AWESOME... okay...who... why.. who.... who... and who?
Gordon: They are your...'stars'...for the nest season of Dancing With the Stars. Excited?
Chico: It's the standard collection of has beens, would bes, never weres, and flavors of the month... Aly Raisman and Jacoby Jones.
Gordon: We will go through the usual on next week's Big Board, but we both have figured out a winner already, have we not?
Chico: I know I do.
Gordon: Me too - but that's a good teaser for next week. And those...are your hoes. Let's get fully loaded.
Chico: Something a little more exciting. Now if you've downloaded Stitcher Radio... you know we broadcast in the cloud. But how about producing game shows in the cloud?
Gordon: What about, indeed?

That's what's going to happen in the new version of Catchphrase for the UK.

Chico: Puzzles will be produced by LA's Aframe Productions, and downloaded over the cloud to speed up production.
Gordon: As a fan of Catchphrase, I'm excited as to what the new technology can bring.
Chico: I'm really hoping it hits big enough for the US to take notice again. The original Catchphrase with Art James was just too ahead of its time back in the day.
Gordon: Me too. And that's BrainVision. Shut it down.
Chico: Still to come after the break, we've got our hats, we've got the sunscreen. Let's go to Hollywood. But first...Here's a bottle of pills. We're going to swallow the most bitter one we can find.
Gordon: It's time for the Megastrength Capsule Review. You're reading WLTI. You give us 22 minutes, and we'll give you 22 food drinks from the Top Chefs that you may need to cope with next week's American Idol semi-finals.
Chico: And then they'll give themselves back. *gag*

(BrainVision has been brought to you by Blackout - American Idol edition. Bob Goen hosts the show where if you get enough words right in the main game, you can use the Blackout Button to mute the singers in the Bonus Round.)