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Episode 32.11 - Big Money and False Drama
April 29

Chico: This is Chico Alexander. We've come here to mourn a good friend. Last week, American Idol died in front of my eyes. The body has been cremated, and the ashes are being sent to NBC.
Gordon: Where they can be recreated and formed to make Shakira.
Chico: I mean think about it. NBC has three talent shows that are better than Idol at the moment. THREE SHOWS. We have America's Got Talent, the Sing-Off AND the Voice. American Idol... well, we'll talk about that AT LENGTH later.
Gordon: Someone get upset at the fact that Idol extended their week?
Chico: Wouldn't you be a little bit upset? But we'll talk about that in a bit. From Somewhere in America... We get money. WLTI. Is. On.
Gordon: And we start with this...

Chico: Okay, time for a quick review of everything that happened this week. The top 4 sang a theme YOU chose... "One Hit Wonders".
Gordon: They only wish to be one hit wonders, because that means they at least has one hit.
Chico: Right. The judges judged. Jimmy came on stage and Randy and Nicki stared him down. Like "What you know about music?" And after all that, no one gets sent home. The save went unused this season, and as a result, the top 4 get to perform again.
Gordon: ..yay?
Chico: And in between, they created false drama with Candice and Amber in the bottom.
Gordon: Well Candace and Amber were a foregone conclusion, as they were both in the same genre. I think they will both stay in the bottom 2. Whoever survives that goes to the finals.
Chico: Semifinals.
Gordon: No. Finals. Because whoever survives will get the loser's votes and have more than enough votes to make it to the final 2.
Chico: AH. I see. So is it too early to go "Who Wins If?"
Gordon: Yes, because we're spending way too much time on a non-eliination week.
Chico: Fair point. Let's move on.

(divided by 2, 3, 4 or 10)

Chico: What if I told you that in one week, The Price Is Right and Let's Make a Deal could give away up to $1.5 million? (Spoiler alert: they don't even come close).
Gordon: (Around 14% of that)
Chico: Let's start with TPIR, who bumped up the stakes on five of their 30 games this week. Of those five, only one player hit the big money. And it's a history making affair.
Gordon: Which was, ironically, the game they didn't bump up - $100,000 Pay The Rent. However, thie time around, you could have won 11 different ways.
Chico: Yep. Here's what you have for you...

Quaker caramel rice cakes
Dove soap
Duracell D batteries
Kraft grated Parmesan
Dreyer's ice cream
and Colgate toothpaste.

Gordon: Its almost like this:

Carton of eggs
Bowling Ball
Flat Screen TV
Toyota Yaris

Chico: Basically. As long as you have the Duracells on the top, you're good. Because that leaves you with 120 combinations among the five pieces left. If you count the times where you can reverse on the levels, it drops to about 30. Of those 30, 11 are winners. Ani Khojasarian found one of the winners.
Gordon: Yes, and the directors, with 11 combinations, are to the point where they want someone to win.
Chico: Not only that, she had the guts to go for it. And half of Pay the Rent is guts.
Gordon: Very true. Good for Ani. And that ends all the good in this segment.
Chico: The bad... Let's see... $250,000 Punch-a-Bunch? Lost. SIX DIGIT 3 Strikes? Lost. $100,000 Grand Game.. LOST. And $500,000 Plinko... LOST. Big Money.... yeah, WHAT big money?
Gordon: It was out there. The players didn't want it.
Chico: It always comes down to the players, doesn't it? We have the opportunity to create five really great historic TPIR moments. Because the idea is there. It's a good idea. Bump the game's stakes up without taking anything away from the show. It works. The players, on the other hand, aren't feeling the game the way that they should be feeling it.
Gordon: Keep in mind the difficulty level got ratcheted also, There was no way you were going to win that Ferrari in 3 Strikes
Chico: Well consider 3 Strikes one of the hardest games to begin with.
Gordon: Chances of hitting the big one in Punch-A-Bunch: 5%. The only game that got EASIER was the One Hundred Thousand Grand Game
Chico: And of course you really can't change Plinko. You either hit the center or you don't.
Gordon: Believe it or not, I liked the ideas behind it. I hope they bring it back.
Chico: I think we'll see it again. Meanwhile, one of the best ideas to come from LMAD is back for its own Big Money week. It's the Super Deal. We actually had someone hit the Super Deal this week.
Gordon: Monday's edition, yes?
Chico: Correct. Alana has a small box. She can keep it or trade for Curtain #1. She keeps it and gets a TRIP TO NYC. She trades THAT in for a door at the Big Deal and gets a 2013 Dodge Dart with wheels, DVD player, and nav screen.
Chico: That's $22,620 and a shot at an additional $50,000 in the Super Deal.
Gordon: Nice!
Chico: She picks the ruby envelope.... MAKE IT RAIN!
Gordon: Raining Rubies!
Chico: Raining rubies. Paper shaped green colored rubies. BEST kind of rubies.
Gordon: Good for her. The rest of the week...? Pbbbbt
Chico: Basically. But like Big Money TPIR, this is something that's good to hold from time to time.
Gordon: I agree. I can't wait to see another week.
Chico: And I can't wait to see the Favorites submissive up...

Chico: I'll have to, though, because Malcolm's outta here. So how did the 3 Amigos go from power team to powerless in a week?
Gordon: Well they were always powerless. The problem is that they didn't do a good job in trying to get someone to flip.
Chico: No they did not.
Gordon: So that big game changing move flopped.
Chico: 9 players remaining. Three voted for Malcolm, three for Reynold, and three for Andrea.
Chico: All they needed was for ONE person to flip.
Gordon: And they all wanted Malcolm out of there. Eddie is next.
Chico: This would've been one of those times to focus your energy on the weak link in the opposing alliance. Andrea knows she has votes against her, so she should know that she's a marked woman.
Chico: They could've used that.
Gordon: Andrea and Eddie need either A. an Idol B. A way to make friends or C. Hantz in Your Pants returning as a nominee alternate.
Chico: C will never happen
Gordon: They better rely on A or B then
Chico: Good luck to those two. The rest of the tribe will be giving them the business.

*Augustus hands a baseball bat*

Chico: Not yet...It's review time. Food Network has a new series. Remember "Be the Boss" on A&E?
Gordon: I do.
Chico: This is a food-flavored variant of that called "Giving You The Business". I'll tell you Food Network is giving ME the business airing it. Four franchise employees are sent to compete for their own franchise of a restaurant. The catch is they don't know they're competing for it. They're sent to the location as marks for "an employee training video". Over a course of a day, they're faced with challenges and actors all under hidden camera surveillance. Then the CEO chooses one of them to give the business to.
Gordon: Gee, that sounds familiar.
Chico: The good: ... IS THERE ANY GOOD?
Gordon: The Good - You can use the extra time to take a nap.
Chico: I guess you can say that the good is that the format works because it's been done before
Gordon: The Bad; We've seen this all before.
Chico: And I can't say we've seen it done better because... well... we haven't. It was just a good idea from Undercover Boss that took on a life of its own.
Gordon: Actually we have seen it better - The Job
Chico: Oh yeah. It was on for such a short time I completely forgot about it.

Food - 10p ET Thursdays
D D- D

Gordon: Yes, and that's where this one is going - albeit with a lower grade. D.
Chico: Dude. You're too nice. D-
Gordon: Lets be mean to some racers.

Chico: Would you believe we're two weeks away from the finale?
Gordon: (looks at wrist watch)...no.
Chico: This week, we're going to Germany, where we're dealing with planes, trains, and... basejumping? We also had a short quiz on who said what. For instance, the Roadblock asked "Who said 'Ich bin ein Berliner?'"
Gordon: That would be John F Kennedy
Chico: That WOULD be John F. Kennedy. On another task, they had to guess who said "Tear down this wall" and to whom.
Gordon: Reagan
Chico: And where?
Gordon: That would be the Berlin Wall
Chico: And to whom?
Gordon: Gorbachev.
Chico: Very good. That would've led them to the Brandenburg Gate, which would've led them to the Detour, which would've led them to the Roadblock, which would've led them to the Pitstop. Newlyweds Max & Katie put it all together and end up with first place this leg.
Jason: And win 2 cars!
Chico: Thank you Jason Block. And the Ford Fusions they used to get there? They become THEIR Ford Fusions. Roller Derby moms Beth & Mona arrive in last, but it's a non elimination leg.
Gordon: Which, if you did the math, you knew it would be.
Jason: Of course.
Chico: Of course this weekend's the next leg, and next week is the season finale on May 5. Because it's sweeps. And you know what Sweeps means.
Chico: Anyways, sweeps means a lot of stuff going on. That said, you're just in time, Jason. Set the clock.
Jason: 5:30 Are you ready? SET...
Chico: And .... LET'S REPLAY! The Voice is down to its Final 32. One shocking steal ends the round with Usher taking one of Shakira's Latinas. Cathia's over at Team Usher. Next week is the Knockout Rounds.
Jason: When does the live vote start?
Chico: In a couple of weeks. The season is running until June. On another network, Victor Ortiz got knocked out himself, as he's the fourth player voted out of Dancing with the Stars.
Gordon: Can't say we're too surprised here.
Chico: Again, who? A week of turnover on Jeopardy! ends with George McAleese trying for two. He could get it on this Final in Great Novels:

A preface to this novel called it "rustic all through... Moorish, and wild, and knotty as the root of Heath"

Chico: Jason?
Jason: What is "Wuthering Heights"
Chico: Gordon?
Gordon: What is Lady Godiva's Sex Dungeon?
Chico: Hello!
Jason: Sounds right
Chico: Jason, you're right as always. Gordon... you're not incorrect as always.
George wins another game, ends up with $29,201, giving him a two-day total of $56,402. He'll be back Monday. Also returning Monday: the Freys of Vancouver, WA. They've got $1615 going into Monday. Can they hit the Fast Money? Let's hope so
Gordon: Both Katies. Tanoaya and Olivia are all out of Love on Ready for Love. Shandi is still there.
Chico: NBCs also all out of love. We'll get to more details on that later.
Jason: Nice.
Chico: Over on Millionaire, we have Deadliest Catch captains. They leave with $10,000 for charity. And in the Play of the week not involving houses and rent, Deloris Barnes cooks up over $54,000 when she solves this Bonus Puzzle... It's a Phrase.

D _ N ' T / T H I N K / T _ I _ E

Chico: You have to think about twiping
Gordon: Don't Think Twice on your Skype.
Chico: We'll be back to thinking on skype soon, G. In the meantime, Deloris, have a bag of money. Oh, by the way, quick shoutout to Steve Altes, who won his third game show last week on Bet on Your Baby. That is 1/2 a Jason Block.
Jason: Pretty much
Chico: And that's the Replay. STOP THE CLOCK!
Jason: STOP
Gordon: We heart Steve Altes by the way, Still doesn't save the show though.
Chico: Nope. Will hamsters in diapers save it?
Gordon: Um...no.
Chico: How about Eve eating her young?
Jason: DUDE..no!
Gordon: Cats don't do that.
Chico: Eve's not your ordinary cat.
Gordon: Roll that Beautiful Brain Footage.

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thank you, Doug Morris. I'm going to need the Money bat. Hey, signed by Nate Silver. Nice. =p
Jason: In Green too! (hands Chico the Money Green Bat)

CBS has gone all in on an American version of Israel's The Money Pump. They've greenlit a pilot.

Jason: Concept?
Chico: Two contestants compete with each other trying to outwit a giant money pump sucking out up to $1 million
Jason: Lovely.
Chico: They do so by answering eight trivia questions separately. As they are thinking about the answer to the question, the Money Pump is pumping. If both are correct, they move on. If both are wrong, the game is over. If one is right and the other is wrong, they move on, but the Money Pump pumps money out quicker. By the way, bald & sexy brother Kevin Frazier is lined up to host.
Jason: From OMG Insider?
Chico: The same.
Jason: No offense...any more plastic and he would melt
Chico: Dude!
Jason: I don't think he fits the game show mold.
Gordon: I think he does because you can use the pump to deflate him and stick him in a suitcase when you're done with him.
Chico: At least it isn't Nancy O'Dell. There's plastic, and there's somewhere-a-JCPenneys-is-missing-its-display-piece plastic.
Gordon: Isn't Nancy an Auton?
Jason: So THAT'S why? :)
Gordon: I don't know how the show's premise will catch the audience, besides us making lewd pump jokes.
Chico: I can think of a few.
Jason: So can I...can't print them here though
Gordon: I can too - on a datebook

In this week's Datebook, we have The Big Brain Theory and Bet on Your Bindo...er...Bindis Bootcamp on Wednesday

Chico: Big Brain Theory I'm looking forward to more than I looked forward to King of the Nerds, believe it or not.
Chico: I think it's a solid show that takes itself seriously enough (it's hosted by Kumar, for crying out tears)
Jason: True.
Gordon: I don't know about that one. I'm hoping for the best though maybe I need to get Fully Loaded.
Chico: Maybe you do.
Jason: Hic
Chico: First of all, a quick addendum to an earlier Replay item.

Last week, we reported that NBC has pulled the plug on Ready for Love... I think Giuliana & Bill's crazy teeth did that. They will play the rest of the series out online and on demand.

Jason: How about it was a crappy show?
Chico: That was a given, J. I was just taking a cheap shot.
Jason: :)
Chico: So there's that. There's also... this! *holds up iPhone*

Press Your Luck Slots. Free to play on the App Store. Plays just like the Facebook version. Runs on the same engine as TPIR Slots.

Jason: OK
Gordon: And just as boring and plodding as the Facebook Version
Chico: Yeah, and buggy. It has the same little max bet gauge.
Gordon: Keep in mind this is the LUDIA version, not the cool version that's in the casinos.
Chico: Not the not-crappy community slot where Jason, Gordon and I became brothers.
Jason: And won cash.
Gordon: Twice. Once in AC and once for me and Jason in Vegas
Chico: Right.
Gordon: DUMB idea. Shell out the shekels and get the real life casino version. I have more dumb ideas
Jason: We need the whiteboard don't we?
Chico: Yes we do
Jason: (wheels in Whiteboard)

Are YOU Smarter than...Leann Rimes' press corp? According to Gossip Girl, Rimes may have been caught buying FAKE Twitter Followers to push up her fan numbers.

Jason: Not the first, nor the last unfortunately.
Chico: Ah! I've been doing Twitter wrong. @wltiongsnn. Thanks for asking.
Gordon: And now, for a LOT of Haterade. WHo wants some?
Chico: *puts up big coffee mug* Do it.

Glass #1. Frank Nicotero, who allegedly sees his material from Greg Wilson, who defends his material by saying that Frank is still a warm up comic and he's the one in front of the stage holding a mike.

Chico: Tell that to Howie Mandel, who caught the bum. It's one thing to bag on the warmup comic, who, by the way, has more of a career than you EVER will. it's another to bag on the judge.
Gordon: We are also HUGE Frank Nicotero fans here. And he SHOULD be headlining not just a comic show - but his OWN game show. Just saying.
Chico: Something to test your street smarts maybe? A little slice of life perhaps?

Haterade Glass #2. According to a number of publications, the American Idol producers were thinking or dropping Mariah Carey and / or Nicki Minaj DURING Idol's season and replacing them with Jennifer Lopez.

Gordon: I'd like to point out we all said that the whole Nicki / Mariah the feud thing wouldn't work.

Glass #3. The Virgin Sean Lowe? Not a virgin, according to Catherine Giudici - and she should know these things.

Chico: No. Comment. :)
Chico: tap the booty =p

Glass #4. Fantasia Barrino, who bought her house for $800,000, sells it back for...nothing. That's because the government buys it back from her for free as a result of her Bankruptcy (Wheel of fortune Bankrupt sound)

Jason: OUCH Fantasia.
Chico: Ouch indeed
Gordon: Glass #5...

Chico: Oh my GOD!

Just to make it official, Ready for Love has been CANNED by NBC You can watch the rest of the episodes online. And Love For Sail will not be making a second voyage.

Chico: Shipwrecked
Jason: (cue foghorn)
Gordon: The shipwrecked need to go on a trip. Where are they going?
Chico: We're going to Bulgaria
Jason: Why?

Dick de Rijk, the creator of Deal or No Deal, is back with a new format, "Good Luck! Bad Luck!"

Jason: Format description?
Chico: 10 people. 10 skills. 10 questions. In this brand new game show from Dick de Rijk (“Deal or No Deal”), ten people are hiding a percentage behind their jacket. The only thing we know: Together they’re worth 100%! At the end of round one, our contestant receives the accumulated percentage for those questions answered correctly. You received 60%? Sounds great. But 60% of what? Time for the 5 family members or friends to show up, each one hiding an amount of money. Who’s hiding what amount? Which family member will help you win a fortune, or… lose it?
Jason: Interesting
Chico: That starts airing this week. Meanwhile, over in France, they're gearing up for the Rose d'Or, and you're not going to believe what's up for best Game Show.
Jason: Tell us.
Chico: Big Board?

Smelling Like Roses

- Joko against Klass
- Smart Face
- ... Oh Sit?!


Chico: The title: Smelling Like Roses. There are three nominees for best game shows. From Germany: Joko against Klass: The Duel Around the World. From Spain: Smart Face. And from 'Murica... Oh Sit!
Jason: OH SIT? You have to be sitting me
Chico: I sit you not
Jason: That's nuts.
Chico: They'll give this award to anyone nowadays. =p
Gordon: Maybe they want to honor 'Murica. Apparently our tastes do not match up with the rest of the world. And neither do our hoes.
Chico: (plays Luda)

In this week's Media Ho Report, we have Auditions for The Amazing Race and the Chase, Mario Lopez will return to The X Factor by himself but he may get Jennifer Love Hewitt as a judge (WHA?)...

Chico: Cut a record in the 2000s... date a rock star... you too can pretend to have music chops.
Jason: Hey now! :)

Meteorologists show up on Let's Ask America, Morimoto opens up a new eatery, American Idol producers may do a competition featuring a cappella choirs Sound familiar?

Chico: Competition, maybe not. More like a real-life Pitch Perfect.

Chuck Woolery does the Washington Times, DL Hughley and Michael Ian Black want to be trusted as game show hosts, and Mike Sorrentino has his own reality show. Because Chico wants more situation in his life.

Chico: We have a situation here.
Gordon: But none of them are your ho of the week.
Chico: Who you got?
Gordon: Your ho is Kim Spradlin, who got arrested and jailed. Here's the catch - there was a mixup and Kim DIDN'T commit the crime. She paid the bond to get out, but they're probably going to give the money back So she was free to go and wants her $1,500 bail Back. And Those...are your hoes.
Chico: And that's Brainvision. Shut it down, J
Chico: Still to come, I'm about to get my suit and tie on for the ladies... because you've been really bad. You're gonna have to be punished. 15 Shades style.
Gordon: ...ew. But first, we give you ways to fix certain situations. You're reading WLTI. You give us 22 minutes and we'll give you 22 people that we wouldn't mind being in a jail cell with. Hey Kourtney K! Got a sec?
Chico: Careful. She's dead behind the eyes.
Jason: Seriously.
Gordon: What about Kourtney with a K?
Jason: no. :)
Jason: ha :)

(BrainVision has been brought to you by Bet on your Bimbo. We bring 100 blonde beachgoers over and you bet on which bimbo can get the answers right. Good luck.)