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Episode 31.14/15 - 2012 Year In Review
December 24/31

Chico: Hello. My name is Chico Alexander. and here now... is the abridged 2012.

Who's Still Standing fell.
The Voice faces off agaisnt Dancing with the Stars for the first time.
Dick Clark... RIP
Phillip Phillips shows talent show winners how to make a career out of it.
Howard Stern
Hip Hop Squares.
Let's Ask America.
Viral Video goes antivral.
Take It All.

Chico: And ... here we are. 2012 in a nutshell. And here to shell the nuts, I give you Gordon Pepper.
Gordon: ...I'm not shelling myself.
Chico: Sure you aren't. Anyway, here we go, from January to December... the We Love to Interrupt 2012 Year in Review Spectacular... IS ON!
Gordon: YAY! Gordon and Chico here as we'll go through 2012, peek at 2013, and we'll get arrested for Voyeurism alng the way. 2013 is really sensitive. We start the year-long rewind...now!


Chico: The first carryover of 2011 begins its death march to the sea as we see Tim Hsieh, a game show ALL STAR... knock off a hero on Who's Still Standing.
Gordon: And then the show drops through the same hole.
Chico: We get the premieres of Project Runway All-Stars, 24-Hour Catwalk, and Rachael & Guy's Celebrity Cookoff. But the big story of January... celebrity partners on TPIR.
Gordon: And it was done surprisingly well. I expect it to show up during another sweeps week.
Chico: Agreed. Later in the month, the season premiere of Fort Boyard and the series premiere of Ink Master, the oft-imitated, never duplicate tattoo competition which, if you ask me, is more or less the same as any other shows of that kind, but here's the thing... it's more about the drama and less about the art.
Gordon: It does.
Chico: Which drags the show down. Speaking of shows that were all drag, "Budweiser Presents the Big Time!" After that show, I wanted to have a Miller.
Gordon: We get Baseball IQ, and the realization that we'll have lots of candidates for this year's worst show of 2012 competition.
Chico: Now Baseball IQ wasn't a bad show mind you, it just needed a little thought. It had a good host. It had its heart in the right place. But there was no real metric. It was just lists, arbitrary scoring. And in the end, the Angels won.
Gordon: Boo.
Chico: Now we like the Angels. Not as much as the Yankees, but...
Gordon: Speak for yourself (waves a Yankee flag)
Chico: And the WTF moment of January? Finding out that Pat Sajak often did the Wheel of Fortune a little tipsy. And that brings us to...


Gordon: Which start with the deconstruction of our worst game of 2011, RED OR BLACK
Chico: And so it begins. Live shows? Gone. Progressive jackpots? Gone. Reputable advertising... SO gone.. Also being deconstructed, The X Factor... which after a lackluster season 1... gets overhauled. First things to go... Steve Jones, Nicole Scherzinger, and Paula Abdul. The search for replacements took so long, that it bled into season 2. We'll get to that.
Gordon: We will. Also joining us is Survivor, where this season it was all about how the guys in the majority absolutely blew it and let a gaggle of girls get to the end.
Chico: And joining us now is Mr. Jason Block. Jason, talk about Survivor.
Jason: Does he have to?
Gordon: He does (hits Jason)
Jason: OW!
Gordon: So the dumb guys get bested by the psychotic women.
Jason: The guys didn't see what Kim was doing. It was interesting to watch
Chico: Yes it was. Less so... Full Metal Jousting, Celebrity Apprentice, World's Toughest Trucker, Car Warriors, and Top Model British Invasion. And then there's Amazing Race 20.
Gordon: And the Jeopardy College Tournament
Chico: Both good stuff.
Jason: Very
Chico: Monica Thieu shows how it's done to win $75,000.
Gordon: We get to Idol's Top 24.
Chico: And your WTF moment of the February. Perhaps of the winter. Lady on Let's Make a Deal trades in a car for a shot at the Big Deal on Let's Make a Deal. She WINS the big deal and ends up getting ANOTHER car... and a trip to Chicago.
Jason: Niiiice
Chico: You trade a car for a car and the trip is the icing on the cake. Now that's a spring up, and here's another spring-up...

MARCH 2012

Gordon: We get the Voice's Class of 2012
Chico: A load of debuts this March with Ultimate Fighter moving to FX, Cupcake Wars moving to Tuesdays, Fashion Star starting on Thursdays, No Kitchen Required on BBC America, another tattoo show on Oxygen with Best Ink, Repo Games on Spike, and... AND!
Jason: AND?
Chico: Mike Rowe getting to $250,000 on Millionaire... but not closing the deal.
Gordon: And Jermaine Jones moving to the outhouse
Chico: It's one of those WTF moments of the year this month. He was booted from the show after his skeletons came out of the closet and after that, never to be seen again.
Gordon: Paul Qui wins Top Chef and earns $125,000.
Chico: Tasty
Jason: Yum.
Gordon: Don't forget Unchained Reaction.
Chico: One of those shows that works on paper, but don't expect to see it back on Discovery. Which is a shame, because I love the Mythbusters.
Gordon: We move on to...

APRIL 2012

Chico: It began with such promise, it ended with such tragedy. First, the promise. SUPER. DEAL. A carryover from older editions of LMAD, made current by the Fremantle/CBS version. And it was absolutely spot on done.
Jason: It should get back in 2013. Can't wait to see it.
Chico: Meanwhile we get ANOTHER contender for Worst Game of 2012... NBC's Escape Routes.
Jason: An interactive crap fest
Chico: And that's sugar coating it. Buried on a Saturday, mired in product placement, and with no real cohesion to it, it was complete and utter horse leavings.
Jason: It was about as bad as that ABC crap fest last year in Morocco.
Chico: Expedition Impossible.
Jason: That one.
Gordon: And a dual $100,000 puzzle on Wheel of Fortune. We also have a show that doesn't require a kitchen, new judges on America's Next Top Model, and Cash Cab getting cancelled (Thanks, Jason)
Jason: HEY! NOT. MY. FAULT :)
Chico: It's the WTF moment for April. The good, someone could've won $100,000 on Plinko that week. The bad... well, someone won $20,000 on the first day. Boo.
Gordon: We have the Power Players on Jeopardy. People walk off the set of The Biggest Loser on the thought of returning contestants.
Chico: Some of them are coerced back on.
Gordon: Some of them. We also get the debut of Total Blackout - and the end of a legend, as Dick Clark passes.
Chico: Perhaps THE story of the year.
Jason: Yes.
Chico: Let's go over the stats one more time... produced or hosted over 170 series. The Pyramid spanned 40 years....
Jason: Created American Bandstand....
Chico: New Year's Rockin' Eve... perhaps even longer.
Jason: Took over the spot where Guy Lombardo was an icon.
Chico: I can tell you, it'll be New Year's Eve next week. It will NOT be the same. It'll NEVER be the same.
Gordon: Very true. We next move, with a heavy heart, to...

MAY 2012

Jason: Amazing Race 20...Rachel and Dave win 8 of 12 legs in a dominant performance.
Chico: Indeed. Turns out to be the game winning performance.
Gordon: And a clear favorite to be on another all-star edition
Jason: Indeed
Chico: And perhaps the most exciting end to a Jeopardy! tournament ever. Now the Jeopardy! rules state that a tournament cannot end ina tie. There must be a winner. This one DID end in a tie, so we went to a tiebreaker. Evan Eschilman earns a nod for Best Gamer of 2012 when he ended the Quarterfinals on the tiebreaker. Elyse Mancuso joins him in the Best Gamer nod as she wins the whole thing. Meanwhile, America's Got Talent gets an early start with a new judge. And as bad as certain people thought Howard Stern was going to be (haters, mostly)... He was actually a good judge.
Gordon: We start seeing Around the World in 80 plates, Cupcake Champions, and the Next Food Network Star
Chico: And Duets...
Gordon: Jermaine Paul wins the Voice, and will never be heard from again, while Phil Phillips wins American Idol.
Chico: In a month that also saw its legendary creator cross the still pond, as we say goodbye to Bob Stewart. May also saw a contender for New Game of the Year... MTV2's Hip Hop Squares.
Jason: Took the format and added a nice hip-hop twist.
Chico: And while the kids are watching hip-hop stars BS their way through a party, they're actually enjoying an ages-old tradition of game shows... Sneaky? Yes. Underhanded... yes.
Gordon: Kim wins Survivor, Donald Driver wins Dancing With the Stars, and we see UK's all new Blockbusters - and we like it.
Chico: Yes we do.
Gordon: And then we progress from there...to...

JUNE 2012

Chico: It started with teenage drivers on TPIR. The first time ever.
Gordon: America's Got Talent goes to the dogs - with a Ton of help from ABC
Chico: And one group on AGT makes an encore performance...
Gordon: While we were making fun of All That and Chico's Retirement, we were also making fun of...THE GLASS HOUSE.
Chico: It was Big Brother...
Jason: Sort of
Chico: It was Big Brother on ABC.
Gordon: without any of the competency.
Chico: And it really sucked.
Jason: CBS tried to sue ABC. They should saved the legal fees
Gordon: After watching the show, which was worked on by many ex-employees of Big Brother - there may have been a reason why thy are all ex-employees.
Chico: In brighter and happier news... Figure It Out is back!
Jason: Best new show of this year.
Chico: It's everything you loved about the 90s version... with even more slime.
Gordon: Mike Chiesa wins Ultimate Fighter.
Chico: So Nick had a winner... TUF had a winner... and we have a REALLY GREAT LOSS to the genre in the passing of Richard Dawson.
Jason: Family Feud's iconic host (and Damon Killian to those in the know)
Gordon: And then we had Tim Poe trying to be Norman Boone on AGT
Chico: It's your WTF moment for June. Tim Poe trying to lie his way to sympathy on AGT. And Hell's Kitchen and Masterchef return to heat up the summer. Because nothing says summer like a barbecue. Let's throw Rex Ryan on the barbie while we take a break.
Gordon: We break. When we come back, the second half of 2012.
Chico: This is @wltiongsnn.

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