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Episode 32.11 - Boston Strong
April 22

Chico: This is Chico Alexander. We like to think of ourselves not just as game show fans, but as good faith stewards of the community. We love to talk about fun and games, and as much as we'd love to do it forever, there comes a time when fun and games have to take a back seat. This week was one of those times.
Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and I never like starting an episode talking about a tragedy, but that's what we have this week. We'd like to dedicate this episode to anyone affected by the events in Boston this week and hope we can provide a 22 minute respite for what you are going through.
Chico: That said, let's get to it. From somewhere in America, the Boston Strong edition of WLTI... is... on.
Gordon: Gordon and Chico here, and we start this week by going over what you didn't see.
Chico: First of all, the episode of The Price Is Right that was supposed to air on Thursday, that didn't air so much. Due to the memorial coverage, that episode wil air May 3. So you didn't miss anything there.
Gordon: We also have a number of syndie pre-emptions from the dailys, like Millionaire, Feud, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, etc.
Chico: Feud was in its final rerun week before they round out the season, so again, you didn't miss anything there.
Gordon: And if you're in the Boston area, you missed a bunch of prime time hours on your shows.
Chico: I know for a fact that if it aired on Monday (the day of the bombing) or Friday (the day of the capture), you didn't see it
Gordon: Hopefully we'll see the lost episodes during the summer. However, if you missed American Idol this week, you missed what you've been missing the whole season, which is a lack of anything palatable.

Chico: Again it's a case of Jimmy and the judges watching different shows. And for all the hoopla surrounding the final five girls... well, no one really did anything that lived up to it.
Gordon: It's painful to see the judges and Jimmy market a female 'superstar' when us and the viewing numbers don't reflect that. I speak this as a fan. You promote a female superstar by finding one. You do NOT promote a female superstar by making everything around it inferior.
Chico: Not even the voting numbers reveal that (otherwise, Ryan would make a big to-do about it).
Gordon: I agree. And the audience isn't stupid. The face like what they like. The judges job is to bring in the BEST talent, regardless of gender. And now we see what happens when you try to program your audience to not like Hot Guy With Guitar - you lose your audience.
Chico: What i can say about the good singers left in the competition... They haven't messed up. If that's the best thing you can say, then something is wrong. And again, the die was cast in auditions.
Gordon: It was. As good as the producers have been on AGT, they have been this bad on Idol. Trust me on this one for the NYC auditions on America's Got Talent.
Chico: Because there's been zero chaos factor this season. There's still two R&B singers, and one of them (Amber) is going bye bye this week.
Gordon: If I want Chaos, I'll turn the channel to Survivor. Hoo boy, did we have chaos.

Chico: And this is why you don't volunteer yourself to fall on your own sword. Phillip Sheppherd.
Gordon: Well this comes out of desperation for the minority, who had to pull out all the stops (and by that, I mean one immunity win and 2 immunity idols) to pull this off.
Chico: Yep. Eddie and Reynold, welcome to the game.
Gordon: They knew they needed to make a stand now, or they would get Pagonged. And so they did, with all of them saying they are voting for Philip.
Chico: And then comes tribal leaving Stealth R Us with ZERO plan B. Here's Reynold with his immunity Then there's Malcolm with HIS immunity. Then here comes a SECOND immunity, Malcolm gives it to Eddie. All three of them vote for Phillip.
Gordon: That kills off all votes for anyone else, and they get to live another week. Now they need to get someone - anyone - to flip to their side.
Chico: They stuck with the split vote plan (WHY?) and their votes were nullified. It looks like Erik may be an easy get if they find out that he was the one that flipped.
Gordon: Now the game becomes interesting, as we see who will stay together and who will flip. We may be looking at a new alliance.
Chico: And all of a sudden, things... are a lot more interesting.
Gordon: Are they any more interesting on the Amazing Race?

Chico: After a week sabbatical for Country Music's biggest night, we head to Switzerland; Home of Roger Federer, world class chocolate, and a really really large mountain. And this year, home of our Roaming Gnome leg. Said gnome would lead our racers to a Switchback.
Gordon: We've seen this before
Chico: That's the point. The Switchback is where teams encounter a heinously difficult task from Amazing Races past. This time, it's carrying cheese. Carrying heavy Swiss cheese down a hill. in the snow.
Gordon: Which was hysterical the last time we saw it.
Chico: This time, not so much.
Gordon: Well it was, for the wrong reasons
Chico: Care to explain?
Gordon: Sure, as we have a quick insert of...

Are YOU Smarter than...Chuck and Wynona, for not reading the clue.

Gordon: In the Switchback, you needed to use a sled to move the cheese wheels. Chuck and Wynona decided to roll it down the hill. Hence they incur a 30 minute penalty, as they get to see Joey and Meghan stroll in ahead of them at the Pit Stop and eliminate them.
Chico: oops.
Gordon: But at least they will have a choir to sing them off. And no, not the Women from Idol.

Chico: Battle Rounds. What can I say except we had some battles. A few of them proving so well as to have the coaches involve the steal.
Gordon: Your winners: Warren Stone, Josiah Hawley, Grace Askew, Audrey Karrasch, Tawnya Reynolds and Danielle Bradbery. Your losers: Michael Austin, Jeff Lewis, Trevor Davis, Jaimla Thompson, Mark Andrew, and Caroline Glaser - but Glaser gets picked up by Adam Levine.
Chico: Sasha Allen and Karina Iglesias are picked up by Shakira. And Taylor Beckham gets picked up by Blake's team.
Gordon: Amber Carrington, Garrett Gardner, Holly Tucker, Jess Kelner, the Swon Brothers and Judith Hill advance. J'Sun, Michelle Raitzin, and Christian Porter all go back to the hole of obscurity that they entered in from.
Chico: Times like this I'm reminded why I like this show over the one on Fox. There's an old saying, "Iron sharpens iron".
Gordon: Now - have we seen the winner yet?
Chico: Little too early to tell. We haven't seen all of the battles yet. I want to say we have and that Adam's team is looking really well.
Gordon: I think we have, because I saw Judith Hill perform.
Chico: You're reading my mind again, I see.
Gordon: Yes. Just like I read your mind that you want to talk about Drag Queens next.
Chico: Uh...you're good. Let's spread the love, shall we?
Gordon: Let's Spread the Love.

Gordon: So our final 3 is Jinx Monsoon (whos been the favorite until the last episode, where he's been in the Bottom 2), Roxxy Andrews (who broke the emotional wall when he talked about being discarded at age 2) and Alaska (who has never been in the bottom 2 but who has the personality of a bagel). Who you got?
Chico: I think Jinx has what it takes to rebound. After all, you don't get to be the favorite by sucking out loud. Alaska may have a chance as well, but as we say a lot lately, one week does not a competition make.
Gordon: I still think it's Jinx's to lose. I would like to add that I don't feel that 'popularity from the outside public' should be a criteria, but it clearly is, as they haven't taped the winner and won't announce it until the finale in May
Chico: Right. Next week is the music video challenge to be judged by Gloria Allred. That's an interesting little collabo there.
Gordon: And for all intents and purposes, the final challenge
Chico: Right.
Gordon: So we'll see who the Public...and RuPaul...chooses. Meanwhile, we have Hans dressing up the hamsters in pig outfits and having a pig race.
Chico: What does the winner get?
Gordon: A walk down the slough. It's prettied up.
Chico: Nice
Gordon: Hans is dedicating the race to Boston also. Stay strong. And Roll that Beautiful Brain Footage

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Gordon: Mr. Alexander, I bring you a Boston Red Sox Bat. Usually we don't do this, but for this week's show, I feel it's necessary (Gives Chico Red Sox bat)
Chico: Thank you, G. And it's a big one this week.

Win Lose or Draw, one of the better games to come out of the 80s, is getting rebooted on Disney.

Gordon: Definitely a fun game - one that will live or die on the celebrities they bring in and the interplay they had.
Chico: Right. And because it's Disney, I expect MUCHO MUCHO corporate service. After all, this is now a family joint. And Justin Willman (host) and Scott St. John (EP) won't stand for anything less. That'll drop later in the year.
Gordon: That sounds like a lot of fun...unlike what's in the Datebook this week.
Chico: What's that?

On Tuesday, we see who's the mightiest robot in the land on the season finale of Robot Combat League. And on Thursday, it's the season ender of Project Runway

Chico: I am the king of the robots! Let there be a grand and glorious cage feast. Bring forth the finest oils and bolts in ALL The land!
Gordon: Nice! Do they all get Fully Loaded afterwards?
Chico: Of course they do, what're you kidding me?

GSN is playing favorites with their teams on the American Bible Challenge. Go to GSNTV.com and vote for a team to receive $10,000 for charity.

Gordon: It's a nice idea, and in the age of Boston, etc, possibly a smart one.
Chico: Indeed. But you have some not-so-smart ones.
Gordon: I do indeed.

Are YOU Smarter than...Reese Witherspoon, who got caught via DUI.

Chico: Huh?
Gordon: She was legally Blonde
Chico: Not the musical, though. The movie. That was another person altogether.
Gordon: She was also on Idol gives Back
Chico: Ah. That explains something. All this extrapolation is making me thirsty
Gordon: So would this...

Chico: Nah, he's already thirsty

After TWO episodes, Ready For Love is Ready for the Scrap Heap

Chico: Giuliana & Bill Rancic... obviously part of the SNL crew. You know, the Not Ready for Primetime Players?
Gordon: Keep that thought. We'll be returning to that later. And one more thing....

Humphries and Kardashian...officially donesky.

Chico: As in "on paper". As in "by law". As in "I hit that first, Kanye."
Gordon: I hear you can go gold digging around the world.
Chico: Yep.

New Zealand has their own goof on "A Question of Sport" for their Maori audience. Called "Head 2 Head", Leah Panapa hosts two teams of sports nuts in a quiz-of-the-week type game. Playing captain: Mike King and Te Arahi Maipi

Gordon: Can you consider them future hoes?
Chico: Sure why not (plays Luda)

In this weeks Media Ho Report, Top Chef goes to Louisiana, Jeff Foxworthy goes to Bethlehem...PA, The Voice makes a kids version. let's all gag together.

Chico: *gag*

Nicole Eggert pulls out of Splash, Janelle Arthur is hurt that the judges didn't use their save and Kourtney Kardashians boyfriend says he doesn't want to get married. That could be a problem for Kourtney.

Chico: Everyone's pulling out of Splash. I pulled out of Splash two weeks ago!
Gordon: Was Splash walking in or out of the bordello when you pulled out?
Chico: Hey-o! But Splash isn't the ho of the week, is she?
Gordon: No she's not. Your ho of the week is...Shandi Finnessey. Remember her?
Chico: I remember her.
Chico: She was the second computer operator on Lingo... then she went full-on game host with Playmania... then came a short-lived dancing career.
Gordon: She goes from Dancing with the Stars to a potential date on Ready for Love, with no mention of her background. OUCH.
Chico: Ouch indeed. And here I thought Chuck Woolery's career had a bad turn.
Gordon: And those...are your hoes.
Chico: And that's Brainvision. Let's shut it down, G.
Gordon (Shutting Down)
Chico: Still to come, it's almost summertime, and you're going to need some Excessories to survive the summer. But first... *puts on brand spanking new Yankees hat* ... would you believe there are GAME SHOWS in this thing?
Gordon: There are! Wow. We'll get to that and more after the break. You're reading WLTI, You give us 22 minutes and we'll give you 22 patriotic performances on America's Got Talent that they should be airing in Boston.
Chico: I didn't know Leonid the Magnificent was going to be making an appearance.
Gordon: I think he brought Jason Block on a collar.
Chico: Gross.

(BrainVision has been brought to you by the UGA: The Underground Gaming association. We'll be playing games in secret places and see if we can play without getting caught. Episode one: Mille Bornes (1,000 Miles) in the Mile High Club flying over Denver.)