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Today is

Strategies and Fixes – Part 2 - December 15

As I, Dr. Pepper, put on the papaya cap again, we look at a show that amazingly is still on the air - Show Me The Money. How this vehicle got into December and is renewed for January is beyond me, but I'm not the one who makes the network decisions. I am, however, the one who will give suggestions on how to fix this thing, so here goes...

1. No Strategy - Answer 6 questions right and win. Answer 6 questions wrong and you lose, but win something. There is no other way to do anything except answer questions. Even Jeopardy! gives you a chance to be strategic with Daily Doubles. It's fun to answer questions, but you can't really 'play along' in the game besides answering questions.

2. ZZZZ, part 1 - There's one question left. Get it right and leave with $260,000. Get it wrong and leave with $220,000. Not very exciting, is it? What about cutting the allotment to three or four wrong and if you get them all wrong, you leave with nothing? Sounds more exciting, no?

3. ZZZZ, part 2 - I truly do not believe that this is William Shatner's fault (and I may be in the minority here), but there is no way that it should take 45 minutes to go through 10 questions. We understand that the format may not be an hour long, but you don't have to stretch it that way. You could easily get three contestants in and out of there in an hour, which would make it a tighter show.

4. Killer Excitement - I'm not a big fan of the Killer Card to begin with, but if you have to use it, set it up so that if you get a question wrong, and the card shows up, then it's game over right there. Having to ask another question (which no one has gotten right) only inflates the time and doesn't really bring anything to the show.

5. Pick a Dirty Dancer - We all know that sex sells, but 13 women dancing around with scrolls is still too much like 26 women standing around with suitcases. The reason why the show feels like a rip-off is because it takes too many elements of Deal Or No Deal. This is a show that needs it's own Identity...oh wait, that's next week.

I would go into the strategy of this show, but there is none. Just get questions right. Whoopie. Show Me The Money should be shown the Cancellation Check.

But what came long before the women on Show Me the Money and Deal or No Deal? Barker's Beauties, of course. Let's go through three more pricing games...

Cover Up - This is a weird strategy, but one to take if there's a possibility of a zero as the last number (and the five isn't there) PURPOSELY SCREW UP the first number and get it wrong. (If you're real daring, get the first two numbers wrong). If you get one of the last three numbers right on the first try and get the first two numbers wrong, then you are almost guaranteed to win the vehicle, because you will get the four chances to get the price right. Why? Because you'll automatically get the first number right on the second try because there's only 1 number), and assuming you leave the second number wrong on the second try, that will be the only number available on the third try, so that number will be right. By the way, the 4th number in this game is frequently (but not always) a 1.

Credit Card - Make sure that at least two of your prizes that you select are on the bottom row. The top row is reserved for the bigger sized prizes, which are of course, more expensive. There are a number of times where all three prizes are on the bottom row, but it's very rare that both prizes on the top are inexpensive.

Danger Price - It seems silly, but common sense will help you out here. If the Danger Price is low, then go for the high looking (and big sized) prizes, while if there's a high number, then you go for the inexpensive prizes.

Gordon Pepper did some dirty dancing on the TPIR line and almost got the lot of us arrested. E-mail him at


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