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Today is

More GSC5 Goodies! - February 17

Once again, it’s that time of month, where….no no no, not THAT time of month (though I’m sure some people are thinking that). This is the time of month where we discuss more of Game Show Congress 5! And with that, we do have some goodies for you to peruse…

1. One of the main events has been confirmed. That one would be the amazing run of Thom McKee as he did to Tic Tac Dough what Ken Jennings did to Jeopardy. Included in the discussion will be McKee, as well as Wink ‘Mr. Orbitz’ Martindale, and others to be named later.

2. The Ralph Edwards award will be given this year to Betty White, who will be honored at a luncheon. The Bill Cullen Award will be going to her late husband Allen Ludden.

3. We will be having a LIVE version of What’s my Line over at the Convention! Yes, Beat the Geek’s J. Keith Van Stratten will be bringing the panelists over.

4. Anyone for Jeopardy? What about an 18 person Jeopardy Charity Tournament? The people with the most pledges will be going to the invitational, where they will play against each other for 6 spots. The other three spots will be filled by 3 big wigs who were in Jeopardy’s Ultimate Tournament of Champions. Stay tuned to get more information on said Big Wigs…

Those are the new items that were discussed. The old items (Battle Buzzer, Game Show Tournament, WLTI, etc.) are still there. When we return to this next month, there should be a more solid schedule, as well as more of an idea on what shows will be taping in the area.

Gordon Pepper is more than happy to send Jason Block into the fray to avenge his UTOC snub... E-mail Gordon at E-mail Jason at

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