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It's his world.. you're just living in it...

Today is

Fulfillment - October 20

As you can guess by reading various articles on the site, I have a birthday coming up. I am going to be 35 later on this month. The big 3-5. I don't consider it a mid-life crisis, because that would imply that I am in a crisis. I enjoy what I do, which has been writing columns for more than six years (six years, eh? Damn!). The fact of the matter is that I enjoy what I have been doing and I enjoy the place where I am at now.

This past week, I saw Rob Mariano on Pokerdome. Mr. Mariano first graced our presence in Survivor. Regardless of what you thought of him and the many adventures of him and Amber, he has wanted to take advantage of the fame (and money) and attempt to be a professional poker player. As a matter of fact, a reality show has been pitched which would chronicle his adventures in trying to be a professional, while spouse Amber would be against it.

Now you may be Pro-Mariano or Anti-Mariano, but you have to respect the fact that Rob is grabbing life by the grapefruits and is attempting to fulfill his dreams. Like Rob, I also attempt to fulfill my dreams, as does many people who try to accomplish something in a very difficult environment. Whether or not he achieves it, I admire Rob's attempt to go for the gusto.

You never know what life is going to bring you. I am 35. Cory Lidle, bless his soul, was 34 years old. You would never have guessed that Cory's life was going to end as he flew his plane into a building in New York City. Three people that I have known for over 15 years have all passed away this week. Depressing? Yes. But life is fragile.

This is a very sobering experience for me, but this should also be a wake-up call for the rest of you. We don't have anything guaranteed to us in life, and the time that we do have should not be squandered. So this is my message - make sure that whatever you do, that you do something by the end of this year to be fulfilled.

Fulfill yourself.

Gordon Pepper's NOW list is never-ending, and threatening to lesser beings. E-mail him with yours at


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