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It's his world.. you're just living in it...

Today is

2006's Articles of Atonement: Part 2 - September 29

As we are now in the crux between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, and I requested people to give me people or shows to say nice things about (no matter how wretched they are). Once again, I knew I could count on you guys to give me information. Here are the Top 7. Before we start, a reminder that it was YOU GUYS who gave me these suggestions, so please do not yell at me for any of the adjectives used. With that said, here are the 7...

John O'Hurley - Apparently, you guys really don't like him as much as we do. I think he knows how to pitch the game and moderate it along, making him technically more sound that anyone else in this era.

Jeopardy in HD - It's true that the ring-in graphics are harder to see, but you can get used to it. Once you see the gorgeous detail on how the set looks, however, you'll never be able to get used to seeing the graphics in any other way.

Ricki Lake - Ricki is an amazing talent that knew both the games and the contestants. If you wanted to blame anyone for Game Show Marathon, blame the talent around her and the people behind the scenes that didn't know the rules.

The pony on Deal or No Deal - It's a pony! can you not like a pony? So it was used to make someone agree to a deal. The pony was so cuuuuute...

Danny Bonaduce - It's amazing to see someone who's gone through so much do a very capable job at a straight-forward quizzer. Danny is actually one of the good things about the show, as I'd like to see him host a game show with a solid premise behind it.

ABC not putting on Super Millionaire - The problem with stunt shows is that fail to foster any shows, and instead make us watch shows that will only be on for a week. Super Millionaire would only be used, at best, for weeks at a time, so instead of that, why not use the time to make new ABC shows grow? At least that would be a good idea...

The Idiotic Contestants on Chain Reaction - If you remember in a column a few weeks ago, I wrote about people who would want to audition for a show if they thought 'well, I could do better than that'. Not only is this good enough incentive to audition for a second season, but they have also an easier bonus round to deal with - something that wouldn't have happened if the first wave of contestants were from Mensa.

So that finishes this year's atonement. For all of you out there, Jew or any other religion, may your health be good and you all are well.

Gordon Pepper goes back to being your favorite jackass as of October 3. That's four days, y'all. E-mail him at


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