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It's his world.. you're just living in it...

Today is

What I Learned from Celebrity Jeopardy! - November 24

As we all know, Thanksgiving is the time where we give thanks to people who discovered our land. it is also traditionally the time that we give thanks to the celebrities...for making us feeling much smarter than them. Yes, some of them are smart and all of them are talented, but the wrong answers that they gave during this past set of Celebrity Jeopardy episodes were priceless. So this week, I'm taking a break from a hard-hitting column and we'll focus on something light-hearted - like all of these insights that the celebrities believed were accurate for the past 2 weeks...

- A hexagon has eight sides.

- Cosmo Kramer was on Cheers.

- The woman portrayed in Mommy Dearest was Cheryl Crawford.

- Pat Riley played for the Knicks and coached the Chicago Bulls.

- In the category "One 'L'", if a word isn't lowercase, it's uppercase.

- The bony body parts that form a cage are your backbone.

- According to the Eric Clapton song, the person who he didn't shoot was the sheriff.

- The Equator is a million miles long.

- A hexagon has 12 sides.

- Given the choice of Pastism, Presentism, or Futurism, the writing style created in 1909 was called Modernism.

- Alaskans hold Centennial Conventions every ten years.

- The Hebrew, Muslim, Julian and Gregorian are all sorts of chants.

- The country that gave us Timon from the Lion King was the famous country of Africa.

- The panda that comes from China is called the Australian panda bear.

- Jessica McClure, aka. 'Baby Jessica', fell into a coal mine

- The Canadian city that hosted the Winter Olympics in 1988 was Thunder Bay, Ontario.

So when you go eat your turkey, think of the turkeys on your television set who had the brain power to come up with these gems. May you all have a wonderful holiday and drive safely.

If course, it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without stuffing, so stuff some Price Is Right tricks into your feasting...

Bonus Game – Obviously I can’t tell you what items are going to be higher or lower, but what will be helpful is knowing the parameters of the prizes. For example, if the wrong price of something is in the teens, then you know the right price will be higher. Conversely, if the wrong price is $120 or more, then there’s a very good shot that the right price will be lower.

Bullseye - Not only is this a ridiculously easy game to win, (find the most expensive item and take 2 of it), but you get 3 shots and there’s still a 60% chance to win the prize anyways even if you completely underbid on the items

Buy or Sell – Remember the strategy we used on Bonus Game? It works here, too. You want to buy anything that’s under $1,500 in price and sell anything over $3,000 in price. In addition, if you think you have the first 2 items correct, and the third item is a low one, then automatically buy it, because mathematically, even if you’re wrong, you wont be off more than a few hundred bucks, which should not be enough for you to lose the game.

Speaking of turkeys, Gordon Pepper (who bowled his fair share) can be reached at


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