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It's his world.. you're just living in it...

Today is

Play2Lose - December 1

Its New! New! New! It's waiting for you in 2007! It's revolutionary! It's amazing! It's incredible! And YOU can do it without leaving your sofa! Eat anything you want! Cut any food you want! You don't have to buy anything! We're not selling you anything! You don't even have to go online! Got a phone? Great! All you have to do is watch and play! Play! Play! Play!

Sound too good to be true! Of course not! YOU can do it from the comfort of your living room sofa - or your bed! Heck, you don't even need the TV on (though I am sure it will help). All you have to do is text away from the comfort of your cell phone and soon...very can play along on TV!!!!

Not convinced? Nonsense! Let's look at the schedule!

Mondays: Text up to 10 times for Play2win! Don't forget 10 more times with MyGames! Give another 15 texts for Family Feud (5 for each answer) Then text 5 times in each case for Deal Or No Deal! That's a Total of a whopping 85 Texts! Wowee!!!

Tuesdays: Another 10 Texts each with Play2Win and MyGames and 15 more for the Feud! We can give you an extra set of 10 with Playmania! No Deal or No Deal yet, but that's okay! 45 Texts is still a fun way to play!

Wednesdays: 45! Amazing texts! And Another 50 for Deal Or No Deal when it occupies your Wednesday spot in January!

Thursdays: You want more? We'll give you 45 texts and a bucket load of commercials!

Fridays: 45 Texts for You! Know what else? 1 Vs. 100!! Spend 45 texts there and try out all of the answers 15 times!!!!

Saturdays: No Play2Win or MyGames or Feud, but we have Playmania for you!

Sundays: We have Playmania....aaaaaand....America's Got Talent! Vote Away! Vote vote vote!

And the best part of can do it all from your living room! Just pick up and call call call! nothing to worry about....

...until you get a phone bill worth $1,730...

... which will happen if you do all of that stuff listed on your phone. Fortunately, you can also do all of this for free if you enter all of these competitions online instead. The wallet you save may be your own.

Meanwhile, you can check out all of these Price is Right tips for free. No texting necessary. Just saved you around $1,200 in the U.S. and over $8,000 in the UK.

Card Game - There's a reason why there's now a $5,000 range of guessing what the car is. Like everything else, inflation is hitting The Price is Right. Don't even bother stopping until you are at least at $19,000. The cars recently have been at around the $19,000-$22,000 range - and that is where you need to be in order to have any shot at one.

Check-Out - The range of these products have been all over the place, going anywhere from $8 to $15. So how do you know what to bid? Take a long look at the last item, which is always the most expensive one in the game. If it's a $4 can of peanut butter, then you're looking at around a $9 or $10 list. If it's a $9 case of Garlique or other vitamin supplement, then think $16-$17 range.

Cliffhangers - $25, $35, $45. There's your pattern. That's the range of what the prices are going to be in the game. Use common sense, and bid appropriately.

Every time Gordon Pepper text messages, an angel smiles while his wallet cries. E-mail him at


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