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It's his world.. you're just living in it...

Today is

2006's Articles of Atonement - September 22

As most of you know (or have figured out), I am a Jew and I celebrate the Jewish holidays. Friday, September 22nd represents Rosh Hashannah, which is the time that you atone for your various misdeeds and transgressions. For the second straight year, I decided to include the atonement to this website, where I am known as 'Haterade'. The assignment for this column - to say nice things about 7 items, provided by some of the staff here at Game Show News Net. If it comes from them, you know it's not going to be easy.

Brigitte Nielson gargling water on live television - Ok, that was silly, but it came from someone who was incredibly entertaining during her stint on Midnight Money Madness.

Kevin Covais - He may not have been the best crooner, but this role model for people with diabetes did bring a sense of charisma to the show, as well as the Granny Vote. Besides, any person that brings up images of Chicken Little can't be that bad.

Game Show Marathon - So the execution wasn't great, but the shows themselves were spot on. Seeing shows like Press Your Luck and Match Game all over again reminded me how wonderful these shows were and how nice it would be to see a remake of any of these shows in AM syndication.

Bai Ling - NOW you guys are hitting below the belt. What didn't you like about Bai Ling? She was perky, spunky, took it seriously and showed that she wanted to be there. The fact that she performed wearing objects that most people could use for dental floss only added to the male 18-34 demographic.

Jeopardy redesigning the contestant podiums so the viewer cannot tell which podium has lit up/which contestant has buzzed in - actually, it's not as hard if you just look at the podium. On the top is the timer, which will go off when the contestant rings in. Besides, doesn't it remind you of the old Win Ben Stein's Money set? Good times, that was...

Text2Win - This very short-lived series had only 4 games for an hour, along with a vapid host, but it did have one thing that Playmania didn't have - money. This was the only call-in show at that time that offered a nice amount of coin ($500) and it was the only show that gave you a shot at 4 digit payouts until Midnight Money Madness appeared.

Celebrity Cooking Showdown - Maybe the recipes (and the celebrities) were less than inspiring. However, we did get to see what the stars liked to eat, for better or for worse. The concept, however, is a good one - If you could get celebrities that made recipes that we would WANT to create, then this could easily be as hit on The Food Network. Recipes of the Stars or Pimp My Food, anyone?

For the final atonement, however, I open the floor for you. What items do you want me to be praising? Last year, the results came in by the droves, and I expect you guys to be just as active this year. Let me know, and I will write up the results in a future column. To all Jews everywhere, have a wonderful New Year, and to all non-Jews, the best of health to you as well. L'Chaim!

For the record, the timer on the top of the podia will be there forever and ever, amen. E-mail Gordon Pepper with your atonements at


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