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It's his world.. you're just living in it...

Today is

Happiness - October 27

You all know that we here at GSNN get e-mail. You also know that I am celebrating a birthday this week. We have a letter this week in the upcoming WLTI thanking us for mixing in criticism with praise. I have personally gotten a letter stating that although I love the game show genre, and although I love to be critical, I haven't really talked about things that I actually LIKE.

The letter writer, in this case, is right. I like to be analytical, but I don't really talk about what I like, and instead focus on things that I don't like. So, this column discusses what I do like. I also promise to not go the easy way and just say shows, but also what elements I like.

Wild'N'Out - What makes the show work is the personalities of the show. It's no longer just an improv show. Its characters like Mikey Day and Katt Williams who have their own shticks. That, plus Nick Cannon helming the boat, makes the series a lot of fun.

The Price is Right - I love the games, but it's Bob Barker that makes this show work. He's as blunt as it comes, but he sugar coats it in such away that he comes off as feisty, and not curmudgeonly. We're going to look more into the pricing games in next week's column.

Wheel of Fortune - I like that Harry Friedman continues to enhance the show. The puzzles are not set up in such a way so that you need a knowledge base to be successful. The Wild Card element now adds another level of strategy into the game, and what starts as as a simple game of Hangman turns into a chic word game.

America's Next Top Model/Project Runway - Tyra and Tim Gunn, of course, make the shows work, but this show, like Project Runway, also works because they are the only shows to utilize the backstage drama without oversaturating the show in it. The show focuses on the important thing - the actual performance of the contestants. And both shows quickly display the talent, promoting potential over dramatics - something that also-ran shows need to pay attention to.

Amazing Race - So why is this here and Survivor not here? We all love Survivor, but my biggest beef with the show is that you can almost script the storyline by the midway point. Not so here, where people can be knocked off at any time and you get no protection from any bad play. It's a race, and one of the most exciting competitions on television.

American Idol - So it's not on YET, but it will be on in a few short months. You could bash on Simon and company, but Cowell makes the show work because he's critical without being personal. He can also be human and accept his mistakes - he put Kellie Pickler in his Final Three, while omitting eventual champion Taylor Hicks.

Doctor Who - So it's not a game show. Big deal. This is one of the most finely crafted shows on television, and the continuity between the series now and the show that lasted 23 years has been amazing. Only quibble...where is The Master? I'm waiting for him to show up...

So those are my favorite things that I currently like that are on the air. But the most important things that I like? You, the readers and writers. Thank you all for all of the support that we have had from you throughout the years, and as we enter our seventh year of publication, I hope that you can be just as active and involved as you have been for the previous six years. I humbly thank you all for your support and look forward to another six years writing for you all.

Honestly, though, Gordon Pepper is not that much of a hater, so much as he loves to call it like he sees it. Whether everyone agrees with it or not. E-mail him with yours at


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