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It's his world.. you're just living in it...

Today is

Growing Trends - April 28

Let's take a look at some trends in the game show world. This could be considereed weird or funny, but it's guaranteed to make you think.

How to be a game show host - be an Actor/Comedian. Howie Mandel in Deal or No Deal, Regis Philbin in Millionaire, and Joe Rogan in Fear Factor are all examples of the mold. If you wish to go for a more conventional host that goes from Host to Host roles, then we'll accept Ryan Seacrest in American Idol and Chuck Woolery in Lingo.

How to be a game show hostess - win a beauty pageant. In addition to the 26 Miss America beauties that made an appearance in Deal or No Deal, we have current American Beauties as the suitcase holders, as well as Shandi Finessy on Lingo. Even the Donald's wife won a beauty pageant, but as the Donald runs many of them, he's no dummy, himself.

How to get a successful game show on the air in the U.S. on a big 4 network - get it up anywhere else in the world first. Think about this. Almost every single Fall and winter prime time game show hit has been an import from another country since 2001. Millionaire, Idol, The Biggest Loser, Survivor, Dog Eat Dog, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Fear Factor, and the soon to hit 1 Vs. 100 are all from the foreign shores. Only Last Comic Standing is a show that is currently airing (or planning to air) multiple seasons currently that has not originated from overseas.

If you've seen my State of Play in September of 2005, you've recognized some of the new shows from the Foreign Game Show Schedule. GSNN's purpose has always been to locate the trend-setters. Keep reading our pages to continue seeing the trends - even before they are set

And then there were 5. Arguably, the 5 singers in the competition remain. Let's see what they need to do in order to be considered one of the best Top 4 singers in the land...

You're not going to be in said top list - mainly because you were so brutal for the past 2 weeks that the Chaos Theory couldn't do much about it. I called you in 5th place since the Top 12 started, so I'm happy that you landed right here. Another mark for me.

So who does this help?

IUntil otherwise told, you are still the person to beat. I expect some of Kellie's vote to go to you, and that's only going to make you stronger. Yipes.

You needed to deliver, and you did. You needed us to see why it should be you and Taylor in the finals, and you did that. Can you improve on it this week?

I am not sure if I should list you third or fourth. You should be behind Elliott, but I can't see three guys finishing in the Final Three. For that weird dichotomy to happen, you need to show up big time on Tuesday.

You certainly redeemed yourself last week with your music. Now you have to get that charisma going or you're going to be at the bottom, because I don't see any of the Kellie vote going to you.

Not only do I not see you getting any Kellie vote, but I also don't see you getting into the Top 4. You were singing good last week and you still wound up in the bottom, and as you are in the bottom for 2 straight weeks, I don't see you surviving a third.

Earlier on this season, Elliott survived 2 weeks straight at the bottom. I don't think that Paris can do the same, so I think she's the one leaving. We'll see Wednesday if I am right.

If Gordon Pepper can cook, so can you. E-mail him at


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