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It's his world.. you're just living in it...

Today is

Will You Be My MySpace Friend? - June 23

MySpace is now the new AOL. Everyone and their mom has a MySpace account. In Chico Alexander's mind, even Lorenzo Lamas's light pen has a MySpace account...and it may have, for all we know. Everyone else seems to have an account.

And it seems like everyone else wants to be my friend. I'm usually a private person, but I'm always up for friends. I have a Pokerroom account with friends. I have my MySpace account with friends. I have a LiveJournal account with friends. So I would love to get friends.

But not all of these people really want to be my friend. I'm getting friend requests from bands I've never heard of. Movies and books and albums all want to be my friend. Women like Hot Ashley and Kinky Monica who have sites with webcams on it want to be my friend. So just like AOL, MySpace also has a problem with unwanted advertising.

My name for it? MySpam.

So imagine my surprise when Modi wants to be my friend. Modi? Modi was one of the comics who got early face time on Last Comic Standing. He also may or may not be in the Last Comic Standing internet tournament (as of this column, he hasn't shown up in the tournament brackets yet.) Now he does have a cool profile, and he does have LCS alumni like Jessica Kierson writing on his page, but his page, like almost every other celebrity page, is nothing but a glorified billboard, advertising where he is going to be next and to come to his shows.

But then I had a thought. Maybe, just maybe, as unlikely as it seems, he actually goes to his profiles and reads his e-mail from his fans. I decided to test it out and sent him an e-mail, thanking him for the friend request and asked him why he e-mailed my profile. I have yet to hear anything back from him, and I may be waiting until ANT wins Last Comic Standing All-Stars #17 before I hear back from him.

It's all well and good to have a profile. I cross the line when you are not only using it as advertising, but you are tossing Friend Requests out and using them as fliers. Not only am I not likely to sign on, but I'm probably more likely to be turned off and not want anything to do with your show or your merchandise.

Maybe I should make my own profile. Is GsnnHaterade available?

No. E-mail Gordon Pepper at Or hit up his MySpace... if you can find it.


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