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Today is

The Real Gameshow Marathon - June 30

This may sound like another of a set of endless plugs for Game Show Congress 5 (and to some extent, it is), but after watching the debacle called "Game Show Marathon", instead of ravaging the show (which I have already done), I wanted to share my thoughts of some of the highlights of a much better marathon.

At the GSC will be the third annual Game Show Tournament. Created by myself and Joe Van Ginkel, the tourney pits teams of four people against each other. You could either play as a team or you can play as one person and be put on a team.

Part of the fun isn't the games as much as the players. We all know that Jason Block is a mad fiend when it comes to game playing, but there have been many famous game players that have competed in the tournament. David Legler (Twenty One), Phyllis Harris (Greed), Tim Hsieh (It's Your Chance of a Lifetime), Ben Ziek (Lingo), Travis Schario (The Price is Right), Wayne Forrester (Millionaire) are some of the many game show contestants who have pitted their wits against each other. It's not only contestants who play - television personalities who have gone into game show battle include Beat the Geek host J. Keith Van Straaten.

Here's how the tournament works... Teams compete in Friday and Saturday games. The two teams that do the best on Friday and the two teams that do the best on Saturday advance to the playoffs on Sunday. For the first two years, there were eight games in the marathon to play, with the top four teams advancing into the post-season. This year, because the convention has been extended to four days, there will be a whopping 24 games in the Marathon to play and compete in. Twenty-two of those games are...

- 1 Vs. 100
- Blockbusters
- Body Language
- Bullseye - UK
- Chain Reaction
- Countdown
- Deal or No Deal
- Get Rich Quick
- Hitman
- Hollywood Squares
- Hot Streak
- The Joker's Wild
- Lingo
- Match Game
- Monopoly
- Press Your Luck
- Pressure
- The Price is Right
- Pyramid
- Sale of the Century
- Video Village
- Wheel of Fortune

As for the other two? Well, those are the play-off games, and we NEVER tell you what those games are until we hit the post-season. In addition to the two final teams playing on Michael Berger's Game Show Round, there will be an All-Star Game (where the top point winners through the Tournament will compete) and a Game Show Congress Challenge Match. The last Game Show Challenge match...well, it got ugly as the team of me, Van Ginkel, Schario and Ziek dismantled Team GSC 175-5. Will we see another rout or will Team GSC recover?

So if you feel like being competitive and win prizes - or if you want to just see people who know how to play the games battle it out, then come on over to Burbank on the weekend of July 13-16. The Game Show Congress is an awesome four-day event, and although this is free to play, the tournament alone is worth the price of admission.

Gordon Pepper would like to challenge Ricki Lake and three of her friends to a battle against him and his GST All-Stars. E-mail him at

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