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Season 2
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Today is

The round of 8 Results (or "Tick...Tick...Click....What comes Next?") - July 27

The opening Broadway dance to "Cell Block Tango" with dancers in white shirts and black suspenders done by Tyce Diorio means it's time for a tangle with fate in the results show.

Last night's show started with Donyelle & Travis portraying hip-hop ninjas, and the quickstep couldn't get their ballroom moves off the ground. Allison & Ivan's Argentine Tango was hot, but the hip-hop took a gamble and paid off. Natalie & Ryan tried to heat it up with a disco, but the judges burned them out. However, a contemporary routine slowly rose up from their ashes. The night belonged to Heidi & Benji, whose Broadway gave them an A+, and earned extra credit with the mambo. Now let's see who's expelled out of the show for good.

The girls always go first. The first 2 features Donyelle & Natalie. Who wanted to do solo? It was...Natalie. Now the 2nd group features Allison & Heidi, and everybody knew the one who'll dance solo later is...Allison. Donyelle & Heidi remain safe for the week. The guys are now up. Ryan & Benji are the first group, and the one going solo is...Ryan. The 2nd group features Ivan & Travis. Who's going solo? It would be...Travis. Ivan and Benji remain safe for the week. But what about the ones in danger? Only one way to find out and that's the solo round.

Natalie's up first doing "Veins" by Charlotte Martin and gets her veins running by going to the stage, doing a backwards tumble, and a flip in a contemporary style.

Ryan will be up next doing "Just Fine" by Chris Brown, and did some slow walking, but got energetic in a contemporary style.

Allison will be up doing "Feelin' Good" by Michael Buble and did good at the stair area, and went down slowly to the stage to do spins and a flip in a jazz dance.

Travis is last up doing "Gotta Get Through This" by Daniel Bedingfield, and does leg spins and twirls in a contemporary style.

The round's over, but the show's not. So while we wait to see who's gone, we enjoy a guy who's been from Leaders of The New School to the Flipmode Squad. Busta Rhymes is here to enjoy a few sogns from his new album: "The Big Bang." Now let's see who banged out of this joint for good.

It's the girls who go first. Natalie or Allison? Who's going home? It is.......Allison. Natalie stays safe for the week. Allison will leave by doing a solo to "This Woman's Work" by Maxwell, and the guys know that one of them will punch out and that is....Ryan. Natalie & Travis stay safe for the week. And while Ryan dances solo to "Ain't No Way" by Chris Brown to end the show, let me remind you that the show is going on tour. Yay! just go to for information. Now the roster is cut down to 6. One more week will determine the final 4. We'll see you back here Wednesday as I say goodbye everyone.

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