So You Think You Can Dance
Season 2
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Today is

Making the Top 20 (or "A Michelle Wie Cut-Up") - June 8

Just 23 hours ago, there were only 43 left and now the judges will rattle them down to 20. Let's see who's cut.

Each one will step on stage to Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Michaels and Shane Sparks to decide whiter he or she is coming or going. The judges tilted the bar to "Going" by making cuts first. Then came Dejanai Railey from the NY auditions. She had a lot of ups and downs during the week, but Mary said it's the end of the road. The dancers were stunned when she said it backstage. Alison Holker did a solo in Vegas to impress the judges, but Shane thinks she wants her in the top 10...and she does! The 1st of 10 women made the dancers cry for joy. Henry Graham, a man with adopted kids who have health problems, want to cry for joy too, but sadly, Mary said it wasn't enough votes to let him go in.

Erin Ellis and her best friend Joy Spears want to wreck this thing if they're in the top 20. Joy goes first, and Nigel said it brought joy to himself, and he'll bring bigger joy, because she in the top 20. Erin's next and Mary said she's got a great personality, and that's the right word to send her in, too. Now, we go to the couples starting with Ben & Heather. Ben goes first, and looks so strong at solos, but wimpy at routines. Shane needs to thank the universe, because he's the first guy to make it in. What about Heather? Well, it was 3:2 against her, so she's out according to Nigel. And as for Statislav & Julia, Nigel wanted Julia out, but he felt sorry to Satislav, and he's in the top 10. Wow! Benji Schwimmer is up. She danced with her cousin Heidi last night. Guess what? She's in the top 20. Benji, who wears mismatched skeleton socks, was seen in the industry with Mary for so long, and will let her see more, because he's in the top 20, all with a victory speech, and a victory dance backstage. The judges then tilted the bar to "Coming", because more people were in the top 20, and then came Musa Cooper and Hawk. Nigel was absolutely fantastic by Musa and he goes on...and then Hawk comes in, but 2 breaks won't have room because...He's just a student with a US VISA card, so he's out. Goodbye Hawk! 3 are left, and Donyelle Jones are against a lot of people, but the judges will let her in against the top 20.

Rayn Rankin, a school dropout and Michael Keith, a tap dancer are fighting for the last spot. By the skin of the judges teeth, it was decided to let the high school dropout go on over the 19-year old tap dancer. And then, Mallorie Escovar and Alexadre Evordia. Nigel picked one of the best girl dancers, and that is....Alexandre. Mallorie, unfortunately won't go because of a temper-tantrum. And there you have it. We rewind the best and worst moments of the journey so far, because next week, the journey will start with...

The 10 Men

and The 10 Women

We'll see you next week as the competition starts. See ya!

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