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Today is

The Vegas Auditions (or "Sinners, Saints, and Salsa") - June 7

So You Think You Can Dance heads to Vegas. Over 100 will dance in one of the grueling weeks ever devised. Get ready for dancing, drama and of course, hard friendships. And here we go....

All the dancers arrived at the Aladdin Hotel. Some were relaxed, while others went to the pool. 9 p.m. came and Michael Keith arrived being the last one in. Many had difficulty of sleeping, but by 7:30 a.m., everyone headed to the Aladdin Theater to perform new routines by choreographers. Some got cut, others moved on. Judging the fray were Mia Michaels, Mary Murphy, Brian Friedman, Shane Sparks and Nigel Lythgoe.

Up first, Shane taught the group a little hip-hop lesson. Michael Keith didn’t look confident, and a tapper from the Chicago auditions look less confident, and Claire Calloway also felt that with a bruised foot. Lynn-Ray Hiers from the LA auditions has gotten positive attitude. The Judges then rate the scores from 0-3 points. (What, no 4 or 5?) Andrew, however, has just gotten 1 point. The rest, however, had 6 down to 1 point. All the people need to do-over for another routine later, and should that fail, everyone gets cut. Lynn-Ray changes for ballroom, but is getting close to cut.

4:25 p.m., Lynn-Ray came in under the gun, and Mary Murphy teaches a samba class. Some people in the seats practiced, and after a few cuts, Andrew only got 3 points in one day, making it 6, but not enough to go on. With 35 dancers taking the long way home, Claire got 9 points and she goes on. Alison got the maximum points, which is 15, and goes on. Many more people head on, and then came Lynn-Ray, who scored 5 ponts, bringing her 1-day total to 8 points on the day, who is told by Nigel to stay for one last dance. Ryan Sabado, from the LA auditions, decided by Nigel to stay with her, too. Both show off their emotions about what’s going to happen tonight.

8:00 p.m., Lynn-Ray is changing for her solo…but let’s go to Ryan first. He does hip-hop, and then takes off his shoes and jacket, and then suddenly…a flip slam knocks him to the floor. With him gone, he would’ve gave it 200%. Lynn-Ray wants 100% if she wants to move on. She’s coming in with marked tattoos, and on stage, she was acting like a maniac. Mary wasn’t feeling it, but on the replay, it was lots of running that Lynn-Ray decided to run out on.

With Lynn-Ray gone, 81 were left standing, and lots of contestants exercise for the routine, this time with Mia Michaels. With Shane taking a day off, Ron Montez takes his spot. Breakers Musa & Hawk try to co-operate with the routine, but that didn’t help. Claire Calloway was still dealing with a bruised ankle, but Hawk keeps it up, and Chris decided to freestyle. Musa finally remembers it, and with 1 breaker gone, Hawk moves on and Musa will be dancing later on along with Benji Schwimmer. Claire wheels off to the hospital, while Musa does a hip-hop breaking set. By the judges agreement, Musa goes on. Benji brought along Heidi in for a swing dance, and kept it up when the music sped up. Nigel thinks he’s the king of west coast swing, but Benji hits a birdie to go on. Claire, back in the theater, decided by Nigel to return next season, but for now, gets to watch the rest at home.

5:15 p.m., Brian Friedman rallies his troops for a class, and groups were divided. It was a tough routine, many couldn’t get their engines running, and they all ran out of gas. It all went down to a girl named Juila, Mike Keith and Mark Spalding. Julia stutters offstage, and Mike couldn’t let the engines run. Julia took a tumble, but Mike waits to hear some news….he goes through, but Nigel doesn’t want him to screw up. Julia wheels herself to the hospital, and some people got their engines going. All of them head top speed to the next level. Hawk tries to master it, but Shane was told not to lose his head. Hawk will stay later, and Cat tells him why that done did him. Nigel advises a post-game speech about the big-day tomorrow, and Cat continues to tell Hawk what happened.

8:00 a.m., 42 remain, and the dancers will have one last attempt at forming 20 people for Hollywood. Julia came back rejuvenated, and all of the dancers did a solo one last time. The judges are deciding who’ll make the top 20, and that’s where we’ll leave at in 23 hours. Who will stay? Who will leave? You will see tomorrow. I’m Pierre Kelly. Bye everyone!

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