So You Think You Can Dance
Season 2
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Today is

The Round of 14 Results (or "Two Dollars in the bottle") - July 12

The opening dance with boys in black shirts and blue jeans and girls in bikini tops done to "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins and created by Mary Murphy cashes in the results show.

The show starts with what happened last night. The judges had a war of words that night as Ashlle & Dimitry made magic and played a fairy tale. Hip-hop was all to Shane Sparks who coached Heidi & Ryan and Jaymz & Jessica, Travis & Martha created a Salsa, while Benji & Donyelle tried to trip up on the first word, but never trip on the Vienessee Waltz. Allison & Ivan wanted a West Coast Swing, not West Coast rap, and Natalie & Musa burned up the night with Disco. Who got crashed & burned?

The first group features Natalie & Musa and Benji & Donyelle...and it's a clear choice, they're all safe! The next 3 victims include Martha & Travis, Heidi & Ryan and Jessica & Jaymz....And 2 are in the solo round...Heidi & Ryan and Jessica & Jaymz meaning Martha & Travis stay safe. It's down to either Allison & Ivan or Ashlee & Dimitry. Who's going to the bottom 3? It's Allison & Ivan. If they chose Ashlee & Dimitry, would there be something different? Right now, the solo round.

Jessica will be up first doing "Body Language" by Queen, and does kick, spins and another kick all in a jazz routine.

Next up is Jaymz going to "The Place of Execution," as he executed with a cape, throws it away and does a split to a latin style.

Up next is Heidi doing "Proud Mary" by Tina Turner, and she acted like one complete with spins and a roll & split to complete it.

Next is Ryan doing "Love" by Musiq, and does a leg lift & jump in a contemporary style.

Allison's up doing "Bitter" and works contemporary faster and acts goofy at the horn.

Lastly, Ivan doing "Let Me Love You," and does robotic hip-hop work.

While the judges run back for delibertaing, here comes Ne-Yo to do "Sexy Love." He'll be on tour with Chris Brown, Dem Franchise Boys, Lil' Wayne, Juelz Santana and others on August 17. Now let's see who gone.

The girls are first. It's all about Jessica, Heidi & Allison. Allison was a safe pick, but who was out.....Jessica was. Heidi stays put for now. The guys have a turn. Ryan plays it safe, but who else is? Ivan was. Jaymz is out meaning the J's are gone. The roster is cut to 12. Tune in next week to see who hits the jackpot and who has a penny case. See you soon!

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