So You Think You Can Dance
Season 2
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Today is

The round of 10 Results (or "There are 8 bombs in the water a ninja turtle must diffuse in an hour") - July 26

Well then, it's down to 8. 2 more will be sent home tomorrow as we get closer to the final 4.

The team of Nigel Mary and Dan are up and Donyelle will get Travis in picking 2 styles: Hip-hop and Quickstep. Hip-hop will be up first, and they'll do "London Bridge" by Fergie as done by Shane Sparks. Dressed in hip-hop ninja gear, They pull off the hoods to reveal back faces and did hand moves getting near the end. Was it really a distraction?

What Nigel said: Putting on masks subtracts the performance.
What I said: Why the masks? Is it because of eye disraction?

Allison gets Ivan for 2 styles: Hip-hop and Argentine Tango. They'll tango first done by Alex Di Silva. Ivan spins Allison around with a white scarf and throws it away. Allison did a kick a leg circle, a few more kicks, a jump and a leg lasso move, and one from Ivan. Was it really ropin' the wind?

What Dan said: It wasa bit of role reversal.
What I said: Allison knew how to control the routine very well.

Natalie & Ryan are ready to go with 2 styles: Contemporary & Disco. The Disco style is where they'll try first with "Turn The Beat Around" done by Doriana Sanchez. Natalie did some spins and a mid-air leg spin, followed by arm-in-arm moves by both and a windmill move by Natalie. Was it really worth the cost of admission?

What Nigel said: Natalie danced like a wet blanket.
What I said: Why couldn't bad disco moves ruin the fun?

It's all Benji & Heidi as they pick: Mambo & Broadway. Let's go for Broadway witha song from "Dreamgirls" and done by Tyce Diorio. They came blown up, and went down the stairs to do spins by Heidi, and some by Travis. Heidi did arm circles and Benji took off the suit jacket. Benji did a fake push near the end. Was it cool?

What Nigel said: Halleujah!
What I said: Yes, it's good! Way good!

Second style time! Let's see how Donyelle & Travis do with the quickstep to "Dancin' Fool," and dancing fools they were, as they went around the floor, did some quick jumps, and some fancy footwork followed by a mid-air leg spin by Donyelle. Now let's spare a comment faster.

What Nigel said: They cheated reasonibly well.
What I said: Cheated? Why?

Allison & Ivan do a hip-hop number to "Sexy Love" by Ne-Yo. They put the umbrellas up, and close them up, followed by a catch move and threw them away. They did a romantic gesture, and Ivan put the coat on Allison and went under the umbrella when the lights went out. Was it more fum than a baseball rain delay?

What Mary said: It was more like bringing out the sunshine.
What I said: It's hard for them to do hip-hop to R&B and it pays off.

Contemporary goes to Natalie & Ryan as they do "I Will Get there" by Boyz II Men, and showed the artistry through the song's lyrics, even when they got romantic at the end. Well then, how did it go?

What Mary said: The two of you will get there, but not in the final 2.
What I said: I'm hoping they'll make the round of 6 by then.

Last up, Benji & Heidi ready to Mambo done by Alex Di Silva. Heidi did some spins and then maybe more, and then Benji did a split-through. Both did some arm moves and more spins by Heidi, and a slide back move, followed by a leg circle & spin move by Benji. Was it really fun?

What Mary said: The choerographer let them down a bit.
What I said: Oh don't worry, it was perfect.

Before our time is up: (based on the judges opinions)
Diffused: Benji & Heidi, Allison & Ivan
Confusion on 2 wires: Donyelle & Benji
Getting blown up: Natalie & Travis

But it's not over. See you tomorrow for the results show. Bye!

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