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Season 2
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Today is

The NY/Charleston Auditions (or "Open the door, put it in, push it down, close the door, power it up, and if that doesn't work, take it out and blow") - May 26

2005: Nick Lazzani was the first to answer the question, "So You Think You Can Dance?"

2006: A new dancer will answer the question for weeks to come.

Welcome to a whole new season, with an all-new cast soon to be released, a new host which is Cat Deeley, and tons and tons of dancing. You know how this thing goes, the judges will pick who'll go to pass auditions, and some of which will fly to Vegas for 5 grueling days, and then, when it's all clear, 10 men and women will fight for the attention of the public. So with that, let's head on to....

It was a snowy day in NYC, and soon, pretty soon, 1 of them will have a 1-year contract to Celine Dion's "A New Day" show, a car and of course, 100,000 in cash. The judges consisted of Dan Karaty, who worked for N*SYNC and Jessica Simpson, Mia Michaels, who worked for Celine Dion's Vegas show, and Nigel Lythgoe, the brainchild of American Idol. 9 a.m. on the clock, and the 2nd season is on it's way. The first one to break out was Dave Sollar (aka Sex...hmmm) And he'll do a sexy style of dancing to "U Don't have to call" by Usher. He tossed the yellow jacket, did some groovy moves, but it lacked any flair whatsoever. He also did a lie on his back move, and a jump split that took 3 tries to get it. Mia said it was a mix of Tiny Tim & Pee Wee Herman, but Dan asks for something around his neck, and Dave says it's a S. But S says "See Ya" to Dave, and Gino Guevara says "Hello" and does a Latin set. It didn't ignite a bit, and felt tired and asks if he hurt himself. Nigel calls the emergency squad, and Gino is okay, but not okay to move on. Because he's 31, and broke a rule, the replay showed he popped his knee. Erica-Wallace Jackson could make sparks fly to "Brick House" by The Commodores, but Nigel short-circuited her out. Dancers tried, but the judges kicked out the door of auditions. Kystle Henry wants to put her foot in the door to shake it up to "Don't Cha" by the Pussycat Dolls, and it worked like a charm. With a split towards the end, Dan didn't see no lack of energy and moves on. Before we go to our next dancer, we hear kind words from Mr. Sollar's mom, and shows a replay of his bad dancing.

Jack Frost blasted on Gotham City, and a duo chatted online about the show. Juliana Tamarvich, has a hamster, but no time for hamster wheels now, as her partner, Shamlay Savrim, get the ball rolling with their salsa routine. Nigel said they were both hot, and they are "en fuego" to Vegas. Jason Luks wowed the viewers with his tap dance, and the judges
nodded him up with a flawless victory. Will Heather Stambo earn one? She'll be doing some artistic moves, however, despite being a dance major and teacher, it was just terrible, earning her a fatality to go home. Just watch the videotape again, and you see a few mistakes that cost her a trip to Vegas. There was 1 guy with the Angelina Jolie-like lips...sort of. His name is Ian Benario, and he'll do better than Janet Jackson and can exuberate fanaticism... fanaticism... is it in the dictionary? Anyway, he'll did some sexy moves as he took off his coat to "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley. Dan said it wasn't dancing, and needs to back it up, but Ian wants to be a superstar, but according to Nigel, his rudeness fouled out of the show. Ian told Nigel he wasn't a dancer and cuss a few words about what happened.

Outside, there was 1 guy with the killer move, and David Warshaw is his name. His brother is a DJ and his house becomes a nightclub. He even did it in the waiting room. Let's see how he does it on stage to "Touch The Sky" by Kanye West. Just seconds after doing a flip, it was
ground zero for David. And as he picked up his yarmulke, Nigel told him to hit the exit doors, and we get a replay you won't see on AFV. While medics heal his bruised head, Jason Perez is a pint-sized wonder who'll freestyle to "I Like it Like That," and he is next in line. However, the judges weren't big enough for a small fry. Nigel and Mia then talked about how dancing is done. With some people staying for round 2, others feel the pressure of dancing for the judges, but we have a returning visitor here. Remember Musa Cooper? We'll he's here for season 2 for a different set to music by the Black Eyed Peas. It was more creative, and he said he took some classes and improved. He's going on. 22 hung around, and they spilt into 2 groups, 1 on hip-hop, the other on modern. Cuts were gone out like a barber shop, but 20 dancers shot the works and went to Vegas.

Better weather was in shape, and Christopher Bryant was up. He did flips and breakdancing moves, and Mia said it was crazy, and he's a lunatic to stay here. Emily Rodriguez is up, and she's doing booty-shaking hip-hop music. Nigel said about she'll do as a dancer, not weight. Big wasn't better for Emily, and Rob Williams is up. He's in a dance troupe called the Bomb Squad, and he's about to blow it up to "Jump, Jive An' Wail" by doing a swing dance...alone. Nigel asks if he needs a partner, and Rob could do that on the show, and asks for a mulligan... he does, this time with a better set. Rob won't need one anytime soon, because his ticket to Vegas is blown up and shrivled to bits.

Out on the street, breakdancers play out more moves than Sasha Cohen, but with no skates. Michael Kim showed us the art of popping on stage, and his robotic work forced him to go to round 2. There was 1 last person up, and his name is Joseph, and as a woman, it's "Jamie." He...or She'll be doing "What A Feeling" by Irene Cara. By the chorus, the wig was flipped, and seconds later, paper was tossed out of it didn't work and, he....,er, whatever is gone. 24 dancers are left alone, and some Hip-hop to "My Humps" while others do modern to Nickelback. 2 breakers wanted Vegas, but Michael Kim moved on, and Christopher Bryant is gone. Michael and 12 others head to Vegas, but we head to our next city...

Believe us, in Gamecock country, it's the only city in the state named after a dance, and when you're a Gamecock fan at football games, there's the intro to get the team out. However, football season is right around the corner, and the intro's the perfect time for Derrick Tallisman. He'll be faced by Nigel along with Doriana Sanchez who did work on Video Games Live, a video game music concert, and Ron Montez, a professional ballroom dancer. Derrick will be dancing to hip-hop, but didn't get much hipper, and after a few seconds of silence.............................. He Gone! Jessica Wheeler will now take the stage to clog for us, but Ron said she added tap with clogging, but not right. So this hair stylist from Rockingham is all crashed out like NASCAR. Travis Wall will rock out to "Shades of Blue" and did lyrical for the viewers at home. He even stared the camera a bit on both knees. The judges let him rock on to Vegas. Glenda Deshields could be the best highlight to make it on "The Most Outrageous Moments." Before she does that, she does poetry, then on stage, does hip-hop and...her top was off. Can you
say "outrageous" boys & girls, oh yeah, I knew you could. Glenda is gone, and so do many people who get rejected with a different look.

Philly's James Davis is up, he's' a hair assistant, and after his first attempt didn't want to do more, but like the game "Human Cannonball," you always get a 2nd attempt...and he does, but decided not to go on, and hits the exit doors. Many people come from outside of Charleston to get here, 1 of which rode on an airplane with a DVD player and satellite radio. (Wish I rode in one.) Natalie Fotopoulis will take flight to some lyrical work and Nigel said it had great musicality, so he zips herself to Vegas, but most people got zipped up when they hit the exit doors. Claire Calloway will be up next to prove higher education can be a waste of time. A high school graduate, who took 365 days off to dance, will dance to lyrical music, but Nigel should let her stay...and she does.

James Payne is the last up to dance. He's 60 days without getting drunk, and used to dance with Nick Lazzani. Could it repeat like it was last year? He'll do lyrical with 1 slipper just like Nick did last year. Since he'll go to round 2, he says his parents wanted to treat his body like a temple, but he turned it into a funhouse. (Hmmm, Am I referring to Stone-Stanley shows?) Round 2 commenced, and Doriana taught a group some jazz steps, while Ron showed another the foxtrot. After that, James, Claire and 25 others head to Vegas. Next week, we head to the city Conan O'Brien invaded...Chicago. See you on Wednesday at 9/8, because I'll be watching along with my other new guilty pleasure...CBS' "Game Show Marathon." See Ya!

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