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Today is

Round of 20 (or "20 Tykes on a Double Strike") - June 14

Wednesday night is the perfect night for “So You Think You Can Dance.” We have 20 dancers compete for the people at home. So let’s turn the whole thing out right now.

Before we start, We say hello to Mary Murphy, Nigel Lythgoe and Dan Karaty. After each performance, I’ll save you a comment from one of them, and then come up with my own. For the funnier side, we start with Nigel. He chose Xufel Wang’s swaying that didn’t let her in. Next up, Mary and she chose a comical dance made famous by Nolton Howard. (It needs to be a Youtube nominee, does it?) Lastly, Dan choosing a dance by Christopher Bryant. (Is that even silly?) Think we’re getting started? Almost. Last season’s grand champion Nick Lazzarini will do “Pardon Me” by Incubus. He does every flip, leg spins, and jump you can think of. Is it starting now? Yes, it’s ready. Our couples will dance before the public votes who’ll stay and who goes, and when I mean who goes, 3 couples will all dance individually the next day before the judges cut 1 guy and 1 girl out of the running. Now let’s get started!

The 1st frame begins with Benji. Behind the door, a partner is waiting to pair up and that is…Donyelle. They’ll do a hip-hop routine done by Shane Sparks to a song that always reminded me of the last decade….”Too Much Booty (In The Pants.)” The song started slow, but ran up to normal speed. Benji did a slide-through, and both did some fast footwork. Benji did a flip over, while Donyelle broke it down solo, and ended it with a cartwheel. Well, was it fun?

What Mary Said: It was all shaking in the right direction.
What I Said: It reminded me of the mid-90’s. Very comical and fun to watch out for.

Up for the 2nd frame, Ivan who gets…Allison. They’ll work with Ron Montez on a Salsa routine to “El Templor.” Allison did some quick footwork, and both did some work on the arms. Allison did a flip over and a split through near the end. How did that go?

What Mary Said: Ivan is the most likeable guy in the competition, but not in Salsa.
What I Said: I agree with her, but Allison was doing well like a pro.

The 3rd frame has Jason getting…Alexzandra. Tyce Diorio puts them to work on a contemporary routine to “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield. Jason did a breakdown on the floor, and both did arm raising later on. They both had artistic work throughout the routine. Did they write a best-selling routine?

What Nigel Said: Jason did the African Style brilliant.
What I Said: Jason did act energetic, but Alexzandra played it safe for a calmer herself, so props go out to Jason for his African dance.

In the 4th frame, it’s Jaymz getting…Jessica. Going to work with Doriana Sanchez, they’ll take it back to 1977 for a disco routine to “Disco Inferno” by The Trammps. Jessica did an air-move and also a lift & drag move. She also did some spinning, and a head dip to end it. We all know it’s a crowd favorite last season, but will it be a repeat?

What Dan Said: That was funky!
What I Said: It was funky, thanks to the moves of Jessica and the assisting of Jaymz.

Getting to the 5th frame, Stanislav partnering up with….Erin. They’ll be the 2nd couple to work with Ron Montez for a Paso Doble. They’ll now dance to “Magladena.” Erin did a leg hang, and after an air-move, she did a roll and split and lied down. Stanislav did a solo act. But Erin dipped it to end the song. Did it pass with flying colors?

What Nigel Said: It was majestic and powerful.
What I said: I agree with Nigel, but Erin showed some good moves to make it up.

Halfway there, it’s the 6th frame with Dimitri getting..Joy. Shane Sparks will be the 2nd couple to have another hip-hop routine to “Hit The Floor.” And they shall right now. Joy did a weird move all her own, but both did some arm moves and Dimitri did some leg kicks. Both showed off some floor moves and even a flip and lie-down move getting closer to the end. Did they polish that off?

What Nigel Said: It didn’t feel like hip-hop.
What I said: I had to see the hand moves, but was it a bit of a mistake? Well, not quite in my opinion, but anyhoodles…

7th frame now, and was Ryan getting Natalie? Nope, it was Heidi. The 3rd couple to work to Ron Montez will be doing a Viennesse Waltz to “Caribbean Blue.” Heidi did a few spins, and even one in mid-air. She also did mid-air jumps, and a copter spin. How did that go?

What Mary Said: It was 50/50.
What I said: It was very beautiful, but it lost a little charm.

Now on Frame 8, Ben who’s taking up…Ashlee. Being the 2nd to work with Doriana Sanchez, they’ll be doing…80’s Disco. (huh?) Let’s see how they’ll do to “Flashdance (What A Feeling).” Ashlee did a floor spin, and both did a circle-run move. Ashlee did an air-move, and even a catch & stay move to end it. Was it a catch of the day?

What Nigel said: It found a lot juvenile.
What I said: Why did Ashlee made a mistake when she made up a few mishaps? I wonder they picked the wrong style.

Frame #9 now, and it’s Travis rocking out with…Martha. Since the show is in LA and the Tony Awards came this past Sunday in NYC, we stay in the area with Broadway. They’ll be the 2nd to work with Tyce Diorio, and it’s time for them to go to work as they dance to “Steam Heat.” Martha did a knock-knock gesture, and Travis did a flip. He also did floor moves, and Martha did spins. Well, how was it?

What Nigel Said: You could be the couple to beat.
What I said: It was with humor, flair, and a whole lot of fun.

Now for the final frame, it’s Musa getting…Natalie. They’ll work with Alex Di Silva as they Mambo to “Nina.” Musa did a stomach rub on Natalie, and did a vibrate shake. He also broke it down solo, while Natalie did solo, too. Natalie did a few spins getting near the end. Is this the best dance we’ve ever seen?

What Nigel said: Musa stood there for the rest of the routine.
What I said: Musa did fine for the most part, but what was he doing while Natalie danced?

And that’s it. So to recap…(based on the judges opinions)

Strike: Benji & Donyelle, Travis & Martha, Stanislav & Erin, Jason & Alexzandra, Jaymz & Jessica
Spare: Ryan & Heidi, Ivan & Allison, Dimitri & Joy, Musa & Natalie
Gutterball: Ben & Ashlee

Tune in tomorrow to see which 6 dancers have the killer shot, and which 2 the judges want to split out of. Plus, Nelly Furtado will stop by to perform. See you soon, folks!

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