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Today is

Round of 18 (or "Sometimes It's Not Nice to Put on Daniel Powter on the Golf Course During a Round") - June 21

So You Think You Can Dance has 18 dancers left. It's the same like last week, and it's still 2 hours long. There's a lot more routines to go through, so let's get cracking.

Along with Nigel, Shane Sparks and Mia Michaels will be judging. For the funnier moments, we start with Shane, and he picks a girl from the Chicago auditions who threw up. Then, we go to Mia who chose the gender chameleon who flipped the wig out, and finally Nigel who chose on a guy nicknamed "Sex." We have a returning vistor named "Hawk" of the 6-step crew. He gets lots of support from his fans since he's been on the show. The rest of the 6-step crew are out to perform "Canned Heat" by Jamiroquai. Some did robotic work, while others breakdanced, even with last year's finalist, Ryan Confriedo. Now let's get down to business. The couples remain the same like last week, but they choose a style at random. And we're off!

Up first, Travis & Martha doing...Krump? Lil' "C" teaches them a lesson about Krump and what it's like. Now they'll know what's it's like on-stage doing "Clap Back" by Ja Rule. Both did a floor move, and threw out arm & foot moves throughout the number. Martha did a go-though and a crawl under, and both did a bang touch at the end. Did the Krumpness happen?

What Shane Said: Martha wasn't doing this for Travis.
What I said: Travis is the best krumper to ever see on this show. Krumping is a hard thing to do when you are on national TV. Shall we move along?

The 2nd couple is Jessica & Jaymz doing...a Foxtrot. They'll work with Mary Murphy as they get ready to do "Why Don't You Do Right." Jessica almost did a split, and both spun around. Jessica did a mid-air spin and she did a foot drag later on. Jessica also did a mid-air copter spin and a flip & go-through to end it. How did that go?

What Mia said: I thought it was really mature.
What I said: Really mature? They make a good couple with moves that are prefect for the ballroom.

Next up, Ivan & Allison doing...Hip-hop. They'll be the first couple to actually work woth 2 choreographers...Olisa & Cicely. Now let's see what they'll do to "Touch It" by Busta Rhymes. Everything was cool. Both did a lie-down move while they did some arm moves at the halfway point. After a few swerves, both did an indian sit-down to end it. Were they standing or sitting on this routine?

What Shane Said: I couldn't wait to see Ivan as a hip-hop dancer.
What I said: Ivan is a good hip-hop dancer to end up safe come tomorrow.

And next is Julia & Dimitri taking on...Samba. They'll work with Mark Weiss, and they'll now to go work doing "Mas Que Nada." Julia did spins & a dip, and even a leg hook and a dip at the end, while both did latin flair all through the routine. Did that happen?

What Mia Said: It was absolutely dreadful.
What I said: Julia tried to samba, but couldn't correct any lines. Dimitri tried to outlast it.

Going up next is Natalie & Musa doing...contemporary. They'll be working with Tavares Wilson and they're now up doing "Closer" by Goapele. They start out linked, and then got apart to dance later. Both did some floor work, and even ballet jumps. Natalie even went on top of Musa. When they came together, Natalie did a slow lie-down while Musa was kneeled to end it. Was it an art form?

What Mia said: The chemistry was amazing and Musa embraced & acheived it.
What I said: When they go for a contemporary routine, you better watch out for them.

Up 6th, Heidi & Ryan getting...Pop?! What is this? Anyhooldes, Tavares Wilson will bethe 2nd to work with them. Now to "Walk Away" by Kelly Clarkson, Heidi fake-slapped Ryan, but both did a swerve. Both were on their knees, and Heidi did a hang & circle. In the end, Heidi gets Ryan away. Did that sizzle or fizzle?

What Nigel said: Neither of you looked right.
What I said: Am I thinking Pop or something out of high school drama class? I'll never know.

And up is Ashlee & Ben doing...American Jive. Will it work this time? Mary Murphy will try to coach them and do it. To "Great Balls of Fire" by Jerry "The Killer" Lee Lewis, Ben jumped over Ashlee while both did kicks. Ashlee did a dip & rise move, and even a lawnmower move. Ben mimicked the guitar on Ashlee's leg, while both spun around. Ben dragged back while Ashlee splits near the end. Did it work this time?

What Shane said: I didn't like that.
What I said: I actually liked what the Jive was about. It was fun.

Number 8 has Alexzandra & Jason doing...Hip-hop. Being the 2nd to work with Olisa & Ciclely, they'll go old school with "Wrath Of Kane." Both worked it with energy including a split by Jason, and a jump to split by him again to end it. Was it really old school?

What Mia said: It praised the almight god.
What I said: Amen to That! These guys can do good on the floor.

Last up, Benji & Donyelle getting ready for...Cha-Cha. As they work with Mark Weiss, how well will they do to "Cuchi-Cuchi?" Well, Donyelle did a dip & leg squirm, and Benji did a slide through with a boot by Donyelle to end it. Was that hot?

What Shane said: That's what's up!
What I said: It can be the best cha-cha to ever witness in history.

Before we hole out on the night (based on the judges opinions):

BIRDIE: Benji & Donyelle, Jessica & Jaymz, Musa & Natalie, Ivan & Allison
PAR: Alexzandra & Jason, Julia & Dimitri, Travis & Martha, Heidi & Brian
BOGEY: Ashlee & Ben

And that's just the front 9. Tomorrow, the back 9, er, results show where someone will be cut. See you out on the golf course, er, studio.

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