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Season 2
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Today is

Round of 20 Results (or "Going for Turkey") - June 15

The opening dance meant you were about getting an Apple Ipod, but not today. This Brian Friedman-made piece means it's time for the 1st recap show. Let's see who's going home for good.

The highlights from last night begin with hip-hop routines. Donyelle & Benji outlasted Dimitri & Joy thanks to their sick moves. Although the judges didn't like Ryan & Heidi's vienesse waltz, they left the stage happy. Erin & Stanislav rocked out on the paso doble, and Tyce Diorio put these couples to work as Jason & Alexzandra did contemporary, while Martha & Travis did Broadway. Natalie & Musa did a mambo to round out the night, but in the disco dept., Ashlee & Ben flubbed it, but Jessica & Jaymz floored it. Now let's see who's safe and who's not.

Donyelle & Benji are up. Are they safe? Yes they do. Dimitri & Joy's next. Are they in the bottom 3? Sort of, but reversed it to be safe. Rayn & Heidi are up. Are they in or out? They're in. Erin & Stanislav's up. Did the paso doble pass or fail? It failed. That's couple #1. 2 down. Jason & Alexzandra are up. Was this the right time to get out in a hurry? Nope, they're safe. Maybe Travis & Martha think they're out...and they're not. Maybe Ivan & Allison think they're safe. Nope, it's couple #2 for them. Musa & Natalie are safe for sure, but do Ashlee & Ben think they're safe, too? Yes they are. Leaving Jessica & Jaymz the last couple to go for the solo round. Let's go there now.

Erin's up doing "Gotta Get Thru This" by Daniel Bedingfield. She does jumps, kicks and a jazzy dance. Stanislav will be up doing "Shing-Tin-Tin." (huh?) And he does it with a Latin flair. "Wild Horses" will be done by Daniel Bedingfield's sister Natasha, and Allison will dance with spins, a floor move and a wiggle at the zero cue. Ivan's ready to do "Ready" by Black Rob. he comes down the stairs, does a hip-hop dance and a silly dance at the last seconds. Jessica dancing to..."Dancing" by Elisa. She does a jump, a twirl, a roll over on the floor, and turns even when the clock hit zero. Jaymz has got game for "All That I got" by The Used. He does a kick, a jump, some spins and a few rolls & swerves to end it.

As the judges head backstage to decide who goes home, we get a performance from Nelly Furtado & Timbaland doing "Promiscuous." Her album, "Loose" will drop June 20th, the same week "America's Got Talent" premiers.

It's Cut Time. The girls will go first. It's down to Erin, Allsion, and Jessica. The first safe pick....Allison. Now it's down to Erin & Jessica. The first cut goes to...Erin. Jessica is left safe. Now the guys go at it. Jaymz is already safe, but it's down to Ivan or Stanislav...and it's Stanislav who gets cut. And as they leave the studio, the roster is cut down to 18. Tune in next week, as our remaining 9 couples dance to see who shot a turkey, and whose duck hunt was a misfire. We'll see you then, Bye!

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