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Season 2
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Today is

The round of 12 (or "The Steel Trap Plan) - July 12

Ever since the 20 dancers first stepped into studio 36, picking styles to master was like a game of Super Mario Bros. 2. Once you pick them, you throw out steps choreographers gave you in rehearsal. Come tomorrow, the judges will fire back and knock you out of the studio based upon your solo. And like the game itself, it got started by choosing partners from couples. And today, 12 couples are in the wardrobe room ready for the styles to be chosen. You'll never know what goes out the closet door like a potion. Let's begin.

Nigel, Mary and Brian are up to judge and Natalie & Musa will be up first to do...Hip-hop. As they work with Dan Karaty, let's see them dance to "Promiscious" by Nelly Furtado and Timbaland. After Musa did a girl attraction, he did a flip and turned into a gymnast. Both went to the stairs to do a romantic fakeout, and Musa did a go-through. Was it very serious or silly?

What Nigel said: It was worth waiting for.
What I said: Musa's a good gymnast for making up a good style.

Heidi & Ryan are up going for...Cha-Cha. Getting ready to work with Jean-Marc Genareux, let's see them work to "Sex Bomb" by Tom Jones. Heidi takes teh jacket off at the start, Ryan sat on the chair, and Heidi put on foot on the chair. Heidi did an upside-down copter move and then both did an auto-can opener move, and finally both went to the chair for a few moves at the end. Was it a stand up perfomance?

What Mary said: Heidi is a ball of fire.
What I said: Heidi could be in the perfect place for the final four.

Allison & Ivan are ready to tackle on...Contemporary. As they work with Tyce Diorio, let's see them dance to "Why" by Annie Lennox. Allison did a kick, a run & jump move and both did a romantic gesture, another one later on, and one more at the edge of the stage to end it. Was it very romantic?

What Mary said: It took us on an emotional roller-coaster ride.
What I said: It moved me, too.

Ashlee & Dimitri are ready for...Pop. Let's see them move to "Let Me" by Rhianna. Ashlee did a fall back move and she also did a fast spin, and did a tug & let go move later on. By the end, she pushed Dimitry on the floor a tiny bit. Did that pop?

What Nigel said: They can forget the performance in 20 minutes.
What I said: I would never let Dimitry lose Ashlee tomorrow.

Martha & Travis are about to go with...The Fox Trot. Can they pull out another ballroom style as they dance to "WitchCraft?" Travis comes down the stairs, and Martha did a few spins. She also did a dip & go through, a windmill move and a dip to end it. Well, how'd it go?

What Brian said: It wasn't a bang of kryptonite.
What I said: If they're safe, can they do something else outside of ballroom?

Donyelle & Benji are last up to do...Broadway. Now they're ready to dance to "You Can't Stop The Beat" from Hairspray. Both did some twister moves, and Benji did a rocker gesture. He also did a kick and both did a chicken gesture. Was it really a beat rocker?

What Mary said: It was 50% corny, 40% energetic, 10% totally faced, and 100% absolutely fantastic.
What I said: It was more fun than the "Hairspray" movie.

Before we close out: (based on the judges opinions)

Perfect like a Steeler: Benji & Donyelle, Allison & Ivan, Heidi & Ryan, Natalie & Musa
Average than a Steel Worker: Martha & Travis
Worse than the movie "Steel:" Ashlee & Dimitry

Think it's "Game Over?" Nope. Tune in tomorrow to see who'll hear those words to 1 guy and 1 girl. But for tonight, it's Game Over. Peace!

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