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Season 2
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Today is

Round of 18 Results (or "A 19th Hole Hangover You Don't Deserve") - June 22

The remix to the opening dance made by James Brown and created by Dan Karaty means it's time for the results show. Let's see who's knocking down a birdie, and who's got a bogey.

The dancers arrived in the studio last night 2 hours before show time, and when it came time, it was on like Smash TV. The hip-hop section started with Travis & Martha's Krump that got Nigel to do it. Ivan & Allison took it east coast, while Alexzandra & Jason took it Old-school. Meanwhile, Jessica & Jaymz did a Foxtrot, while Natalie & Musa went for contemporary. Heidi & Ryan added up pop for fun while Joy & Dimitri struggled in dress rehearsal and with their routine on stage, while Ashlee & Ben improved on last week. Benji & Donyelle lowered the curtain with a cha-cha.

Let's see who's safe and who's not. The first 3 couples are: Jessica & Jaymz, Ben & Ashlee and Joy & Dimitri. Was Jessica & jaymz safe? Yes they were. Was Ben & ashlee safe? Yes they were. Meaning Joy & Dimitri were in the bottom 3. The 2nd tier has Travis & Martha, Musa & Natalie and Benji & Donyelle...and like that, they're all safe. The final tier has Alexzandra & Jason, Heidi & Ryan and Ivan & Allison. Only one was safe and it was....Ivan & Allison. That means Alexzandra & Jason and Heidi & Ryan get set for the solo round.

Up first was Joy doing jumps by a modern dance and goofing off at zero.

Next up, Dimitri...with the black "hammer pants," (yay!) does a unique bullfighter dance.

And next up is Heidi doing some salsa moves, fancy footwork and a split at the zero mark.

Ryan's up doing twists, turns and some arm work.

Alexzandra's in doing a contemporary routine the whole time.

And finally, Jason taking off his jacket at the start, and does a hip-hop throwdown.

That'll end the solo round, so while the judges ponder on who gets cut, why don't we enjoy "S.O.S" by 17-year old singing sensation from the Barbados, Rihanna? She looks good. Okay, song's over, let's get to cutting.

The girls are up first. Joy, Allison & Heidi are first. Allison's a safe pick, but who's out? It was......Joy. Heidi stays put for another week. Now the guys. Jason, Ryan & Dimitri are up. Dimitri's good for another week, but who's not? We know it's..............Jason. Ryan will dance for another week. That means the roster is cut down to 16. Tune in next week to see which remaining 8 couples will hit an ace, and who'll take a drop...literally. See you soon, folks.

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