So You Think You Can Dance
Season 2
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Today is

Round of 16 Results (or "Sweet Dreams Sourpuss") - June 29

The opening dance, done by Shane Sparks to Bell Biv DeVoe's Poison, and made by the girls in the red and guys in the black track warm-up suits means the pit stop will have 2 eliminated byu the end of this one before you know it. It's the results show of "So You Think You Can Dance," and we're off!

We start out with last night's action. For the first time, 2 hip-hop choreographers took the 3rd chair, and hip-hop dancing started with Ashlee & Ben that split the judges. Martha & Travis tried it, but the judges didn't like it. Alexzandra and Dimitry were the first to try out a ballroom dance, and it was Dimitry who hit errors. Benji & Donyelle danced well, and then Jessica & Jaymz danced well despite her injury. Natalie & Musa did a quickstep, and then Ryan & Heidi lit the dance floor up. The best one went to...Allison & Ivan. Now we pick the worst.

Allison & Ivan and Heidi & Ryan are up and they

Ashlee & Ben chose them to be the bottom 3 while Martha & Travis are safe.

Jessica & Jaymz join these hip-hoppers in the bottom 3 while Donyelle & Benji stay safe.

Now it's down to either Natalie & Musa or Alexzandra & Dimitry. Who's in the bottom 3? It's Alexzandra & Dimitri leaving Natalie & Musa safe. Now let's see who sweet enough to make the solo round.

Ashlee's up first doing "She's A Bad Mama Jama." She took the jacket off and did her own urban style.

Next up is Ben doing "Everything" by Lifehouse. He does more spins than a NASCAR race for a contemporary look.

Jessica's up doing "Fever" by Michael Buble, and did a leg lift and a jump for a jazz dance.

Jaymz is up doing "Only One" by Yellowcard, and he was one for a contemporary style, and went off stage when time ran out.

Alexzandra's up doing "insensible" by Mandalay, and does a contemporary routine.

Last up is Dimity doing "Magladena" by Sergio Mendes, and does a butt slide, and got on his knees at the end with his latin style.

That'll end the round, so the judges will decide who's going. And while we do that, let's enjoy a song from Natasha Bedingfield called...."Single." (Hey, it works for a cutesy song)

Now the girls are up to bat to see who's cut. Ashlee is a safe pick, but who else will be joining her? It's Jessica, meaning Alexzandra is gone. Now the guys are up. Nigel asks Ashlee about Ben's solo, but saves it because Dimitry is safe. Nigel then asks how much power Ben put in his solo and it was zero, then asks the same question to Jaymz and it was horrible, but it wasn't as Jaymz stays safe and Ben goes out the door crying. The roster is cut down to 14. Tune in next week to see who's sweeter than honey, and who's sour than cream. See you soon.

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