So You Think You Can Dance
Season 2
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Today is

The round of 12 Results (or "Steel magnolias") - July 13

The opening dance took it back to 1979 with Born To Be Alive by Patrick Hernandez and done by Doriana Sanchez. Since it's 2006, It's time to let 2 go for good. The Results show is underway.

Last night, Ashlee & Dimitry put pop on the map, and Musa & Natalie showed the atr of hip-hop. Ryan & Heidi did a cha-cha, while Travis & Martha came in with a fox trot. Donyelle & Benji were the 2nd couple in the finals to do Broadway, while Ivan & Allison touched, moved, and inspired us all with contemporary. The top 12 marched into the studio to chat with Cat, but no....Nigel warned us that next week, they'll all split apart, and randomly choose a partner for a new style and another on their own solo. Each will have their own telephone number the public will have.

Now, the dangers of which couple to go solo. Our first group featues Donyelle & Benji and Ashlee & Dimitry. Looks like Dimitry wants to dance again solo. He'll be in the bottom 3 along with Ashlee while Donyelle & Benji stay safe. The next group features Martha & Travis and Heidi & Ryan....and for the first time, Martha & Travis will dance solo while Heidi & Ryan play it safe. Our last group features Allison & Ivan and Natalie & Musa. Who's safe? It's...Allison & Ivan. Natalie & Musa will dance solo as we get ready for the solo round.

Let me remind you that the dancers have half a minute to make survival. Ashlee's up first doing "We Don't Play" and she shows you what a hip-hop popper can do.

Dimitry's up doing "Jailhouse Rock," and does a spins, a hat toss and a jive dance with a couple of splits.

Martha will be up doing "Still" by Jodie Manress. She does a conremporary dance and goofed off at zero.

"The Blower's Daughter" by Damien Rice will be the song Travis will be taking. He does spins, jumps and leg spins in a contemporary style.

Natalie will be next doing "some Girls" by Rachel Stevens. She slinks down the stairs and does a weird spin in a contemporary style.

Musa's last doing "Disco Inferno," and he does flips, breakdancing and a dog slide in a hip-hop style.

The judges will rush backstage one last time to pick off 2, and while they do that, it'll be the Pussycat Dolls to talk about the show, and perform a song called "Buttons." (cute, huh?) Now that it's over, 1 girl will press a button that reads "Suddenly I see" and 1 guy will read "The End of The Road." Who is it?

The girls will be up first. Natalie made a safe pick, but it's down to Ashlee & Martha. Who's going home? It's....Ashlee. The guys will be up. Travis rocked his way to safety, but who's safe? It's...Dimitry leaving Musa gone. The roster is cut down to 10. Next week, new routines going back to season 1. It'll be a good one. See you soon.

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