So You Think You Can Dance
Season 2
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Today is

The round of 10 Results (or "The Pun: Making a blooper out of someone") - July 20

The opening dance done by Wade Robson and starred dancers dressed as zombies in 18th century costumes mean it's no time for a freakshow. It's the results show. On to it!

The highlights start out with Dimitry & Donyelle taking on the Lindy Hop and spiced up with the samba. Donyelle threw out the hip-hop stops and Dimitry decided to play it latin. Martha & Ivan did hip-hop, but the smooth waltz was a bump in the road. But a solo by Martha wearing a green hat, and Ivan doing skating proved it was all a road rash. Ryan & Allison took contemporary and did Broadway where Allison played expert. Both proved and never gave up in their solo routines. Travis & Heidi got passionate in the Paso Doble and won drama in contemporary, but Heidi shook up with her solo and Travis stayed calm with his. Finally, Natalie & Benji spiced up some jazz and went for a mild hip-hop, but Natalie went solo, only to steal the spotlight to Benji. Now who's out of the spotlight for the top 8?

Based upon the inspiration of the show "Are You Hot?" I decided to see who's safe and who's not. Let's go. The girls always go first.

MARTHA-NOT (because of that green hat and a bad solo)
NATALIE-NOT (because of a bad hip-hop) which means...
HEIDI-RED HOT (best solo I ever saw)

Now we get the guys....

RYAN-NOT (because of not controlling the spotlight in the broadway routine)
TRVAIS-HOT (and his hair, too)
BENJI-HOT (because that solo was quirky)
DIMITRY-NOT HOT (Aww, come on!) That leaves us with...
IVAN-HOT and another for his skating solo)

So it's Natalie, Martha. Dimitry and Ryan up in the solo round. Let's get to it.

Martha goes first and ditches the hat for the jazz solo.
Ryan went next and unleashed the wild animal with his contemporary style
Natalie is up sitting, and got up to do a contemporary style.
Finally, Dimitry's up doing a latin style and would'nt take his shirt off. Good for you, DImitry.

While the judges ponder who's out, we get Chris Brown, the dancing dynamo doing "Gimmie That." He brought his crew and even danced in unison, too. Now let's see who's gone.

Martha & Natalie will be up first. The judges knew for sure it was....Martha. Oh, and she gets a solo again. Now's it Ryan & Dimitry. And the eviction goes to.....................Dimitry. He's been evitced from the SYTYCD house. And he'll solo to end it while we say good bye. The roster is cut down to 8. Tune in next week for more solos, couples and routines than ever before. So long, everyone.

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