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Season 2
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Today is

Round of 16 (or "How to Kill Two Birds with 16 Stones") - June 28

As of this year, many teenagers at age 16 dream about being a singer, but that's another show. I'm focusing on dancing, and that's what tonight's "So You Think You Can Dance" is. Since 2 are gone, a new couple is formed. Will it work this time? Mix the strawberry milk and we're on our way!

WIth Nigel, Mary and Cicely & Olisa on board to judge, let's turn to these 2 hip-hoppers for a favorite moment: A tap dancer with a straight face. Now it's Mary's turn. She's picks a girl with a wild dancing personality, and finally, Nigel chose the rude one with the Mick jagger Lips.

To give you an idea of what is going on after the cameras roll, they wake up at 6:30 a.m., Results day. When they arrive at the studio, they do a "shake-off" routine before the show. With Jason & Joy gone, the contestants say goodbye one last time. As they get set for another week, they do things on camera and in rehearsal. Next, they pick the wardrobe to fit the style of the routine. After free time in the gym or in the pool, they get set for Wednesday's big show. Now, we keep the big show rolling with Lindy Hop champions, Hop, Swing & a Jump. The girls did flips, fine leg work, and even forming a circle before they all fell down at the end. Now let's get to our first couple.

Up first, Ashlee & Ben doing...hip-hop. They'll work with Todd Sams, and they're now on stage doing "Caught Up" by Usher. Ben zipped the zipper down on his jacket, and Ashlee did a slink-through. Both did arm work, and Ashlee took Ben's jacket to end it. Was the routine caught off guard?

What Cicley & Olisa said: They were hot to trot!
What I said: Ashlee's squirm-through may be her best hip-hop move to date.

Next, Heidi & Ryan going for...Cuban Rumba. This could be good. They'll now work with Alex Da Silva, and they're up doing "rumba Del Solar." Ryan took off the hat, and did bongos on Heidi's back...Yikes...When both got wilder, Heidi did spins, while Ryan did a Flip & squat move. Well, how was it?

What Nigel said: "loved that Afro-Cuban-style."
What I said: Heidi can kill the moves whenever the tempo goes in any direction.

1st time as a couple, it's Dimitry and Alexzandra doing...The waltz. They'll work with Heather Smith, and they're now up doing "If I were a Painter" by Kenny Rogers. (the singer, not the pitcher) Alexzandra did a few turn arounds, and by the end, Alexzandra walked out leaving with Dimity left alone. Was it the story we know of?

What Mary Said: Everything was so stiff.
What I said: Alexzandra tried out the arms, but was it lacking the balance?

Going up is Allison & Ivan doing a...Argentine Tango. Being the 2nd to return...and work with Alex Da Sila, let's see how they clean up last week by doing "Libertango" by Bond. Allison did a kick over while doing a spin, dip & a crawl-through. She also did a kick and a jump over, folloed by spins & a dip to end it. Was it fire to these 2?

What Mary said: Ivan is the man!
What I said: Finally, Ivan knew how to partner Allison like it would.

And now it's Donyelle & Benji doing...Pop Jazz. Being the 1st to work with Brian Friedman, let's enjoy them in "Put The Needle On it." Donyelle comes in while Benji gestures as DJ. Donyelle did a kick over while both did some arm work. They also did a rolling pin move at the end. Did it sizzle or fizzle?

What Nigel said: They danced like partners just like champagne and caviar.
What I said: They done it like Pizza & Root Beer.

Now it's Natalie & Musa's turn doing...The quickstep. (one of my favorite DWTS styles) The 2nd to work with Heather Smith, they now go to work doing "Zoot Suit Riot." Natalie did a split, and both went around the floor. After a few jumps, both did a rocking the baby move and Natalie did a split to end it. Did they step it up?

What Mary said: Musa has a lot of heart.
What I said: Why did they not jump a little higher?

Up now is Jessica & Jaymz doing...Contemporary. They're now ready to dance to "Let Go." They statrted at the crow's nest, and went downstairs while Jessica did a flip over. After she did a kick over, both went to the stage. They both did jumps and a romantic ending. Was that a blockbuster or a bomb?

What Nigel said: The freedom of movement was beautiful.
What I said: That routine came on like an anything-goes wrestling match.

Finally, Martha & Travis doing...Hip-hop. Being the 2nd to work with Todd Sams, let's see how they do to "Just Fine." Travis soloed at the start, and showed it to Martha, while she did a pull-up move to Travis. By the rest, it got all romantic from there. Well then, was it just fine?

What Nigel said: I didn't think they were good.
What I said: What Happened? What kind of zone were they in?

Before we head out the door (based on what the judges said):

SWEET PICKLES: Allison & Ivan, Donyelle & Benji, Heidi & Ryan, Jessica & Jaymz, Ashlee & Ben
SWEET & SOUR SAUCE: Natalie & Musa
SOUR MILK: Dimitri & Alexzandra, Martha Travis

And we're not done yet. Come back in 23 hours to see which 2 are cut. See you soon.

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