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Season 2
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Today is

The round of 10 Results (or "Behind Every Gauntlet Is a Villain") - July 19

The round of 10 (or "Behind Every Gauntlet is a true villian")

If you haven't seen it last week, you're about to see it this week. The new couples will be formed, plus one solo of their own in between all this. So let's get started.

NIgel, Cicely & Olisa and Jean-Marc are up to judge and we are underway with Ivan going for ...Martha. First style: Hip-hop. They'll work with Shane Sparks as they do "Me And You" by Cassie. After they did a few moves, an exploding sound effect put Ivan on Martha, and then both did hand moves along the way. Did that create some spark?

What Nigel said: Martha let Ivan dance by himself.
What I said: Why would you make Martha give up a few moves?

Now for a solo. Donyelle will be going first doing "Git It" by Bun B. with Ying Yang Twins, and she does it all with a hip-hop throwdown. But wait, we got comments!

What Jean-Marc said: She's a money player.
What I said: Not only that, she can do it to survive.

Dimitry will be up doing "Pump It" by the Black Eyed Peas, and he does it all with his own flair and style.

What Cicely & Olisa said: It was like watching Michael Jackson.
What I said: He really is being Michael Jackson.

Travis has chosen Heidi as his partner and he gets...Paso Doble. As they work with Mary Murphy, let's see how they do to "Plaza of Execution." Both did a flamenco style and Heidi did a slide through. Heidi ended it with a wild floor spin that left her lying. Was that wild?

What Nigel said: It was teh best dramatic opening.
What I said: I agree, the best intro to witness it all.

Ryan has took Allison as his partner and will be doing...contemporary. As they work with Mia Michaels, let's see them dance to "Ethna." Allison did a go-through, and Ryan did a leg lift. Both did an electric hand move and jumped offstage at the end. Was that really fun?

What Cicely & Olisa said: This choreograhpy is crazy.
What I said: Crazy? Not really, but it felt like it.

Martha will solo now to "What You Waiting For?" by Gwen Stefani. Wearing a green hat that reminds me of Kung Lao...yay...She does flips, and a lasso move. Ride 'em cowboy! How did that go?

What Nigel said: It was nothing outstanding.
What I said: Was there something obscure in her solo?

Ivan will be next soloing to "This Luv" by Donell Jones. He does a slide move...another later on....and another later...and one more at the closing seconds. Don't hurt yourself, kid.

What Nigel said: It was a gimmick.
What I said: It wasn't when he did those railslide moves.

Dimitry has found a new partner....Donyelle, and they'll be doing the...Lindy Hop. As they work with Nick Williams and Kristin Sorci, let's see them perform to "Sing, Sing Sing." Dimitry did a split and both did some kicks, and Donyelle did a fall back move and a slide through, followed by both lying down to end it. Well, how did it go?

What Nigel said: Donyelle was like a bundle of dynamite.
What I said: Yeah, but was Dimitry out of range?

Benji gets...Natalie...and they get...Jazz. As they work with Tyce Diorio, let's see them perform to "Beautiful" by india.arie. Benji did a slide-through and some cartwheels, followed by a romantic ending to give us staight-up jazz. How did that go?

What Cicely & Olisa said: It felt the music and showed it to the crowd.
What I said: Right, they did.

Heidi's soloing now to "Dum Diddly" by the Black Eyed Peas. All she did on stage was fast-shaking and twisting.

What Cicely & Olisa said: It looked like a ragamuffin.
What I said: It felt like a video game controller vibrating.

Second style time! Martha and Ivan are up first doing...the smooth waltz. As they work with Michael Meade and Toni Redpath, let's have them dance to "Sandy's Song" by Dolly Parton. Martha did a copter move and also did a mid-air spin all with an ending. Was there any bumps in the road for these two?

What Jean-Marc said: The frame wasn't there for both.
What I said: Hmm, why did that happen?

Travis will solo now as he does spins and tumbles, and a sit-down split to end it.

What Nigel said: Travis has got a center.
What I said: Yes he does, along with a great ending.

Allison & Ryan's second style...Broadway. Dim the lights and let's have them dance to "Bye Bye Blackbird" by Liza Minelli. Allison did a merry-go-round move, and did a stand on a partner gesture. She also did spins along the way. How was it?

What Nigel said: Ryan wasn't there for me.
What I said: I know, Nigel, but Allison handled it like a pro.

Natalie's up for a solo to "Lamentaion." She started sitting, went up and did a comtemporary style.

What Jean-Marc said: It was just passionite.
What I said: It was all the sparks she had, too.

Benji will now solo to "Land of 1000 dances" by Wilson Pickett. He does some spins, went downstairs, did more spins, and showed the crowd his buttocks at the edge of the stage. Okay, that's enough.

What Cicely & Olisa said: It was very entertaining.
What I said: This was worth the cost of admission.

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