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Season 2
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Today is

The Round of 14 (or "They're just 14 dancers, they didn't win the lottery") - July 5

After a July 4th BBQ, It's time to sit back and get ready for a round of "So You Think You Can Dance." Yet another 2 hours to kill as we get this thing started...

Before we start, the auditions started in NYC, where Martha was in there, and sometimes a dancer could be his/her last. Take for instance, Shayna Fink who did a good hip-hop dance, but Nigel wouldn't let her in due to injury. Over we went to Charleston, where Natalie, Travis, Heidi & Dimitry was in there, and we headed off to the west coast where a barrage of good & bad dancers came, but John Goldstein came with his hip-hop style that went to Vegas, along with him came Gevory Manaourkian, an amazing breakdancer who took his shirt off. Joining them where Benji, Ashlee, Donyelle, Allison & Ivan, but what about a girl named Pandora? Well, she did some robotic work that took her into round 2, but ran out of gas. Lastly, Chicago where Jaymz & Jessica came into, but a guy named Jeremy did some swing dancing...solo, and then Allie Krukoski did a hip-hop dance, but if you watch the replay, she does a weird face. Okay, enough talk about auditions, let's get to the competition.

Joining Nigel would be Mary Murphy and Dan Kataty, and up on stage to perform is Lil' C and the J-Squad doing a krumping routine that's madder than Martha & Travis. Although i've seen 1 guy take his shirt off, let's take off on the first couple.

Up first, Heidi & Ryan going for...hip-hop. As they'll work with Shane Sparks, let's see them dance to "Give It All You Got." Ryan did a go-through, and both did a slo-mo move, They also did a floor backstroke, and went robotic. Both did arm moves, followed by a split and an electrocuted ending. Was it the shock they needed?

What Dan said: It looked like a cheerleading routine.
What I said: Oh wait, cheerleading? Did they put their ESPN skills to use?

Next, Martha & Travis doing...Salsa. As they work as Ron Montez, let's light them up to "Tanga." Martha did spins & a dip, and even a kick. Travis did some spins, and after a tumble by Martha, both went to the floor to end it. Was it the Salsa in their chips?

What Nigel said: It's just a bit too short.
What I said: Short wasn't sweet for Martha who acted like Tina Turner.

3rd, Ashlee & Dimitry going for...Contemporary. Getting ready to work with Brian Freidman, let's see how they do to "Dance Dance" by Fall Out Boy. Dimitry starts by pulling the white sheet off and makes Ashlee appear. Ashlee leans back, and after they went to the stairs, Ashlee did a copter move, but paused. Dimitry tried to resume her but didn't work, and the song ended. Was it Magic?

What Dan said: They were not playing the characters.
What I said: They were, but does it have anything to do with it?

Up next, Natalie & Musa doing...Disco. As they work with Doriana Sanchez, let's have them work at "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer. Musa did a split while Natalie did spins, and a flying move. She also did a whirlwind move towards the end. Was it the spin of their lives?

What Nigel said: Musa's strength was there for Natalie.
What I said: Musa had good strength for air moves.

Going up is Donyelle & Benji doing the...Vienesse Waltz. As they work with Michael Meade and Toni Redpath, they're taking the floor to "Have you ever really loved a woman." Donyelle did a short jump and both took turns. Donyelle did a jump, a leg lift and an air-spin, followed by a bending dip, and a romantic ending by both. Well, was it romantic?

What Dan said: They're the most entertaining couple.
What I said: Yay for these guys!

Allison & Ivan take their turn on....West Coast Swing. Being the 2nd to work with Ron Montez, let's swing to "Don't Happen No More" by Pat Benatar. Allison did a back & forth slide through, and both did a few swerves. Ashlee did a flip and a drag move, and did a flip around in the closing seconds. Did that swing really get hip?

What Dan said: It looked like freestyling.
What I said: West Coast Swing could be the best for these 2.

And lastly, Jessica & Jaymz will work with Shane Sparks to do hip-hop to "I Can Make You Dance." Jessica did a squirm-through, and Jaymz did a split...and then the scarves come out. They put ot down and grab it with their teeth, and then threw it away, and both did a lie-down move to end it. Did the scarves help them earn enough brownie points?

What Nigel said: It was Hip-hop by numbers.
What I said: Did the scarves made it more entertaining?

Before we cash out and go home...(based on the judges opinions)
WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE: Allison & Ivan, Natalie & Musa, Donyelle & Benji
DEAL OR NO DEAL: Heidi & Ryan, Ashlee & Dimitry, Martha & Travis
WINDFALL: Jessica & Jaymz

The chase for the $100,000 heats up. Tune in tomorrow to see which 2 are out of the money. See you soon!

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