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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

May 29, 2007

Jason:  I think he wants that new Sat-Go from DirecTV...that is sweet!
Joe:    Graham Elwood was pushing DirecTV a while ago, right?
Jason:  I think. Have you seen that Device?
Joe:    No, is it like a Slingbox?
Jason:  Its a briefcase size 17" LCD monitor with a DireCTV dish built in.
Joe:    That wins if it had OnDemand and net capabilities, I'm set for life.
Jason:  Check it out.
Don:    Sounds really cool!
Joe:    But I <3 my OnDemand. Especially since I can tape stuff off it and onto my lappy.
Gordon: As we continue Episode #150, let's have some acting fun with Roleplay! You know the deal. I give you a character and you act with it
Jason:  Oh boy!
Joe:    Oh geez
Gordon: We start with Joe Mello
Joe:    Great. Can I be a catboy?
Chico: First of all, that's just scary. Second of I need a 'second of all' here?
Don:    lol
Joe:    It gets me love at conventions, what can I say, now?
Chico: Joe wants to be the cat boy, he can be the catboy. I'm not going to judge least not until the end of this broadcast.
Jason:  right.
Joe:    =^_^=
Jason:  Oh boy.
Joe:    Anyway, back to the topic at hand
Chico: Joe, you are...Laila Ali from Dancing With the Stars. There's a Cat for you. A dancing catboy. You have lost DWTS to a newcomer and an Olympian. What's going through your head?
Joe:    Crap, I lost
Gordon: How will this affect your boxing career?
Joe:    It may actually improve it, now that I know all that fancy footwork. I'll beat suckas down all that much faster.
Gordon: Are you going to punch out any of the judges?
Joe:    No, although I may punch Ohno just to get his Gold Medal.  You know I've always wanted one
Chico: I just want to know how it feels to work with Sugar Ray Leonard on infomercials.
Joe:    It feels sweet. :P
Chico: I know you've taken your fair share of hits, but that has to hurt, doesn't it?
Joe:    Of course it hurts--I'm competitive--but it's nothing I cant come back from.
Gordon: Not even a jab at Heather Mills?
Joe:    Her mother wears Army boots? (I'm watching said Ail-Leonard advert now)

(Everyone switches to GSN)

Don:    I'm seeing it, too.
Gordon: Ok. Next one for Mr. Harpwood
Don:    Ready.
Gordon: You are...Bob Barker. We all know you've been saying that you aren't nvolved in picking your replacement, but be honest, what have you been up to?
Don:    Well, at this time, I just want to focus on making sure my last few shows are the best that they can be.
Gordon: Come on. Don't be politically correct. Tell us what's REALLY on your mind.
Don:    Let's face it.  The Price is Right just won't be the same without me, no matter who gets picked.
Joe:    What about your hand?  How'd it get hurt this time?
Don:    Another fight with Happy Gilmore.  It seems that he didn't get enough the first time!
Chico: Yeah!
Joe:    Who do you want to replace you, if you had a say?
Jason:  Yeah, come tell.
Don:    If I had a say, out of who's left, I'd say Todd.  He seems like a good choice.
Joe:    What about if you could pick anyone?
Don:    Out of anyone...  Hmm. I guess I'd still say Todd.
Gordon: Thank you Don. Now Jason
Jason:  Whatcha got?
Gordon: Both Chico and I think you make a very good bitch.
Jason:  Excuse me?
Gordon: You are Paula Abdul's Bitch
Jason:  Woof!
Gordon: Specifically, you are Paula's dog Tulip, who is to be blamed for causing Paula to trip and break her nose. What was the real story?
Joe:    Heh, catboy and now dogboy.
Jason:  Well, here's the truth. Ryan, Simon, Randy and her were shall we say being "adult" with each other...Randy tripped and knocked her off the bed.
Gordon: Oh my. They let dogs in to see that stuff?
Chico: Wah waah waaaaaahhhh. I don't buy it. I was told that you bit her where the sun don't shine
Jason:  Alright fine, you got me...she was trying to feed me that nasty Canadian dog food and I showed her. She really doesn't know that much--it was bad stuff.
Chico: Now does that feel better?
Jason:  Woof.
Joe:    So what would have prevented this...aherm....disaster?
Jason:  (licks Chico on the hand) Gourmet dog food and water. And a better dressing room.
Joe:    What is it with them always wanting a bigger dressing room?
Gordon: Now that's something a real bitch would say
Jason:  I am a bitch. And better looking than Tinkerbell.
Gordon: Thank you Jason. Now Chico...
Chico: Yes?
Gordon: You are... a Bingo Ball. How does it feel to be bouncing in a hopper on the lowest ranked game show on the air?
Chico: Well, it beats being George Strombolopoulos.
Jason:  Anything does that.
Chico: But seriously, I'm developing some jealousy issues. My brother is a Lingo ball on a show with some success, while I'm on the show that's the butt of most game show writer's jokes. The apple doesn't fall from the tree though. My dad was a ball on Monty Hall's Bingo at Home.
Jason:  You have some famous relatives.
Gordon: Good grief. Couldn't you get some work on those lottery shows?
Joe:    Look at it this way, you get handled by an HPA.  How bad can that be?
Chico:  A hot piece of... Yeah. Well, I did have some work on those lottery shows. They got new balls for the new season of The Big Spin and I was out of a job. You know how those things work.
Jason:  Yeah. It's a weight and use issue
Chico: Well, what can I say though? The ladies love me.
Joe:    Chicks do dig big balls
Jason:  Bingo Balls that is.
Gordon: Ok. and Chico has the last one for me...
Chico: You are Dylan Lane.
Gordon: Thanks, Chico.
Chico: No problem. You are Dylan Lane, but you seem to be getting the short end of the stick this week. A. You were shown on the GSN promos for being a really bad charades player...You admitted on camera, in front of millions, that you wear a fauxhawk. C. You made a flub on another episode of Chain Reaction this week, where you inadvertently gave an answer to a question. You're not this bad off-camera, are you?
Gordon: Of course I'm not that bad off-camera. I am one with nature and the woods. I have a balance of zen that allows me to be of one mind and nature. The great Chico Alexander has taught me the ways of the world.
Chico: Sorry, but I can't take credit for THAT.
Gordon: Now if you excuse me, I need to go get on my bike and get back to my apartment for my yoga show.
Chico: Good luck with that. And I mean that. And watch out for those cars. I hear that moving cars in the city is bad Ju-Ju.
Gordon: Car? What ca...(CRASH!)
Don:    Oops.
Joe:    *TPIR losing horns*
Jason:  Oh well.
Chico: Well while we're cleaning up this mess, we'll be going to break right

(Brought to you by On The Backlot. 16 ringers from your favorite movie compete to be Steven Spielberg's Bus Boy for the show. The winner also get a box of Krispy Kremes per week for the next six months)



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