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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

May 7, 2007

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper and...where are all these burros coming from?
Chico: The petting zoo... duh.
Gordon: I mean why are there here?
Jason: (comes in wearing sombrero and serape) Hola!
Gordon: And why does Jason look like Speedy Gonzalez?
Chico: Same reason Block is wearing a sombrero and I'm drinking a Dos Equis. Because it's Cinco de Mayo...And today, we're going back to school, back to competition, and back to the streets.
Gordon: And the donkeys here for the occasion or are they here to signify the number of jackasses this week?
Jason: Hey!
Gordon: Not you, Block.
Chico: That'd be a lot of donkeys... anyway, from somewhere in America, the Cinco de Mayo edition of We Love to Interrupt... is on!
Jason: Arriba!
Chico: Alongside Gordon and Jason Block, I'm the resident Hispanic at the Disco, Chico Alexander...
Jason: More Central American, but yeah :)
Gordon: Panamanians celebrate El Cinco De Mayo?
Chico: Nope. But you know what... any excuse to drink beer and get empanadas.
Jason: Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day no?
Chico: No. It's the celebration of the Battle of Puebla. Mexican Independence Day comes later. Learned that watching the news.
Gordon: And what is that, for all of those people who have no clue what that is?
Jason: Basically is the Mexican resistance of a French Invasion.
Chico: It was a battle between a small Mexican army and overwhelming French transgressionists
Gordon: The Battle of Puebla, that is.
Chico: It occurred in 1852, and the result was a win for the Mexicans. Eat that, Napoleon.  For more info, you can look up "Battle of Puebla" on Wikipedia.
Gordon: We here at WLTI like to educate, as most of the US think that El Cinco De Mayo is just another reason to drink more Mexican booze.
Chico: Heh. Now for other things you learn at university. Who's up for a college trip?
Jason: I am.
Chico: Jeopardy! spent Commencement week at USC for its College Championship. Unlike other tournaments, there was no real dominator, which was pretty cool. Will Schultz shows up the delegate from the host school, University of Southern California. And it all comes down to... of all things... presidential succession. But again, a lot of close matches and no real favorite meaning that the tournament can go in any direction. Another thing we learned.. Harvard... Yale... Penn... overrated.
Jason: Aren't they always? :)
Chico: Yeah, but now we have proof. So let's go into next week's matches. To review, the semifinalists are....

Dean Malec - Northwestern
Craig Boge - Stanford
Pete Troyan - Michigan
Will Schultz - UNC Tar Heels
Christine Kennedy - Notre Dame
Cliff Galiher - UCLA
Alice Luo - Georgia Tech
Haritha Sudanagunta - UC San Diego
Hayley Clatterbuck - Nebraska

Chico: Again, no real favorites. But if I had to choose one... it would be the one that couldn't be caught on Friday, Christine. But out of this pool, you have a lot of people who can play the board, you know?
Jason: Exactly.
Chico: A lot of different styles representative of past champions. You can tell these nine have done their research. We're in for a great semi-final. Thoughts?
Jason: Anything can happen in a tournament style game. But if they play right and play smart...anyone can win.
Gordon: Not only is there no representation from Harvard, there's no
representation from ANY ivy league school
Chico: Well, consider that only Harvard, Yale, and Penn were present. Their rivalry.... overrated.
Gordon: Who faces who in the semis?
Chico: I'm glad you asked! Big Board, please.

College Drafts...

- All three panelists: Cliff, Christine & Craig

Chico: Monday: Alice vs. Cliff vs. Hayley. The requisite battle of the wild cards.
Jason: What did each do?
Chico: Of the three, Cliff had the higher Coryat score, which means he had the best combination of more right answers to less wrong ones. Plus he has home court advantage... as much as one can given that he's a Bruin in Trojan territory. But yeah, Alice was second Monday, Hayley was second Tuesday, and Cliff was second Wednesday.
Jason: Cliff is the favorite here.
Chico: Seems like it.
Jason: I'll go with him
Chico: I'm also going with him.
Gordon: Make it a 3some.
Jason: It is a coin flip.
Chico: It really is when you have such an even playing field here. Tuesday's match: Christine vs. Will vs. Haritha. Christine was the dominator in Friday's match. Will won when the leader missed the Final. Haritha is a wild card.
Jason: If Christine continues her play....and gets going she will win.
Chico: Agreed. Part of Christine's victory on Friday was establishing a rhythm in the late game. The other half, of course, wagering.
Jason: That's the beauty of this.
Gordon: I'll agree with the majority as well.
Jason: And #3?
Chico: The third match: Craig vs. Dean vs. Pete.
Jason: What did each do in this match?
Chico: All three won their matches, Craig, by a wider margin than the other two.
Jason: That's a match where anything can happen. I will say Craig, but that is another coin flip.
Chico: Again, it's building a momentum. It could go between Craig and Pete, but if we're judging on past performances, Craig's the favorite here.
Gordon: I'll actually say Dean here.
Chico: Now to the final... Cliff, Christine, and Craig.
Jason: 2 games even more so...but depending on Day 1...I think Craig will win.
Chico: I can probably count the times a wild card went to win the whole thing on my hands, so it's really going to be a match between the two locks. I'm going with Craig. But whoever wins this tournament and the $100 large that goes with it... VERY deserved.
Jason: Of course...
Chico: That said, we'd like to congratulate Sanjaya for winning the Jeopardy! College Championship :-)
Gordon: If you liked Blake going to the Final 4 with Lakisha, Melinda and Jordin, that was also a fine choice.
Chico: Fine choice is an understatement. Phil and Chris being knocked out on the same night assures that Blake is safe at least to the round of 3.
Jason: Blake is the last man standing...and he will be in the finals guaranteed...just which Diva will be there is another issue.
Chico: Quite possibly to the final. And you know why?
Jason: Why?
Chico: Go 'head. Ask me why.
Gordon: Why, Chico?
Chico: Split genre vote.
Jason: Right on.
Chico: Three soul singers... one soul audience. It's why Park Gillespie won American Candidate so many moons ago (he was the lone conservative in a pool of liberals)
Gordon: Idol has always been an R&B audience. This week, we saw just how much of one it was.
Chico: Yeah, but what happens when that audience has to choose up sides?
Jason: Bloodletting and chaos. This week's coach--Barry Gibb with "Boogie Music". 2 songs each.
Chico: Define "Boogie music"
Jason: I don't guess...Bee Gees and Disco music.
Chico: Hope you brought your castrati. But still, if Jordin and Blake deliver powerhouse performances to the boogie music, you could see both early-round "favorites" in the bottom two. And if that happens... Get ready for the ensuing chaos.
Gordon: This could be a very dangerous week for Melinda. We'll see how strong her fanbase is, because everyone knows Lakisha is in trouble and they may think Melinda is safe.
Chico: She came with 100% throughout. She better come with 115 this week.
Jason: Everyone has to bring the A game this week. It's go time now.
Chico: This is the dread round of 4 coming up,
Jason: Remember last year at this time?
Chico: Not just last year. Season 1... Tamyra was left hanging...Season 2... Josh was discharged.
Jason: Season 3 Latoya London and the charges of Racism
Chico: Season 4: Anthony got the boot. Season 5... A little known rocker by the name of Chris Daughtry.
Jason: Season 6---who knows? Any thoughts?
Chico: I'm guessing one of the three Dreamgirls 2. 51% Melinda... 49% LaKisha.
Gordon: I think Blake is as safe as can be.
Jason: Blake can read War and Peace and still get in.
Gordon: Jordin is safe too, I'll say Lakisha and say that Melinda's fan base is too strong - just to be different
Chico: Needless to say, this week... will be interesting.
Jason: I will say Lakisha too. But Melinda going wouldn't shock me.
Chico: Next, we cross the lot of TV City to TPIR, where... nothing really happened. Unless you were, say, a fictional suit-wearing womanizer from New York City.
Jason: Ah yes.  I actually watched that on Innertube.
Chico: I'm actually pretty jazzed that they had the appropriate graphics/sound cues. But that's just me.
Jason: Rich Fields in an interview with a college radio station, said the TPIR Crew shot those scenes.
Chico: I know. I read another one. They said that they caught a show just after it was taped. So they had a lot of props and such ready. How nice.
Jason: For what it was, it was ok.
Chico: A bit of entertaining television... Especially the Clock Game bit.
Jason: That was cool.
Gordon: I thought it was cute. I liked how they played it out
Chico: But could it happen for realsies?
Gordon: I still think though that the best Sitcom to game show translation was Cheers, when Cliff Claven appeared on Jeopardy.
Jason: I agree on that one.
Chico: Agreed.
Jason: But Barney wouldn't be picked out of the lineup. That suit wouldn't last the 24 plus hours + on line.
Chico: Yeah. They tend to go for... well, you saw what happened this week. :-)
Jason: loud crazy people.
Chico: That use prices that end in 5 in Ten Chances.
Jason: (bangs head)
Gordon: Sigh. Sadness.
Chico: People... research is not a bad thing. But for what it was, Barney on the PIR... no "What is.. Cliff Claven"... but at least he did his research... and for that, it's good. Chico: That... is determination.
Jason: That was cool. I liked the fact he was an "uber-fan". The whole bit about why he liked TPIR had to have come from a fan. That was good writing.
Chico: But of course.. he could never be Bob Barker's son... Sorry. But who cared, he was prepared to believe anything.
Jason: Right--son of divorce...goes as him for Halloween.
Chico: What red-blooded American child of the 80s DIDN'T go as Bob Barker at least once?
Jason: LOL
Gordon: But that's not the only celebrity who was involved in Game Show Shenanigans this week
Jason: What happened?
Gordon: Orpah Winfrey got a mini taste of Deal Or NO Deal, as she played for a person in the audience
Chico: When was this?
Jason: On Friday's show. There are clips on 12 cases ranging from .01 to $100,000. May I summarize?
Chico: Go for it.
Jason: Oprah gets down to $5,000 and $75,000. The banker, being a bit more generous than usual, offers $50,000. After an agonizing decision, and polling the audience, she says....NO DEAL. Inside her case....$5,000. So they find one person with the word DEAL in her bag on her Hershey's kiss.
Chico: Forgive me for indulging in a moment of schadenfreude, but.... heh.
Gordon: But that's not all
Jason: The person was very happy with the $5,000--but since this is the 100th Anniversary of the Hershey's company...she gets her real prize....
Jason: $100,000 in cash from Hershey's! Her son (Valerie--the winner's name) is going to college and that is going to pay for it...TA-DA! Good deal for her.
Chico: Indeed.
Jason: And Oprah got to see what it was like...and I am glad they played it for real. Up until the surprise reveal anyway...
Chico: Heh. Oh well. It's Oprah. It's to be expected.
Jason: But if you look at the clips...they are fun.
Chico: Indeed they are. So tell me, guys.. how's that compare to a cab ride across Manhattan?
Jason: Depends if you got picked or not...But I heard a certain game show cabbie is back
Chico: Indeed. It's the third go-round for the Emmy-nominated Cash Cab, and instead of "What's going on" as the average response, it's "Oh my god, it's the Cash Cab!" You notice that?
Jason: Well, since I haven't seen it since the But I will look for it. People know. Or people are told to react like that :)
Gordon: I'll go with the latter.
Chico: Either or, but given that you'll still have the "What the.. is this the disco cab" reaction... more than likely, it's genuine.
Jason: It's still a cool cab.
Chico: Game itself hasn't changed any, not that it needs to for something this simple.
Jason: Make sure you answer all your questions before they stop.
Gordon: Still, it's fun to see. It would be nicer to see them utilize their helps to the max, though.
Chico: The delivery is as wry as ever, as authentically New York as ever.
Jason: Which is part of it's charm.
Chico: Exactly. Last week saw the first 10 of 80 shows ordered, so look for more over the summer.
Jason: 7 weeks of fun.
Chico: At least. Meanwhile, it's time to rewind the first week of sweeps....actually, we did already, so we're going to Fast Forward to the next week. Everyone ready?
Gordon: Ready
Chico: Okay. Sunday is the season finale of Amazing Race All-Stars. Hooray.
Jason: Yay.
Chico: We got the Jeopardy! college finals. More in San Diego on the Wheel...
Jason: 5 weeks left on the Price Watch.
Chico: The season finale of Bullrun on Tuesday...
Jason: 6 weeks I think
Chico: And... are we missing anything?
Jason: Is Next Sunday the Survivor Finale?
Chico: Mother's Day. Yes.
Jason: Got it.
Gordon: I think that's it
Chico: Alrighty. In that case... I think it's time to fit the burros into the Choppler. If such a thing is possible.
Jason: They won't fit...I told you they wouldn't fit.
Gordon: They are sort of...cough, cough...smaelly
Jason: They smell like well..burros.
Chico: Okay, how about these hamsters in sombreros, then?
Jason: That's cute.
Chico: Gordon, you ready?
Gordon: Roll that beautiful Brain Footage
Chico: I'll take that as a "Si."

Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Muchas gracias.
Jason: De Nada.
Chico: Senor Pepper?
Gordon: Si Si
Chico: First article, please?

We spoke about this months ago, and it's finally come to pass. You can now vote on those Idol Finals Songs that We've been hearing so much about

Jason: They have narrowed it down to 20 I believe.
Chico: Twenty yes, and they're all available at
Jason: And the winner gets performed on the finale.
Chico: But lines close Tuesday.
Jason: So Listen and vote...
Chico: Anyone of you guys checked it out?
Gordon: I did, Not too bad. Still not blown away with the song selection.
Jason: Not yet.
Chico: But anything's better than "Do I Make You Proud", right?
Jason: "Do I Creep You Out" by Weird Al of course :)
Chico: I'm still not opposed to just hijacking a Pop Idol's single. Just a thought. You've done it before...
Gordon: Id like to see the finalists have a Weird Al Yanovkic night.
Chico: Me too...Come on "Everything You Know Is Wrong."
Gordon: How fun woudld that be. 'Lakisha, you sang...'Eat it'
Jason: OH NO.
Chico: That's just 15 shades of wrong right there. Okay, next up...

A long time ago, we reported on a pilot for a show called "The Farmer Wants a Wife".... Well, the CW, fresh off the successful first season of Pussycat Dolls...has picked it up.

Jason: Well, something has to fill the Gilmore Girls's slot.
Chico: That's true. The show, if you remember, is what I call YABC. "Yet Another Bachelor Clone." Where challenges set upon the prospectives include things one would encounter as they lived on a farm.
Gordon: I see the CW making a misstep here Anyone remember Outback Jack?
Chico: Thanks for bringing THAT up again. I'm going to need more cerveza.
Jason: That was TBS and yes, mas cerveza por favor. Or is this Tequila flavored Haterade.
Gordon: Haterade
Jason: So who are we toasting this week?

Remember the Principal that allowed her teach to go on the Bachelor? She got demoted and subsequently resigned

Chico: D'oh!
Jason: Oops.
Gordon: That' good
Chico: No. That bad.
Jason: Education first...reality show second. Also happened to a wrestler by the name of Matt Striker on ECW. He was a teacher in the NYC school system and took sick days to wrestle in Japan. Not good.
Chico: Now he has more time to hang out with Bob Sapp.
Jason: Yes.
Chico: It's Sapp Time... It's Beast Time... Break out your Wii-motes and your steins, because it's time to get loaded.

Among the games on the release list at the Tokyo Game Show for Nintendo's Wii, Activision has placed a game based on "Dancing with the Stars".

Gordon: Whoo-hoo
Chico: Activision has yet to confirm or deny said rumors.
Jason: How is that going to work with the Wii-Mote? And does it come with a virtual Cheryl Burke? Rowr. :)
Chico: I don't know, but if it worked with Cooking Mama, why not?  And to answer your question... I don't know. But even the power of the Wii cannot capture the hotness that is Cheryl Burke. I'm sorry. Some things just can't be replicated.
Jason: Not even a PS3 either. The girl has IT.
Gordon: And she's a certifiable Media HO
Jason: (starts dancing) Oh yeah...Media HO time.
Chico: *plays "Pimpin All Over the World"*
Jason: Post Imus Theme is cool.
Gordon: In this weeks Report on this special CinHo de MayHo...
Jason: LOL

Ty Treadway becomes the host of Let's Play Crosswords, Chuck Barris comes out with the new book 'The Big Question', Wilmer Valderrama signs with Fremantle, Vernon Kay looks for Elvis, Constantine Maroulis goes to The Bold and the Beautiful, Bob Barker gets honored, Tom Poston passes...


Hayden Christianson and Aaron Crumbaugh (Amazine Race) get hitched, Phil Stacey may miss the Idol tour due to Armed Forces service, the The Vierw ladies whine about George Bush being on Idol

Chico: They're the View ladies. They whine about everything. It's why we watch TPIR
Jason: Amen.
Gordon: But none of them are your ho of the week
Jason: Is it a certain lady who is going to jail?
Gordon: No, but I don't want to forget Jessica Sierra for getting arrested for a variety of offenses.
Jason: I was thinking Paris myself.
Chico: So was I...
Gordon: If you are on a show called Charm School and you want to make a name for yourself, what's the best way to do it?
Jason: Be charming, no?
Gordon: Be charming...on video tape...with your clothes off.
Chico: Doin' stuff.
Jason: Nekkid?
Gordon: Butt nekkid.
Jason: Reality show sex tape, huh?
Chico: Jennifer "Toasteee" Toof... your Ho of the Week for... making a sex tape.
Jason: Oh no
Gordon: Watch for Toastee's porn tapes coming to a local chain near you. And those...are your hoes
Chico: Next, we're going somewhere far and exotic... again.
Gordon: Is it Paris Hilton's new jail cell?
Jason: She might be after 45 days :)

If you're reading from the UK (first of all, thank you), you might want to take Monday off for the premiere of Pyramid. And yes, it is reminiscent of the 2002 Pyramid. Right down to the purplish titles and the scaffolding game board.

Jason: Hopefully better celebs.
Gordon: I would have liked it a lot better if it was reminiscent of the 80's Pyramid
Chico: I'll take the mid-70s. I'm old-school like that.
Jason: I go with Gordon on this one.
Chico: Or hell, just mix the two and get the Ceramic Dalmatians to play "The $17,500 Pyramid".
Gordon: What about adding the $100,000 version and getting the $39,166 Pyramid?
Chico: Only if you remix the theme.
Jason: LOL
Chico: I know you know people who are adept at such things, Gordon. I want a remix!
Jason: You can do it!
Gordon: Next week
Chico: Woo! Okay, that's it for Brainvision. Our spectacular mas grande continues in a bit, but first, last week we asked which call-in game show you liked... the least. After we had to throw out yet ANOTHER batch of powervotes, 47% said that MyGames Fever was the pinnacle of suck.
Gordon: nice
Chico: 33% went with Play2Win and its two... umm... hosts.
Jason: There you go
Chico: 13% say Midnight Money Madness was bad, and 7%... Playmania. So PlayMania... non-scientifically proven... still the big kid in the sandbox. This week, it's all about Mark Burnett...and similar people who have jobs this summer.

[FrontPage Save Results Component]

Which show are you looking forward to this summer

So You Think You Can Dance
Hell's Kitchen
Pirate Master
Without Prejudice
None of these; wake me up when September begins.

Chico: Results next week. On the other side of the break... the doctor... is in!
Gordon: But first, we get on down and PARTY!
Chico: This is We Love to Interrupt, celebrating five years of HARD PARTYING!

(Brainvision is powered by George's Vermont Restaurant, serving the Vermont area since 1990. George's Vermont Restaurant. We put maple syrup on everything! We miss you, Tom...)



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