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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

May 21, 2007

Chico: Last week, we were on the money. This week... not so much.
Gordon: Stop at a Whammy. (Whaaaa-whaaaaaaa)
Chico: Suppose that's what we get.
Jason: Are we talking the battle of the younguns on Idol this coming week?
Chico: That... and Earl.
Jason: Well, if not for nothing, Dreamz better be wearing some asbestos shorts in the near future.
Chico: We'll get to all of that, plus America's game of Bingo... as hosted by a Brit. Because from somewhere in America... We Love to Interrupt... is on!
Jason: YAY!
Chico: Alongside my cohort in crime Gordon Pepper and this week's innocent victim Jason Block, I'm Chico Alexander, thanking you for joining us.
Jason: Innocent Victim...not the tar and feathers again!
Gordon: Actually, I have a nice new set of boxer shorts that we are going to wedgie you with.
Chico: Wee! We've got a lot of things to hit on, so we're going to start with my third-favorite sitcom meeting my third-favorite reality show. That's right... "My Name is Earl" on "Survivor"
Jason: No No No. One Earl won Survivor. The other Earl was in jail, last we left him on the show. The sitcom that is.
Gordon: You could consider someone stuck with Dreamz, Yau Man and Cassandra the equivalent of being stuck in jail
Chico: Wrong Earl. This Earl shuffled off his supposed partner in crime, Yau-Man in order to get to the million.
Gordon: Earl also made Survivor history.
Chico: How did Earl make history?
Jason: He was the first African American Male to win and he was the first unanimous winner. Jury 9-0 for Earl.
Chico: Hmm. It's either Earl.. or coat-tail-rider (Cassandra) or out-and-out liar (Dreamz)...Not a hard choice.
Jason: And with Dreamz pulling the biggest screwjob in a long time on Survivor, Yau-Man vs. Earl could have been REAL interesting.
Chico: Yeah, but Earl knew that he wouldn't win given the circumstances. So for the good of his game, Yau-Man had to go.
Jason: I would consider Yau-Man the 2nd best player of all time behind Richard.
Gordon: I wouldn't. He didn't win.
Chico: He'd be THE best if he won.
Jason: So, the only criteria is winning?
Gordon: Uhhh...yeah. Duh. I think the error he made knocks him out of the best players club. Discussion.
Jason: And that error was...trusting Dreamz?
Gordon: This is someone who was already responsiible for the demise of 2 alliances. Do you really think he is trust-worthy? Dreamz is the current season's version of Johnny Fairplay. He is not a player to be trusted. What killed Yau is top trust Dreamz, as Dreams knew full well that Yau was a threat to win the whiole thing and everyone knew it.
Chico: Not to discount Rob Cesternino, the best player never to win.
Gordon: Rich and Brian are the best players because they were not only threats, but threats that no one were able to stop. Yau was stoppable and got stopped. Yes, if Yau got to the finals, he wins in a rout, but I dont consider strategy hinging on winning immunity very good strategy. Rich and Brian were great players because they didn't need immunity to win.
Chico: So Yau-Man.... didn't play the best game all around. Earl did. And that's why he won.
Gordon: Earl didn't make himself a threat. His name was never written down. He played a game very similar to Sandra in Survivor 7 because they just stayed in the weeds and let someone else do the dirty work.
Chico: That would be playing the best game, yeah. Not getting too involved. Only interceding when asked to.
Gordon: If anything, Earl played the better game than Yau. He didn't need to win immunity because he was never that big of a target. Earl should be ranked higher than Yau - but I don't put anyone in this group among the elite players. And if Yau won, yes, you could credit it to him - but also to the stupidity of Dreamz, who would be the equivalent of the cow being led to McDonald's.
Jason: Moo.
Chico: How do you think he'd do against Melinda Doolittle?
Gordon: I don't see Earl as an American Idol. I didn't see Melinda as one either, and neither did the YOUNGER voting public.
Chico: Nope. We finally have proof positive that the younguns are running things around here, as we see a Blake-Jordin final.
Jason: 17 v. 22. The diva v. the beatboxer.
Gordon: That also answers who exactly was controlling the Sanjaya vote.
Jason: Sanjaya/Chris/Phil
Chico: Yep. The Ashley Perls of the world. They split their bets between the younger girl and the only guy. Thus Melinda AND LaKisha get their walking papers.
Jason: Not to say either of them aren't very talented.
Chico: In retrospect, we probably should've seen it coming.
Jason: We almost did.
Chico: Certainly not, J. This was the tightest semi-final we've seen in a while.
Jason: I believe this is the highest our choice got....3rd.
Chico: True, true. Everyone brought their A game.. but Melinda just didn't have the audience. But still, this isn't the last we'll see of her.
Jason: Heck no.
Gordon: I've said this all season. It's about song choice. Taylor Hicks, who was even older than Melinda, stayed young and selected popular music. Melinda didn't sing any music made famous from the past 10 years
Chico: The closest she got was "I Believe in You and Me" from 1997.
Gordon: If Melinda let go with some nice pop music, we see Jordin and Melinda in the finals
Jason: She even said so herself.
Gordon: Yep. She realized her folly a little too late
Jason: She also said she was tight, which is very interesting. Looking back IT DID SEEM like she was doing a gig, instead of winning a contest.
Chico: Like she already had this in the bag?
Jason: Not that, but she was performing as a singer.. She knew who she was--a background singer. I don't think she believed in herself enough to win.
Gordon: She didn't sing like there was a million dollar contract on the line - nerves may have done her in.
Chico: Well, at least we know her "I don't believe it!" looks were sincere... That's... something, right?
Jason: True. BTW...what we are saying is NOT an attack on her.
Chico: Of course not. It honestly could've gone either way.
Jason: Exactly. It was that close.
Chico: The way it did though creates a historical first.
Jason: Oh?
Chico: For the first time, an American Idol will not come from the southeastern-region of the United States idenitified as the American South. No soul food...No NASCAR...No Cheerwine...
Gordon: No Jeff Foxworhty?
Chico: No red velvet cake. No Jeff Foxworthy either..
Gordon: Awww.
Chico: Now to the big question... is there any way Jordin does NOT win this?
Jason: Absolutely there is. Blake is unique. As long as he keeps the beatboxing to a minimum...he could do it. Jordin though is the favorite.
Gordon: I respectfully disagree. Melinda's vote is going to go to Jordin. Jordin will win this one in a rout
Chico: I'm going to have to agree... with...Wait for it...Wait for it...Gordon.
Gordon: :)
Chico: Those who were voting for a female soul singer will vote in... a female soul singer who just happens to dabble in a little of everything.
Jason: Believe me, I agree with you guys, but I am not going to discount Blake's fanbase. You guys can, I won't.
Gordon: I will.
Chico: Done.
Gordon: It's not that I am discounting Blake's fanbase as much as I am giving Jordin's fan base a ton of credit
Chico: Yeah, I mean they've been through a lot. And Jordin's never been in the bottom if memory serves, so yeah... Big fan base..
Jason: Thats right. Blake has. If she wins, she will be the youngest ever.
Chico: Yep.
Gordon: Bingo!
Chico: NO!
Jason: No!
Chico: *sigh* Yes. Friday was National Bingo Night on ABC for the first time. Now we have a problem here. Our ethos here on WLTI is to look at the good and the bad before coming up with a final judgment....The problem is... I can't think of one good thing that ties the whole thing together.
Jason: I watched it for about 10 minutes. It gave me a headache.
Chico: Ed Sanders (from Extreme Makeover, Home Edition). doesn't hunt-and-peck for the joke. That's good... BUT the editing (and it's really heinous), makes him look less capable than he is.
Gordon: The good about this game is that at least we get our first Indian game show sidekick
Chico: His name is Sunil Narkar. The game itself is nothing we haven't seen if you're an avid fan of "Illinois' Luckiest" and/or "Make Me Famous Make Me Rich." And he has the catch phrase of the series: "NO BINGO!"
Gordon: Anything else good about the show?
Jason: The set is interesting.
Chico: The ball caller was pretty easy on the eyes.
Jason: There is a big interactive home game.
Chico: So there you go... the good. Now... the bad... The whole package a) is loud and garish and b) looks like it was put together in a combined 30 minutes. 15 in the boardroom at ABC, and 15 in the editing room at ABC.
Jason: This smells of filler.
Chico: Without the side game, it's just bingo... and it's really a chore to watch.
Gordon: You cant spell Boring without 'BINGO'
Jason: We laughed when we saw it 50 years ago with Monty Hall.
Gordon: Not only that but the pacing is ridiculously slow. I admit to going to Bingo Parlors when I was a little Gordon, and the people playing the game would have been falling asleep.
Jason: I have been to Bingo Parlors as well. Boring..
Chico: Same here.
Gordon: Or they could be falling asleep because they are 130 years old and missed nap time.
Jason: And if you have been to Bingo in Casinos...they are loud and boisterous. Lots of money given away.
Gordon: The show gave the audience anyway...$60,000. 2 wins from the audience. 1 win for the player
Jason: ok
Chico: Seems like it was bingo done up too big.
Gordon: So my take on it? There is a game in there somewhere, but with ridiculously slow pacing and cheesy hosting, this gets a D and a 069 - for suck.
Jason: This gets a B03--BAD.
Chico: The interactive element saves this game from total failure. D-.
Gordon: At least I know that one Jeopardy player this week did not suck.
Jason: Oh yeah. 5 day champ 120K+
Chico: Not only that.. he could've played the College championship two weeks ago... didn't.
Gordon: Good thing he didn't. He won over $20,000 more this way. Does this make him a threat for next season's Tournament of Champions?
Jason: Big time.
Chico: Why not. After all, he was up against people twice his age but only knew half as much. He has an ethereal Zen about him.
Jason: You would are a Buddhist :)
Chico: Oh, of course. He may look goofy.. and he just might be ... but behind his face is a giant tornado waiting to wallop anyone and everyone that got in his way. BUT he was done in by ... Crime Time.
Jason: Smack indeed.
Chico: Here's the clue that spelled the end..

The largest art theft in US history was at 1:45a on this date in 1990, while Boston slumbered after partying.

Jason: What is January 1? And if I remember right, the theft was "The Scream" by Hieronymus Bosch.
Jason: Excuse the spelling.
Chico: Good guess. Wrong. The correct response: "What is March 18?"
Gordon: Duh.
Chico: Boston... large Irish population, partied their butts off on St. Paddy's Day.
Jason: Duh Indeed.
Chico: Don't feel too bad. Andrew got it wrong as well, allowing Sara to get the win. This isn't the last we've heard of Andrew.... not by a longshot.
Jason: Oh yeah.
Chico: From a potential J! legend to a bonafide game show legend. It's time for PriceWatch... This week, a week full of tributes.
Jason: Two full Million Dollar Spectacular and one old school Price.
Chico: GSN dusts off a week's worth of Match Game. We're getting some I've Got a Secret later tonight. And of course two primetime specials on CBS.
Gordon: Lets go to the first show, which was a Million Dollar Spectacular. The first half of the show, however, looked more like a MDS...Million Dollar Skunk.
Jason: A viper was lost on Golden Road, and it didn't get better than that.
Gordon: We played More or Less, and the person loses on the first item.
Jason: And it looked like it was going to be bad, but we come back with a stellar 2nd half.
Chico: But it did get better as we had a $10,000 win on the Big Wheel and a million dollar spin. No big money there, though.
Gordon: And a $10,000 winner on the Big Wheel. We also had a $60,000+ winner during the showcase round
Jason: Actually she won the bigger showcase (which I would have won both with) including a Cadillac XLR.
Gordon: Meanwhile, Jeff Thisted, contestant coordinator for The Price is Right, is the newest host for Playmania.
Jason: For a night.
Gordon: He's got the Sunday shift - 100 Winners
Chico: Better than the usual chick they get to host that show.
Jason: Anything is better than that.
Gordon: And he'll have to deal with callers like this. It's a picture game, it's a picture of a woman, and the clue is 'Lachera Yar' What could the answer possibly be?
Chico: Rachael Ray?
Gordon: Correct Answer - Rachael Ray. Contestants Answer - Michael Jackson.
Chico: Ummm... no.
Gordon: BTW - Quiznation's puzzle - Name the Game Show Host


Chico: ... Wait, I know this one.
Gordon: It's not Michael Jackson
Gordon: Nice. BTW, we had 'The Price is Right' as a Puzzle answer and Showcase as another puzzle answer
Jason: Oh and Bob did a Top Ten List this week on Letterman.
Chico: The contestants friend is Kortney with a K.
Gordon: I think it's time to do BrainVision with a B. I hear the hamsters can cook a mean pot roast
Jason: They used Rachael's Recipe and a lot of EVOO..
Gordon: Nice. Is the Choppler ready?
Chico: Pumped and fueled with EVOO.
Jason: Ah, saving on Gas costs. Nice. Biodiesel.
Gordon: Roll that Beautiful Brain Footage

Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Nice. Okay, Gordon, you're first.
Gordon: First up...and people in the NYC area will LOVE this...
Jason: You mean like me!
Gordon: Well...sort of...

Wheel of Fortune is coming to NYC! Not only are they taping shows in September, but they are looking for contestants to three themed weeks - Best Friends Week, Celebrity Week and Heroes Week. If you want to play, go to Wheel of Fortune's Website. By the way, Jason Block can't play, because he's already been on the show (and won $1,500) and he's an old fart.

Jason: This is of course in celebration of Wheel's 25th Anniversary in Syndication. This will be for the November Sweeps most likely.
Gordon: Next article?
Chico: Okay, got it right there.

Here's a date for you. June 1. According to the Daily News, NBC has until June 1 to renew "The Apprentice" before Trump is free to shop it elsewhere.

Jason: Ah but I have breaking news!

*window breaking*

Chico: That's coming out of your tab, J.
Jason: Damn.
Chico: Seriously, though..

Jason: He is quitting The Apprentice. Done. Fini. This happened yesterday.
Chico: I'll be.
Jason: He said if NBC didn't want it...he is taking his ball and going home.
Chico: Well there you go.. Apprentice... done.
Gordon: Read: NBC is not coming close to renewing the show and this is the Donald's way to save face
Chico: Nice save. NOT.
Jason: Pretty much. Sad end to a great show.
Chico: But seriously, you had to see it coming, right?
Gordon: I'm not sure it's over yet. If anything, I think that the show could actually be better if Burnett pitched the show to another network with a new person at the helm
Chico: Oh yeah. Someone without the ego, perhaps?
Jason: lol
Gordon: I still think someone like Jerry Buss would be a great fit
Jason: Head of the Lakers. Interesting.
Gordon: Yes. Poker suuplier of Haterade everywhere
Chico: Who's taking a drink today?
Jason: (sets up a glass) I'm In.

Endemol gets bought out - by John De Mol and associates after Telefonica cleaned out Endemol and booted out some of the major management. With De Mol back in charge, expect a Telefonica house-cleaning and even more nastiness to ensue.

Chico: Could be worse. Could mean a return to the season 1 flavor of Big Brother... Ew?
Jason: Ew indeed.
Gordon: Endemol's global value - 50% LESS now than when De Mol sold it to Telefonica to begin the deal
Jason: Not good.
Chico: Well, obviously de Mol's going to do some cleaning while enhancing the brands that are currently expanding. As if Deal or No Deal couldn't get any bigger. Okay, next up...

Next player to get fully loaded is Frank Cartwright, named online head of GSN this week. He'll oversee the website, expanding its casual gaming content.

Jason: GSN has had a very impressive online presence. Hopefully Mr. Cartwright will continue it's success.
Gordon: I can't see him not doing it. He can raise some internet hoes!
Jason: Internet Hoes....I get spam from them every stinking day!
Gordon: Naughty Nancy wants to be your MySpace Friend
Chico: And they all want to be my MySpace friend..Okay, Gordon, anyone who wants to be your friend this week?

If you want to be my Media Ho Friend, then join us to be a member of America's Band, who is looking for contestants. Also looking for contestants - Temptation, Without Prejudice, Meet My Folks, and...Paradise Hotel?!? Yes, Paradise Hotel is back, so if you want to be the next Toni Ferrari, go to Speaking of Hoes, we have the first look of the contestants for Hell's Kitchen 3. In addition, Ian Ziering leaves DWTS, while Tabitha and Tyson both get knocked out from Shear Genius. Jazlene Gonzalez wins America's Next Top Model, Graham Norton gets a new game show on Lifetime, and Drew Carey gets Power of 10 to CBS.

Gordon: None of them, however, are the hoes of the week
Jason: Who gets the Pimp Cup this week?
Gordon: The Pimp Cup, and man has she been pimping up a storm, is Carrie Underwood, who wins another 3 Country music awards - this time, the ACM awards
Jason: Including Album of the Year...and, very smartly, thanks American Idol.
Gordon: That's why Carrie is where Carrie is
Jason: Some Hearts is a damn good country album.
Chico: If I may make a ho addendum while we're talking Idol... Phil Stacey is cleared by the Navy to go touring with the top 10 this summer. Good for fans of the bald and sexy. Alright, one more. And.. we've already been to Italy, so let's go to Australia...

Eddie McGuire is stepping down as Nine president a) to concentrate on his gig as host of 1 vs. 100, and b) he failed to produce results against rival network Seven.

Chico: This is a quote from ABC here. "Now he's on the way out himself because, according to media analysts, he couldn't deliver the results James Packer and the parent company PBL demanded." Take from that what you will.
Jason: Ouch.
Gordon: Welcome to the TV business. We also welcome the poll results from last week.
Chico: That we do. 59% say Jordin's gonna take the AI. 23% ... Blake. And the other 18%... Sanjaya?!
Gordon: Nice. Now as you know, next week is our special 150th episode of the show
Jason: Oh wow! Yeah.
Chico: Also, it's the season finale.
Gordon: It is
Chico: So you guys get to choose what we tackle...
Gordon: And because it's episode #150, we're going to give you EVERY story on our radar this week.
Chico: Top six get the nod.
Gordon: Here we go...

[FrontPage Save Results Component]

You get to control what we talk about next week? So what do we talk about?

Barker Watch
American Idol Finale
Dancing with the Stars Finale
Jeff on Playmania
National Bingo Night
Pirate Master
So You Think You Can Dance
On the Lot
The NYC Subway Hero on DOND
Vas o No Vas
The Bachelor Finale
1 vs. 100 Returns... in reruns
Wheel of Fortune
Cash Cab
Chain Reaction

Chico: We can go on and on.
Gordon: We have to - its for show 150
Chico: Of course. Okay, results next week. Vote early and vote often. Meanwhile, we look forward to fall as we fire up our TiVos and flip our coins after the break This is We Love to Interrupt, celebrating five years of throwing it all out there.

('Coming soon for GSN: National Lingo Night. Chuck Woolery as Commissioner, and Shandi Finnessey as the ball girl. To hell with Ralph Andrews, Noooo Liiiinnnngo!)



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