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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

March 12, 2007

Chico: Today, it's the show the viewers demanded... literally. What happens when we give our audience the remote?
Jason: I don't know.
Chico: We'll find out and so will you. Because from Somewhere in America... We Love to Interrupt... is ... ON!
Jason: Whoo-hoo!
Rob: YAY!
Don: Oh yeah!
Gordon: Gordon Pepper here, and along with Chico Alexander, let's meet the guests. From someone who knows what the people want - and that's more 5th graders, Mr. Jason Block
Jason: Hello. Is that show still on?
Gordon: For at least the next 13 years. Next up, a man who's audience wants Looneys and Toonies, Mr. Don Harpwood.
Don: I wouldn't mind seeing a millionaire or two soon...
Gordon: And finally, a man who's audience probably wants to see less rain, from Seattle, Mr. Robert Seidelman.
Rob: Well, the more rain means the less we have to see an annoying guy take over for Meredith..
Chico: Unless you happen to watch the Food Network, but more on that later.
Gordon: Right now, we start with what the public wants to see as their first item covered. What does the public want, Mr. Alexander?
Chico: The winner of last week's poll.... this week's 1 vs. 100! Time to hear the ballad of Andrew Murray. When he started, $205,000 was his. And he was 15 people away from a million.
Gordon: No ballad needed here. Andrew Murray starts with a Help and $205,000. He loses the help on the very first question, but gets it right and moves up to $235,000. Once the Mob is lowered under 10, a new rule comes into play - You can now see the next question (though you can not see the choices). Andrew bails out after seeing this question -

What food served with a pita would PETA not approve of?

A. Falafel
B. Hummus
C. Moussaka

Jason: C Moussaka
Rob: Yeah, C.
Chico: C. I watch enough Iron Chef to know that. Moussaka is made of lamb, which would not be liked by people who protect animals.
Jason: Falafel is chickpeas; so is Hummus.
Gordon: Andrew bails, but would have selected A. The answer - C and Andrew leaves happy. The mob is not happy, but they will be much happier with Mike Torrence, who is an internet researcher who is a little too big for his britches. I personally think it's fascinating that more people knew Britney Spears' perfume than knew what the square root of 100 is. One of said people - Roller Girl Frieda Fondle.
Don: lol
Jason: LOL
Chico: ... but does he know this?

What US President lived the longest?

a) Gerald Ford
b) Richard Nixon
c) Ronald Reagan

Jason: A
Rob: C
Don: I was thinking B, but it was just a guess.
Chico: Alright, one of you is correct. The other picked what Mike picked. The third... is Don. With $83,000 on the line, Mike picked... C. Jason, you'd be right.
Jason: Thank you. No applause, just throw cash.
Rob: Ok, here's a couple of pennies.
Chico: So the Mob gets paid $3952 each.
Jason: I said cash...OW!
Rob: Good chunk of change for the mob there.
Gordon: 21 people will be splitting his money. Next contestant up - Heather Spanbauer, who is a big Yankee fan. She also is a big money fan, as she accumulates $100,000. She stops with only 25 mob members remaining.
Rob: Did she have any helps left?
Gordon: She used all of her helps
Rob: Then I would be walking as well.
Jason: See ya.
Don: I don't blame her.
Chico: Good choice.
Gordon: Now - one correction to make. Now according to sources that we got, this was supposed to be a season finale, but according to NBC, it was Las Vegas with the season finale.
Chico: And DigitalSpy had Deal on next week. Obviously that's not the case as 1 vs. 100 returns with 25 Mobsters alongside the return of Identity. With... a twist. "The Double or Nothing Question"
Gordon: So we have a smorgasbord of misinformation, but we'll go along with what NBC says.
Chico: Why not. It works, right?
Rob: As long as we get to see more 1 Vs. 100, then I'm happy, even if it does have an element that is almost cringe-worthy.
Jason: According to's 1v.100 and Identity from 8-10 next Friday.
Chico: Rockin'.
Rob: I'll be watchin'.
Don: Same here.
Chico: So we apologize for all the misinformation.
Gordon: But you guys don't misinform us as to what you want to hear about next...what do they want to hear about next?
Chico: Act 2 is.... The Amazing Race!
Jason: Ah yes...a chill in Chile for David and Mary
Chico: Yep. Team Kentucky is the latest team eliminated as the All-Star Race rolls on. Surprising? Nope. Again, it's the whole relationship angle. If you remember a couple of weeks back, that was one of the keystones that spelled doom.
Rob: Rocky Relationship = Rocky Road. Rocky Road = no cohesiveness. No Cohesiveness = Philimination
Chico: Correct, correct, correct, and correct.
Gordon: I think we got that right, didn't we, Chico?
Chico: Correct. Who won the leg, you know?
Don: Gee, I wonder... :P
Jason: Romber.
Don: 3 in a row. Can anyone stop them this time?
Rob: AKA the first couple of Survivor.
Chico: They're really making this anticlimactic. I'm waiting for a Fast Forward.
Gordon: They are looking really really good right now. The nice thing about this show is that at almost every point, there's an equalizer where all of the teams must start at an almost level playing field.
Chico: It's called an airport :-) Airports have historically been the great equalizer... That and things with visitor's hours.
Gordon: But Romber is the team to beat...for now.
Rob: They have mastered 2 reality shows now.
Jason: What I love about this show is that for 11 cycles...they have had wonderful puzzles and challenges.
Chico: But if you want to talk about tenacity... Romber is just the team that won't settle for anything but first. And it's helping them. It's helping them big time.
Gordon: Say what you want about them - they are two of the best game players ever
Jason: Agreed.
Rob: It all harkens back to that old saying. They play to win the game.
Don: Definitely.
Rob: And yes, they are the best players in all of reality competition. They mastered Survivor, and now they are mastering Amazing Race.
Jason: Albeit for bad Spanish, they might have won it the first time.
Gordon: Bad Spanish and a flight captain's payol...I mean generosity.
Chico: Let it go, man... Let it go... Anyway, I want to see how Romber would do on the third game we've got this week. You wanna see?
Don: Let's see.
Gordon: I'm guessing it's not search for the next Pussycat Doll.
Chico: (Not) Surprisingly... almost no one wants to hear about it.
Rob: Thank god for that.
Chico: Idol has your top 12.  And I'm... not really that thrilled about it.
Gordon: But...can...they...Sing!
Rob: Sure they can sing.
Gordon: I thought America got it right, actually.
Chico: Except the shock that fateful Thursday... Sundance.
Gordon: I was surprised that Haley is still in there. However, I have no problems with who they eliminated. I don't have a problem with Sundance leaving. He was awful. Does he have a great voice? Sure he does. But potential doesn't mean anything if you can't convert it to performances. I didn't think Sundance was leaving that early, but I can't say that America got it wrong.
Jason: I have no problem with anyone who left. I just think this is the weakest top 12 that I have seen for the past 3 seasons.
Rob: Even weaker than AI 3?
Chico: Yeah, but did you not agree with me when I said that "unless your name is Sundance, Chris, or Blake," you are vulnerable.
Gordon: I think it's the weakest Top 12 in the past 3 years. I don't think it's weaker than Idol 3.
Chico: I think season 5 spoiled us.
Rob: That was some great competition.
Don: Indeed.
Gordon: I agree with Rob. I would also like to point out that Jason Block never witnessed the weakness that was Idol 3.
Jason: True.
Chico: And an interesting tidbit of information... remember at the beginning of the top 24 rounds when we said that the South was not going to be a factor?
Jason: 6 are southerners. 6 aren't. None are Hispanic from New York either. I was wrong there too. But--get ready for it--Sanjaya will be in the top 8 before going home.
Gordon: I agree that he's not leaving for a while - but not for the reasons that Jason Block suggested. I have one word for you, and this is why he's staying for a while. Do you know what the word is?
Chico: Mediocrity?
Gordon: No
Jason: Chaos.
Gordon: No
Don: Sympathy?
Gordon: No
Chico: Cute?
Gordon: No. The one word is....Hawaii.
Chico: Oh god. The Trias factor.
Gordon: Bingo
Chico: It is season 3 all over again!
Jason: Can you explain the "Trias" factor?
Gordon: Sanjaya was in Hawaii for 4 years. Hawaii had adopted Sanjaya as his son and Hawaiians are encouraged to vote for him. Jasmine Trias took the Hawaii vote and rode it to the Top 3, knocking out LaToya London in the process.
Rob: That's why medocrity will be here until the top 3.
Jason: Bleah.
Don: Wow.
Gordon: This was all in Idol 3, the Idol season that you didn't watch, Jay.
Chico: Both had CDs afterwards that were more or less moot points. =p Hence me saying "It's season 3 all over again." Right down to the three Dreamgirls.
Rob: Which means it's another turkey of a season.
Gordon: Fortunately, the talent in this season isn't as porous as Idol 3, but Sanjaya will make the Top Ten Idol Tour.
Jason: And I hope everyone who goes--boos his sorry ass off the stage.
Rob: Agreed.
Gordon: Let's not all blame Sanjaya. He's doing the best that he can and he was definitely not the worst on Tuesday.
Chico: I beg to differ. Sanjaya was pretty bad, and Jared's case... well, they got to get rid of someone, and he was just mediocre. And in AI, it's better to have a bad day than a mediocre one.
Jason: Bingo.
Rob: Bad day: People will pour in their votes to save your ass. Good Day: People reward you with their votes. Mediocre day: Bye-Bye.
Jason: Mediocre Day: what was your name again?
Don: LOL
Chico: Case in point: Haley. It's bad when Simon asks PAULA what your name is.
Jason: (self-censoring)
Gordon: That's all about the Chaos Theory, and we will be seeing it in fine fashion this season.
Chico: Oh yeah, and of course, we can't go by without lamenting for the loss of American Idol's first scandal this season...
Jason: I can't wait!
Chico: As Antonella Barba says bye-bye. But not without two offers to be a spokesceleb for some porn.
Don: That doesn't really surprise me...
Chico: Me neither.
Jason: Nope. Do you think she will take them up on it?
Chico: Let's see, Girls Gone Wild offered $250,000 to her to be a celebrity host a la Snoop Dogg...  And then Sugar DVD offered $500,000 to be a spokes-slut for their website.
Jason: Joe Francis-convicted porn guy. Pass. If she takes them THEN she will be like Frenchie Davis, Ms. O'Donnell.
Gordon: If I'm Barba, and if I'm not required to shed off any clothing, I take the deal. Why not?
Chico: Let's just say that losing is proving to be very lucrative for the woman who remembered midway through her performance that she should be smiling.
Gordon: 3 Rules for Success. Get on Idol. Get Naked. Make Money. Simple.
Chico: Now can we talk north/south geography, daddy?
Gordon: Yes. Go for it.
Chico: Okay, when we started, we stated that the south had less people going in... 7 out of 24. Let's bring up the board...

Idol Math, Part 2

- Before the Top 24: 29% Southern
- Before Top 12: Half
- Every Idol champ has come from the South
- 80% of Final 2s come from South

Chico: Idol Math Part 2. Top 24: Southern factor... 29%. Top 12... 50%.
Jason: Yee-haw.
Rob: The south just poured in their votes for their bretheren.
Chico: Haley, Melinda, both Chrises, Stephanie, and Phil all hail from south of the Mason-Dixon line. Sanjaya, Blake, Brandon, and Jordin represent the west. Gina hails from the Midwest. And LaKisha is from the east coast of America.
Jason: And we will have a new state winning this year.
Chico: Now interestingly enough... Cingular used to be part of BellSouth... I'm just pointing out the idiosyncrasies that pop up from time to time. Could that be a factor in the winner or is it just mojo at work?
Jason: Mojo.
Rob: It's just Mojo. Companies do this all the time.
Gordon: Mojo. Now using my mojo, I would think that Brandon, who is both in a cluttered west and a VERY cluttered R&B (5 R&B singers) who has yet to really do anything has the most to worry about.
Rob: Yeah, he needs a really good performance Tuesday, or he will be heading out the door Wednesday.
Chico: Seems like the door is wide open for the first person who just happens to suck it out of the water on Tuesday.
Gordon: So what's the next item up for bid...I mean debate?
Chico: Next up... speaking of geography and math... It's week two of Are You
Smarter than a 5th Grader, the show that America apparently can't stop talking about.
Rob: That's because America isn't smarter than a 5th grader.
Chico: Last week's AYSTA5G eps were 4-5-6 this week. Thanks in no small part to American Idol.  But that was last week. This week...  If I can get my mailbox up there.
Gordon: Please do.
Chico: 12.5/19  In the fast overnights. A slight dip from last week, but nevertheless still potent.
Gordon: However, it's another 15% down. It's going to be VERY interesting to see what happens when 5th grader is all alone without Idol against first run programming. If you remember, last week was also all repeats in the 9pm slot.
Rob: I'm disappointed.
Chico: Do elaborate, Rob.
Rob: It's nothing more than a cookie-cutter program, and having aided 5th grade actors on there, with the dumbest contestants and worse theme music this side of Peer Pressure, The AI Ratings Boost. I'm too angry, and disappointed.
This show just flat out SUCKS!
Chico: Next week is also the beginning of the NCAA Men's College Basketball Division I Tournament, aka... March Madness aka the March to Atlanta.
Rob: Not only that, Fox is moving it to 8:00pm where it will go up against Survivor: Fiji and Ugly Betty.
Don: Ouch.
Rob: There, it will finally just go away.
Gordon: Eventually, after the NCAA's leave. I admire FOX for trying to put programming up there that will fix their Thursday night holes. I think however that 5th grader...isn't it.
Chico: Now I got some mail about this week's events concerning the show. Because this week it came out to the general public (that's everyone who isn't in the fandom) that at least one of the 5th Graders is an actor. And we had an actor e-mail actor who'd been on a quiz or three... This from Ben Tritle, thanks, Ben...

From: Ben Tritle

If it's true for one it's true for all...does every gameshow need to inform the public that a contestant is a member of SAG? Where was the outrage during "Ben Stein's Money"?

I take offense at this (and the use of the word is intentional) because I was a member of SAG and AFTRA while I was on am I the only person who can claim to be an actor who DIDN'T get additional help? There's no room in the argument for that possibility. What's amazing is that in making the suggestion, there is absolutely no credence to the possibility that these kids and, subsequently, actors could be bright.


Gordon: Before we continue, Ben is NOT a member of the WGA, as reported previously
Chico: So noted. First of all, thanks for writing... Now, we all knew that the five were actors playing roles... We have no problem with that. Absolutely no problem with that. The problem that some people have, and that we have to an extent, is that Fox is purporting these people as regular kids. I'm not saying that actors can't be regular kids. I'm just saying that Fox has a tendency
to put entertainment first and foremost, game be damned. And I'm certainly not saying that actors aren't bright people.
Rob: They are like the WWE in that aspect. Entertaining the masses first, even if the wrestling is mediocre.
Gordon: I'll disagree with here with Chico and Rob. I don't even have a problem with that. Last week, I said that I didn't have a problem with the 5th graders getting materials, and I don't. I agree with Ben, actually. I don't think that whether we know that they are actors or not changes the values of the show.
Chico: No, not really.
Gordon: The one thing I DO have an issue with is if FOX claims that they wanted families to audition and they only really wanted 5th graders. That's the issue I have.
Chico: But then again, what network are we talking about?
Gordon: There you go.
Chico: So actors.. not an issue. Fox... big ass issue.
Gordon: In my mind, yes. On the show itself, no one has gotten anywhere near the million.  The closest we have seen is $175,000, with the person bailing while having a Kidline on the table
Rob: Isn't that because they select the dumbest of the dumb.
Chico: Basically
Don: Bailing while still having a cheat left? Yeesh...
Rob: That is almost an unforgivable sin in these games. You don't see anyone bailing on Millionaire when they still have lifelines. Identity is the same thing. They at least use their helps. So do the smart ones on 1 Vs. 100. If you leave a game and you still have a help/lifeline/kidline/mobline/whatever, then you didn't play the game to the best that you can.
Chico: Agreed.
Gordon: Disagreed. You can use all of the Lifelines in Millionaire and not be penalized. The difference is that with these shows, if you use a Lifeline, you're locked into answering, so if you use it, you could knock yourself right out of the game. So you can play a good game and not use your Lifelines. Like if you don't use Trust the Mob because they don't think that they have the
right answer. Because if you use it, and they are wrong, then you're out.
Rob: That's because you need to know when to play them. For trust the mob, burn that early, because later on, it's useless.
Gordon: I agree with you, as I've done a State of Play on the show's strategies. But there's not many times when you don't know an answer that you think the Mob would. Same with Copy, for that matter. So yes, you can use the Helps, but when you get to the harder levels, the helps aren't that helpful.
Chico: Those of you that have e-mailed us trying to get on these shows... pay attention. We're HELPING =p
Gordon: So moving on, what's the 5th and last item that we will be discussing?
Chico: Not Top Model or PCD... sorry. The final act before Brainvision... a crazy woman with an afro on Deal or No Deal. One thing that wasn't crazy was the way she played the game.
Don: That was a great game.
Rob: Me being one of the Fro-nation, I believe she played a fine game.
Chico: Anteia Greer of the Fro-Nation played the entire hour Monday for something with a power lock and window... The banker offered just that... a power lock and window.
Gordon: She makes a $400,000+ deal, while holding only $400 in her case. I would say that's a great game.
Rob: Don't get much better than that.
Chico: Nope.
Don: Got that right.
Chico: And it's especially great how she played to that amount. That was textbook Deal or No Deal... The most she could win is $750,000. She pulls the trigger at $402,000. You don't risk $402,000 in order to win an additional $348,000. That would just be stupid.
Rob: It's the rule of averages and betting.
Chico: That's right.
Gordon: exactly
Rob: If you are risking more than half for the rest, that won't work. If you risk about a third or a fourth to win the rest. You take the risk.
Chico: That's right.
Don: Yep.
Chico: On a side note.. it looked like Deal or No Deal: 1999. If you remember
that old SNL sketch, Jeopardy!: 1999.
Rob: Host: Howie M194
Chico: Rob remembers it.
Rob: Contestant: Antiea G: 412.That was a classic sketch. Especially that slam to Chevy Chase.
Chico: What slam?
Rob: Comedian Star that fizzled after leaving NBC's Sat. Night. He was also a guest there.
Chico: Ah, I remember now.
Rob: Answer: Chevy Chase
Chico: Okay, here's another clue: Subsegments on this WLTI segment include Haterade and Fully Loaded.
Rob: Buzz
Chico: Rob S711?
Rob: What is Brainvision?
Chico: Correct! Gordon!
Gordon: Roll that Beautiful Brain Footage

Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)


Chico: First up, Gordon?

You know about Identity. What you may not know is Spike TV's answer to the Amazing Race, Bull Run, also premieres this week.

Don: Oh yeah, I heard about that one. I believe they said March 13.
Rob: I'm happy for that. I can't get enough WCW into my life. With Goldberg hosting, I will be watching.
Chico: Tell us more, tell us more, obligatory Grease reference.
Gordon: Blech. Anyways, I also hope you are ready for more PlayMania, as 100 Winners and Quiznation will be moved to primetime, courtesy of GSN
Rob: If it gets rid of Karn Feud, then Yes. Playmania will Strike First Blood, take those much needed points.
Chico: The goatee owns you =p. Heh. Next up...

When America's Got Talent returns for its second season, it'll have a new man at the helm... Jerry Springer.

Don: When I heard about that, my first thought was, "Wha? What happened to Regis? Did I miss something?"
Rob: I like it. While he may not be as great host as Regis, Jerry Springer is an adept emcee.
Gordon: If anything, Jerry may be even a better fit, since he can get into the wild and wacky.
Chico: And this show is nothing if not wild and wacky. As to why Regis bowed out, he cites the commute between New York and LA.
Don: Ah.
Chico: Apparently the commute is easier for Jerry who had to commute for Dancing with the Stars.
Rob: Those are a pain, plus he is about 75 years old. From Ohio to Cali.
Chico: Chicago, actually.
Rob: Thanks. I forgot.
Chico: No prob.
Rob: But the travel is still a pain to contend with.
Chico: I think the NBC Universal hierarchy is also at work here.
Rob: Why do you say that?
Chico: Jerry Springer Show... syndicated by NBC Universal. America's Got Talent is on.. G-E-C...
Rob: Got ya.
Chico: Speaking of which... there is speculation that Brandy's car crash may cost her a spot on the panel, but that's for a media ho report in the future, I bet.
Gordon: Both media Ho and Haterade - but lets get to current hating. Maybe Jerry Springer would like to host 'Who Wants To Sue Mark Burnett' next?
Rob: Good lord, not again.

We get ANOTHER person who is suing Mark Burnett for Rock Star. This time, its Sharlene Sullivan, who registered a Rock Star treatment with the Writers Guild of America and pitched the show to Burnett.

Gordon: If she can prove this, then she may be getting some serious coin. Always register your stuff, kids.
Don: So the question is, did she copyright it?
Gordon: I can't imagine that she didn't.
Rob: If it's not copyrighted, then does she have a case?
Chico: She mentioned to TMZ that she shared the idea with people connected to Mark Burnett. To what extent, we don't know, but if it doesn't have a copyright attached, then I can imagine her case being laughed out of any court.
Gordon: ALWAYS get your stuff copyrighted, kids. Next one?
Chico: Next, a Haterade-Fully Loaded-Global mashup.
Gordon: More Haterade! Wheee!

The British Government is cracking down on UK phone quizzes, sending anything and everything having to do with phones and game shows in a tizzy. ITV yanked all of its quizzes pending the result of an internal investigation...  But it gets even deeper than that as Five admits to making up phone quiz winners.

Don: Yipes.
Gordon: These people should all be punished to the full extent of the law.
Rob: If you admit to making stuff up, then not only should you turn back all of your earnings to the people you screwed, but your broadcasting license should be yanked for some time.
Chico: Just goes to show you that we're always one step away from the brink.
Rob: There is no excuse for making up winners when it comes to those things.
Gordon: Here's what I don't get. These people are making hand over fist. Why in the world would you have to make up a winner?
Chico: The official reason: lack of right answers. Because you know, these are prescreened.
Don: I'm guessing they didn't want to admit to being unable to get a winner for certain games.
Chico: Basically.
Don: So instead of saying, "Unfortunately, we don't have a winner", they make one up.
Chico: Basically.
Rob: If they just said that no one won, then we wouldn't be all in an uproar.
Gordon: At least in the U.S., they say it and then move the money on to the next game.
Rob: Since they made one up, then they defrauded the people that paid the charge to play.
Chico: So yeah... And Five denied any knowledge and the production company got the heat for it.
Gordon: Very mature way for a TV company to handle it. We don't have any one involved with that mess as a Media Ho this week.
Chico: Awww.
Rob: Shame.
Gordon: (plays "Area Codes") But in this week's Media Ho Report...

American Idol has had enough of Rosie O'Donnell, and has denied The View from airing Idol clips.

Rob: They need to get rid of Rosie and fast.

William Smoak "Doak" Fairey Jr. appeals his conviction, Ashton Kutcher gets the green light to produce a game show for CBS, and Alex Angarita from Survivor may have to deal with police charges. Meanwhile, Lorenzo Borghese is no longer seeing Sadie Murray, but Kellie Pickler and Carrie Underwood are getting ACM nominations along with Nashville Star's Chris Young and Miranda Lambert, while Jennifer Hudson, who visited Idol, is looking to be in a movie about Jackie Robinson.

Chico: True love... not on TV.
Gordon: But those are not your hoes of the week. The Hoes of the week are Gwen Stefani, Josh Groban, Pink, Michael Buble, Annie Lennox, Il Divo (Chris Sligh's favorite band)  and Borat. As they are part of the artists that will be on the "Idol Gives Back" special.
Rob: Sweet Dreams are made of Ho's or so it seems this time around.
Don: Wait... Borat?
Chico: Yep. Borat.
Gordon: April 25th at 8pm. No telling if Chris Sligh's other favorite band, the Teletubbies, will also be there.
Don: I kinda hope Borat doesn't try singing.
Gordon:  And those...are your hoes.
Chico: And finally, one more global trip... and it's not a pretty one.

Global TV out of Canada has delayed airing its new quizzer "Brain Battle" out of respect for its producer Rick Pyman, who was killed in an accident.

Rob: Shame, it's just a shame.
Chico: The quiz show from Pyman, who was 49, was set to debut March 19. It will instead launch March 26. A moment is in order...


Chico: Thank you. Again, that's Brain Battle, March 26 on the DONDC network.
Gordon: And that's Brainvision. Shut it down.
Chico: Let's get the hamsters outta here while we prep for Whose Your Daddy and List Abuse. But First, here's this week's You Love to Interrupt... With Identity premiering, we thought it would be cool to do this...

[FrontPage Save Results Component]

Match these WLTI regulars with these identities:


Travis Schario, Jason Block, Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper
Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, Joe Van Ginkel, Mike Klauss
Ryan Vickers, Gordon Pepper, Don Harpwood, Chico Alexander
Chico Alexander, Eric Pierce, Gordon Pepper, Travis Eberle

Chico: There we go. Results next week.
Gordon: This is WLTI, serving the hamster community for over 5 years.

(Brainvision is powered by WLTI Records' new release, "The Evolution of Alan Thicke" featuring the old WOF theme... hey, it worked for his kid.)



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